Welcome to Second Grade!

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Welcome to Second Grade!. Second Grade Team. Shelly Alley MaeLani Bird Kristin Cullen Kathleen MacLaren Tracy Prickett Tracy Rickert Katie Vaughan. Hawk Elementary School Mission Statement. The mission of Hawk Elementary is to create successful learners. Curriculum. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Welcome to Second Grade!

  • Welcome to Second Grade!

  • Second Grade TeamShelly AlleyMaeLani BirdKristin CullenKathleen MacLarenTracy PrickettTracy RickertKatie Vaughan

  • Hawk Elementary School Mission Statement The mission of Hawk Elementary is to create successful learners.

  • Curriculum Math (Bridges in Mathematics) http://www.mathlearningcenter.org/resources/materials/parents/parents2ScienceLanguage ArtsSocial StudiesIntervention & Enrichment

  • Class Schedule 7:35-7:50 Arrival and Morning Work7:50-8:00Target the Question8:00-8:20 Number Corner (Calendar) 8:20-9:20 Math Lesson / Stations9:20-10:05 Science10:05-10:45 Round-Ups (tutorials) 10:45-11:15 Recess / Restroom Break11:10-11:40 Lunch 11:40-12:00 Read Aloud / Handwriting12:00-12:45 Specials12:45-2:45 Reading / Writing / S.S. 2:40-2:50 Pack Up / Dismissal

  • Classroom Management

    Our classroom rules are as follows:Be a STAR:SafetyTake ResponsibilityAttitudeRespect

    I have a stamp system to reward positive behavior.~ saved and turned in for prizes I have a chart that I use to keep track of undesired behavior. ~ 5 minutes off of recess

  • Daily Take-Home FoldersDaily folders serve as a communication tool and a way to track student behavior.Calendar please check dailyReading Log 100 minutes per weekMath Log 40 minutes per week

  • Math LogTwice each grading period, students will be given a timed math facts test.

    Students who show proficiency (90%) will not be responsible for the math log for the next 3-4 weeks.

  • HomeworkIn addition to the reading and math logs, students will be responsible for: Spelling Math practice pagesStudents will have until Friday to complete the Spelling and Math practice.

  • Grading PolicyProgress reports Every 3rd week, parents will receive communication from the school. Common Assessments Scores below 80% will be given the opportunity to retake one time for full credit after intervention.Scores below 100% will also have the opportunity to retake for a better grade.

  • SupplementThe supplement is a more detailed picture of your childs progress in each subject area. It will come home with your childs report card.The supplement is on the 1,2,3 scale and will need to be signed and returned each six weeks.

  • Target BinderPre/post assessments for each subject area will be kept in the binder Used to provide feedback to studentsEncourage student accountabilityStudent goal setting Show progress

  • We promiseAs we begin to modify and improve upon our assessment practices, we can make you these promises:Your child will continue to experience high quality learning. We will continue to provide you with information about your child's learning and progress

  • KeyboardingStarting in September, we will have six weeks of daily keyboarding practice.

    Please encourage your child to use home row keys when typing at home.

  • A Few Key Reminders

  • LunchPurchase hot lunches in advance through the cafeteria if possible. You may send in a check, cash or you can go online and add to a students account at https://www.parentonline.net/ .If anyone other than a parent or guardian would like to eat with a student, a note must be provided to the office in advance. Second grade will be able to purchase ice cream on Monday.

  • AbsencesCall the office on the day of the absence by 10 a.m.

    Send a written note to the teacher when your child returns to school within 48 hours. E-mails are appreciatedbut not accepted by the office.

  • 2nd Grade T-ShirtInformation Coming Soon!!Worn on field tripsWorn on Field Day

  • Field TripsSharkarosa Wildlife Preserve - OctoberOne parent per class (homeroom parent)Please wear 2nd grade t-shirt or green shirtPlease bring sack lunchTWU Kids Dance- NovemberNo chaperones due to limited seating (half-day)

  • How to Contact MeMy goal is to respoail within 24.(940) 369-1827tprickett@dentonisd.org


  • Lets Have a Great Year!

    *Second grade curriculum covers all of these areas daily. That is why attendance is so important!!*I will communicate any marks received on your childs behavior calendar. Please check this calendar daily and sign or initial any days of misbehavior. *Place for students to keep homework, communication for parents and teachers (must be signed by parent or guardian) student ownership students responsibility to remind parents to initial If not if homework is not turned in each Friday, the student will owe 5 minutes of recessWhen leveled readers come home that time will count on the reading log Timed tests serve as a way to help improve students fluency with their basic facts. The number of problems on the timed tests will increase each six weeks, up to a maximum of 40 problems in 3 minutes by the end of the year.*Spelling = Please make sure your child practices the sort on Monday. Then he/she may choose any activity from the Spellers Choice menu (or any others you can come up with) on Tues-Thurs. As long as they are practicing their words, it does not matter to me which activity is chosen.

    Students will have until Friday of each week to complete the Spelling and Math Practice. So it can be done a little at a time or all at onceas long as it gets done, it doesnt matter.*This year, your child will be given number grades. However, grades will only be given on tests at the end of each unit of study. No grades will be given on daily work. Think of it in relation to baseball. Practices dont count towards their win/loss percentage. Its only the big game that counts. In school, daily work is just practiceour tests are the big game.

    Of course, we will still be checking all of your childs daily work. We will mark errors and provide feedback/comments as needed (many of which will be given in conversation with the students)*In addition to the number grades you will be seeing on your childs report cards, you will also be getting a supplement that is set up like the Kinder and 1st grade report card checklists.*You will not be seeing the graded tests come home. They will be kept in your childs binder as a way for them to track their own progress.

    Parents can schedule a time to view the binder**12:00-12:45 and 3:15-3:45 daily