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Transcript of Welcome! Be sure to sign in.. Intro Song Women’s Sorority Theme Song .

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Intro Song

• Women’s Sorority Theme Song• http://youtu.be/qXpaJMg3q8I

Date Time TopicSat, July 12 10:30am to 12:30 pm Surprisingly Satisfied

Sat, July 19 9am to 11am Purposefully Feminine

Sat, July 26 9am to 11am Authentically Me

Sat, August 9 9am to 11am Faithfully His

Fri, August 15 7pm to 9pm My Best

Sat, August 23 9am to 11am My Blessing

Sat/Sun, Aug 23 & 24

5:30 pm8, 10, 12 am

Women Resolved Ceremony

Women’s Sorority Schedule

Praise & Worship

• I Give Myself Away


Women’s Sorority CovenantOverview

Women’s Sorority Covenant


• To affirm our commitment to one another and to our God to create a safe and sacred place for spiritual awareness and growth.


• Relationships

• Authenticity

• Confidentiality

• Accountability

• Respect

• Care

• Prayer

Relationships:I will befriend sorority sisters and, as lead by God, deepen my ties with some outside the group.

Authenticity:I will be truthful with my sorority sisters and will not pretend to be more or less than I am.

Confidentiality:I will be trustworthy and faithful in keeping secure the innermost dreams, hopes, feelings, circumstances, insecurities, and stresses of my sorority sisters. I will not share with others the personal stories of those in the group.

Accountability: I will be accountable to you to become what God has designed me to be in His loving creation.

Respect:I will never embarrass a sorority sister.

Care:Each woman in my discussion group can depend on me to listen to her with heartfelt concern.



Prayer:I will take the petitions, dreams, concerns and challenges of my group to God’s throne of grace regularly.

Small Group Discussion“Surprisingly Satisfied”

GMZ Sanctuary

Purposely FeminineRev. Felicia Richardson

Purposely Feminine

• Pretty in Pink • 1 Timothy 6:6

• It’s Good to be a Girl• Genesis 1:27

• Role Reversal• Colossians 3:22• I Peter 2:13• I Peter 5:5• Ephesians 6:1• Ephesians 5:22-23

Role Players

“We can't all be super-stars, or even starters. We don't all have great shooting skills or ball-handling skills. But we can still be important "spokes in the wheel". We can still be very

important to the success of our team. We are important "role players".

Purposely Feminine

I will champion God’s model for womanhood in the face of a postfeminist culture. I will teach it to my daughters and encourage its support by

my sons.

Next Week:Saturday, July 26th - 9am to 11amRead the “Authentically Me” sectionAccess the Week 2 study guide at: http://gmzaustin.org/floating5.php Pray for your group members

Closing Prayers