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  • 1. Experience camping safari in South Africa of a lifetime with Malaika Tours.Adventure enthusiasts prefer travelling such destinations where they get the opportunity to enjoy the wildness areas by getting close to nature. So, If you are also looking for one such destination, come and experience the unspoiled beauty of Africa. Popularly known for providing one of the best camping safari experiences to the worldwide tourists, it is considered as a dream destination of wildlife enthusiasts. Having everything to offer to its tourists ranging from indulgent opulence to action- packed thrilling adventure, travellers can easily plan budgeted African safari tour in this place with Malaika Tours.

2. Kenya is the beautiful land where safari was born. This place is even known as the cradle of mankind due to its great contrast and unashamed splendor. The safari loves from all across the globe, visit Kenya to have a spectacular time in the gorgeous highlands and rift valleys. The ancient culture of Kenya too attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. Anyone who is interested in visiting Kenya can easily get in touch with Malaika Tours. The company is known to offer several Kenya Safari Packages to the individuals who are in search of some adventure during their safari tour. 3. Malaika Tours is a popular name in the tours & travel industry! For all those, who love camping and safari tours, Malaika tours are the best name to look forward to. Visiting Tanzania for a camping and safari trip can be the best experience of your life and so you need to contact our company for the best Tanzania Camping Safaripackages. The affordable and flexible packages will definitely appeal to you no matter what it takes. From the beautiful landscapes to national parks, Tanzania is a place that has everything for adventurous travelers. 4. Uganda is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is an undiscovered pearl of Africa. With deep lakes and mountains, Uganda boasts of a great expensive landscape that appeals to several tourists every year. Malaika Tours is a popular name in the travel industry as they are known to offer great Uganda Gorilla Safari packages to the clients. Uganda Safaris of any type can be of great fun to the travelers who are in search of adventure and adrenaline rush. Just by booking early with Malaika Tours, one can easily have a great time during this trip. 5. Malaika Tours is known for offering some amazing Zanzibar Safaris tour services. We are a popular and experienced name in this industry as we are capable of offering some high end packages at affordable rates. Our Zanzibar Safaris Tours are specialized and customized according to the needs of our clients. We ensure that you get some fine services every single time. Malaika Tours is known for its timely delivery of service and assistance. We dont charge a hefty sum of money from you for rendering quality services. 6. Everyone who loves trekking and is looking forward to a Rwanda Gorilla Trek can easily get in touch with Malaika Tours. We are a top rated company that is known to render some fine packages in regard to Rwanda Safaris. Various kinds of Rwanda Gorilla Safaris are offered by Malaika Tours. You can be rest assured that you will be able to generate some fine results in this regard. The company specializes in offering custom made service packages to the clients who are looking to go on a trek. 7. People planning a journey beyond ordinary, can think of Asia tour, which will definitely make their senses explode. Right from Great Wall of China, to futuristic cityscape of Tokyo, to ancient farming villages in India, to exotic paradise Bali, Asia offers such a variety and contrast that it would take many lifetimes to cover even a small portion of it. Looking forward to plan a tour of Asia, no need to browse through different websites, as Malaika Tours is undoubtedly the right choice for exploring several exciting Asian destinations with their best Asia tour packages. 8. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is one such destination who has been drawing attention of worldwide customers since time immemorial. Fascinating and beautiful, the place is dotted with diverse desert landscapes, rugged mountain sceneries, dramatic mountain tops and beaches, beautiful oases and rich collection of historical sites. Aiming at offering both historic and natural wonders of the world, tours to Saudi Arabia will definitely give unforgettable memories to every tourist. So, if you have made up your mind to visit this beautiful place in the coming holidays and looking for reputed andprofessional adventure tour companies who can offer customized packages, then look no further than Malaika Tours. 9. Europe is considered to be the most beautiful continent in the world and a vacation to it is a dream trip for many people. But most of us drop the idea of visiting the place because of our limited budget. But now you need not worry any more about your finances as Malaika Tours can help you to see the place of your dream and take European Vacations without breaking the bank. With us, you can explore the hub of tourists and visit the world heritage sites, undertake adventurous sports, visit churches, museums, enjoy the natural scenic beauty and find lot more exciting things to do within your limited investment. 10. The breathtaking natural beauty of Australia is simply amazing and the country has some of the most popular tourists destination that people usually think about while planning a vacation. The land is filled with magnificent beaches, crystal blue water, ancient rock formations and abundance of other places to explore. Its various cultures, beautiful weather makes Australia tours packages an excellent choice for vacation. Since the land is located far, people from other countries find a vacation to be very costly there. But Malaika tours has come up with a great idea to empower the traveller by making Luxury Melbourne Australian tours easily affordable. 11. If youre here, that means youre considering a trip to the worlds most fascinating, diverse continent. We know for most people, a trip this big is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, thats why every one of our clients gets the personal attention they deserve. To that end, we will work tirelessly to ensure your trip is the richest, most memorable journey youll ever embark on. 12. Experience South Americas best attractions by choosing from an comprehensive range places. Travel in small categories, guaranteeing an romantic development of the areas amazing history, scenery and lifestyle. 13. TRACKING TOURSSAFARIS TOURSSPORT TOURSGOLF TOURSADVENTURE TOURS 14. Malaika Tours has an expertise for Tracking Tours around the world. The major activities and services we offer are: -Guiding tours and holidays -Fit programs/ excursion and tours. -Technical and educational tours 15. Malaika Tours has an expertise for Sport Tours around the world. -Fit programs/ excursion and tours. -Meeting ,conferences & events -Sport Tourism, Golf Tours and Farm Trips. 16. Malaika Tours has an expertise for Golf Tours around the world. -Sport Tourism, Golf Tours and Farm Trips. -Technical and educational tours -Incentive and all arrangements -Car and Rentals -Worldwide Hotel Reservations . 17. Malaika Tours has an expertise for Safaris Tours around the world. -Guiding tours and holidays -Car and Rentals -Worldwide Hotel Reservations . -Adventure & Safaris Tours -Beach Holidays & Fishing Tours 18. Malaika Tours has an expertise for Adventure Tours around the world. -Incentive and all arrangements -Car and Rentals -Worldwide Hotel Reservations . -Tracking, Hiking & Mountaineering 19. MALAIKA TOURS org.nu 983021352.P.B 6380 ETTERSTAD, N 0604, Oslo,Norway. Tel: + 4746353182, E-mail info@malaikatravel.com, group@malaikatravel.com