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Transcript of Welcome to Holy Rosary Owen 17 St ernard St Hedwig Th HR = Holy Rosary - Owen S SH = St ernard St...

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    7 Welcome to

    Holy Rosary Owen St Bernard - St Hedwig Thorp

    “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul,

    and with all your mind.” — Matthew 22:37

    Photo by Pastor Fr Janusz Kowalski, PhD


    HR = Holy Rosary - Owen SBSH = St Bernard St Hedwig - Thorp TCS = Thorp Catholic School Chapel - Thorp (Confessions will be heard 30 minutes before each mass)

    Saturday October 28 6:00pm Mass, SBSH - † Connie Zurakowski &

    Beverley Heinrich Sunday October 29 Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    8:00am Mass, HR - † Edward & Regina Werner by Sr. JoAnn Werner

    10:00am Mass, SBSH - † Richard & Judy Bauer & the Parishioners of our Parishes

    Monday October 30 7:15am Communion Service, TCS

    Tuesday October 31 8:15am Mass, TCS - † Joseph Lang by PCCW 10:30am Mass, HR † Jim & Margaret Riley

    by Bill Chrostowski Wednesday November 1 All Saints Day

    8:15am Mass, TCS - † Chester & Ann Zajack by Family 9:00am Adoration, TCS 10:00am Mass Cancelled, Traditions 5:30pm Mass, HR - † Ted Bueschel by PCCW 7:00pm Mass, SBSH - † Deceased Members of the

    Slowiak & Polak families by Marie Thursday November 2

    9:00am Bible Study, HR 10:30am Communion Service, HR 11:00am - 11:30pm (Noon) Eucharistic Adoration, HR 7:00pm Repose of the Blessed Sacrament, TCS 7:15pm Communion Service, TCS

    Friday November 3 7:15am NO Communion Service, TCS

    Saturday November 4 5:00pm Mass, SBSH - † Deceased Members of the

    John Zoromski Family Sunday November 5 Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

    8:00am Mass, HR - † Special Intention for our parishioners 10:00am Mass, SBSH - † Jesse Rawski


    All RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES WILL BE CANCELLED in Thorp and Owen for All Saints Day Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Passing on the faith is the most fundamental task of being a disciple of Christ. We encourage you to attend mass as a family to celebrate this Holy Day of Obligation.

    TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION This week we have in All Souls’ Day a commemoration that is linked to the Halloween customs. The big-spending sugar shock holiday is a long way removed from Thursday’s grateful remembrance of the souls who are hidden from our sight, but alive to Christ. Old pagan superstitions might find us holding our breath when going by the graveyard, whereas others might actually go to the cemetery to tend the family graves, to share good food, and remember dear ones. Nowhere does a culture embrace this day as fully as in Mexico. The “Day of the Dead” is a national holiday that unfolds over three full days. For three thousand years, the indigenous people of Mexico have been mocking death in an annual festival, and the invading Spaniards were shocked at the spectacle. To the Aztecs, life was a dream, and death was the entry into full life. Skulls were thus a symbol of joy and release from life’s sorrows. The missionaries found all this a bit creepy, but they moved the three-day feast from August to synchronize it with the Christian calendar. So today, graves are decorated, altars are built in the home to honor the family dead, children feast on candy skulls, and people dress up in elaborate skeleton outfits. The devout spend hours in the cemetery, and there is a lively sense of the communion of saints, the living and the dead. —Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.

    Our Offerings for the Week of October 17th – October 23th

    St Bernard/ St Hedwig

    Holy Rosary

    Adult Envelopes: $2,818.00 $775.00

    ACH Adult Envelopes: $70.00

    Offertory: $282.00 $159.25

    All Saints Day: $10.00

    Propagation of the Faith: $376.00 $135.00

    TCS & REP Tuition : $100.00

    Building & Maintenance: $5.00

    Candles: $104.00 $4.25

    Total: $3,765.00 $1,073.50

    "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

    ~ Edmund Burke ~


    Ministry Schedule November 4th 5:00pm

    St Bernard/St Hedwig, Thorp

    November 5th 8:00am Holy Rosary, Owen

    November 5th 10:00am St Bernard/St Hedwig, Thorp

    Altar servers: Olivia Lopez-Calhoun, Esmeralda, Erica Lopez

    Lectors: Cindy Frese, Rachel Mohr Kate Schmelzer Youth Eucharistic Minister: Cindy Alger, Ken Johnson, Peggy Harycki Lana Ciszewski Dan Stroinski, Leeann Klapatauskas,

    Renee Slowiak Choir/Cantors: Esmeralda/ Phil

    Organist: Mickey

    Greeters: Rich, Max Lois Dehne, Richard Sorenson Ed, Cora Ushers: Bill Benzschawel, Judy Dunow,

    Dick Goessl, Gail Stuttgen

    World Mission Sunday, Thank you for all your efforts regarding World Mission Sunday. We realize in the Mission Office that much is demanded of your time, talent and treasure in the Fall. Thank you for the confidence that, by God’s grace, all this can be accomplished and more.

    The Consequences of Being Wrong! Any reasonable person considers the possibility that he (or she) could be wrong regarding any important position they take. If the pro-life movement is wrong, then we are guilty of trying to deny women a so-called right to privacy (which has never been part of our Constitution). But, if the pro-abortion side is wrong, then they are indisputably and directly responsible for the slaughter and mass murder of millions of innocent children----three and a half thousand a day in the United States. So, the question is, would it be better to be pro-life and wrong, or pro-choice and wrong? The answer is very clear!

    HELP NEEDED - to care for an elderly lady. Duties include light house keeping, distributing meds, making meals. Please call Lou at (715) 848-4177 for application.

    St Bernard/St Hedwig October 31, 2016 Rosalie Meyer November 8, 2016 James Serocki November 14, 2016 Bernard (Barney) Mertens December 5, 2016 William “Bill” Micke December 13, 2016 Joel Quadracci December 16, 2016 Margaret Tomaszewski December 29, 2016 Bernadine Jensen January 20, 2017 John Gurklis January 20, 2017 Alice Mroz February 5, 2017 Herman Lutz February 5, 2017 Malen Teclaw February 5, 2017 Wanda Hendriks February 18, 2017 Francis “Frank” Mertens February 24, 2017 Valeria V. Kodl February 26, 2017 Alvin C Kubera May 14, 2017 Bonnie Trunk May 22, 2017 Alvin J Benzschawel July 1, 2017 Ralph H. Stuesser July 7, 2017 Robert J. Lewandowski July 8, 2017 Chester “Chet” T Kosik July 9, 2017 Florence Marie Rapp

    July 16, 2017 Michael Kodl August 8, 2017 Justin L Rosemeyer August 10, 2017 Marie E Kowalczyk September 21, 2017 Edward J Maslowski September 21, 2017 Joseph M Lang Holy Rosary Nov. 22, 2016 Clarice M. Rode Dec. 27, 2016 Raymond F. Holtzheimer March 23, 2017 Francis (Frank) A. Pries April 21, 2017 Theodore Bueschel

    All Saints Day November 1st 5:30pm

    Holy Rosary, Owen

    Altar servers: Jennifer, Rob and Jack Wendler Lectors: Bob Hubbard

    Eucharistic Minister: RoseAnne Suda

    Choir/Cantors: Ginny/Phil

    Organist: Theresa

    Greeters: Brian, Debbie Bredlau Ushers: Lois Dehne, Roger Frese,

    Steffie Konwinski, Bob Hubbard


    ADVENT/CHRISTMAS CHOIR - practices for Holy Rosary will be after the 8:00am Sunday Masses. All are welcome to join. We are in need of new members of all ages. HELP WANTED: Someone to clean Holy Rosary Church (about 2 hours once a week). If you would like more information or if you are interested in this position, please call Alice at 715-229-4274.

    SOCIAL CONCERN FOOD PANTRY: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month. Community Alliance Church, 111 Division St., Withee Next date of distribution: Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 10:00am to 12:00pm (noon). Requiring no proof of income, the food pantry helps those in need by providing approximately one week's worth of food per month.


    Holy Rosary PCCW meeting October 30, 2017 @ 1:30pm in Marian Hall. St Ruth will be the serving circle.

    Guest speaker will be Judy Morrow, Catholic Charities, House of Mercy in Loyal, WI.

    Nomination are needed: President & Secretary for a 2 year term.

    SERVING OTHERS THROUGH CHRIST …. Catholic Order of Forester's is looking for help Saturday, November 4th at 9:00am and Sunday, November 5th all morning. If you would like to help serve your community please call Barb Budzinski at 715-669-3202. RENOVATION PROGRESS REPORT - Keep supporting the church renovation fund with your orange envelopes in your parish envelope box. We have new goals set to work on inside repairs and painting. READER/MINISTER SCHEDULE - are available in the church library.


    YOUTH MASS - all youth are encouraged to attend the second Sunday of each month. At the 10:00am mass the Youth will sit up front, do the readings, collection & offertory. Next Youth’s mass is November 12, 2017.

    PCCW Nominations are needed: President for a 2 year term, Vice President and Secretary for a 1 year term. The Ballot box is located on the table in the church entrance. We will meet in November.

    FRIENDLY REMINDER - Daylight savings ends November 5th and our Saturday Masses beginning November 4th will be at 5:00