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Welcome Precalculus. Find your picture on the screen and sit in the correct seat. Required Materials. Textbook: Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities. Recommended Materials. Pencil, Eraser, and Pen Graphing Calculator (TI-83 or TI-84) 3 Ring Binder with Loose leaf paper. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Welcome Precalculus

  • Welcome PrecalculusFind your picture on the screen and sit in the correct seat.

  • Required MaterialsTextbook: Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities

  • Recommended MaterialsPencil, Eraser, and Pen Graphing Calculator (TI-83 or TI-84)3 Ring Binder with Loose leaf paper

  • Course GoalsThis class is designed to review and introduce all mathematical topics needed to prepare for Calculus To meet and or exceed all of the content standards as defined by the state of CaliforniaTopics covered: Functions, polynomials, exponents and logarithms, sequences and series, vectors in the plane, and trigonometry

  • Graphing CalculatorsRecommended CalculatorTI-83 or TI-84 in any seriesReasons for recommendationInstructor will be using this type in classIt is sufficiently powerful to take you through collegeStudents may use any graphing calculator they want, however TI-89 and TI-92 will not be allowed on any test or quiz.

  • Classroom Rules and GuidelinesYou are tardy if you are not seated when the bell rings. A detention will be given for each tardy. Upon the 6th tardy, an unsatisfactory grade will be issued for citizenship. Bring all materials to class everyday (pencil, eraser, pen, book, notebook, calculator) You WILL NOT be excused to go to your locker.

  • Classroom Rules and GuidelinesThe only electrical device that is permitted in class at any time is a calculator. All others will be result in a detention. Every time I see your phone you will receive at least one detention.

  • Classroom Rules and GuidelinesThere is to be no eating or drinking in class. All such contraband will be confiscated and trashed.We treat each other how we want to be treated.You are responsible for your own actions.

  • Discipline Procedure First violation will result in a warning. Second violation will result in a detention and a parental notificationThird violation in any one day will result in a student being removed from class.

  • Assessment Category I Participation points will be earned when appropriate for participating constructively in class.

    Homework will be assigned and assessed daily.

    Extra Credit

  • Assessment Category II JournalsThere will be 10 times during the semester in which Students will be required to select one problem from those provided by Mr. Sutton to answer. Due dates and problems will be posted on Mr. Sutton's website. Any journal that does not receive a perfect score may be redone for a better score

  • Assessment Category III Quizzes Quizzes will be composed of basic definitions, theorem, homework problems, and Mathematical essay.

  • Assessment Category IV Unit Tests There will be a test at the end of each unit of study. They will count for 100 points each Will be composed of multiple choice and/or mathematical essay questionsProjectsThere will be different projects assigned throughout the semester.

  • Assessment Category IV Final ExamThere will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester.

  • Grading Policies/ProceduresAny loose leaf 3-ring binder paper collected by Mr. Sutton must contain the following information in the header of the paper in the following order: Legal NamePreferred NamePeriod #Row #Assignment #Page/Problem #s Any paper not containing the correct heading will not be accepted.

  • Grading Policies/ProceduresAverage Daily Grade Weighted as FollowsCategory I counts 10% Category II counts 10%Category III counts 10%Category IV counts 70%

  • Grading Policies/ProceduresYour semester grade is based on 2 partsAverage Daily Grade Counts 80%Final ExamCounts 20%

  • Grading Policies/ProceduresGrades will be handed out after each test. If ever there are questions about a grade see Mr. Sutton ASAP. A grade of B or better is required in this class to qualify for AP Calculus AB next year. A grade of C or better is required in this class to qualify for Math Analysis Honors next year.

  • Grading Policies and ProceduresOur grading scale:

    Grades are not rounded.


  • General infoMr. Sutton will be glad to meet with students to assist them in learning. Phone Number: (714) 626-4530Website: www.sutton.troyhigh.com Email: dsutton@fjuhsd.net

  • Mr. Suttons Helpful HintsComplete your homework dailyPractice the problems assigned in the homework Check answers when possible Look for your own mistakesAsk questions in class on things that are not understood Collected Homework will be graded for effortMr. Sutton will rarely collect the homeworkIt is essential to your learningRemember Homework is part of your grade.

  • Mr. Suttons Helpful HintsBe in class everydayMakeup Exams will only be given by appointmentMakeup Exams are always longer and more difficultA quiz can be given at anytime with or without noticeMakeup Quizzes occur at lunch

  • B. Algebra 2C. PrecalculusA. Algebra 2 HonorsD. Honors Precalculus

  • A. Mr. ButtonC. Mr. SuttonB. Mr. MuttonD. Mr. Dutton

  • B. Honors PrecalculusC. Precalculus A. Algebra 2 College PrepD. Calculus

  • A. Pencil/PenC. Calculator B. The Book D. All of the above

  • D. All of the above C. Graphing CalculatorB. NotebookA. Pencil/Pen

  • A. Laughing, because Mr. Sutton is so funnyC. Being Tardy B. Shouting out the solutionD. Having Fun

  • A. Anytime Mr. Sutton sees your phoneC. Sleeping in class D. All of the above B. Having the wrong answer

  • A. TrueB. False

  • A. TrueB. False

  • A. TrueB. False

  • HW #1.0Get Syllabus Signed

    HW #1.1Take Survey Online