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05-08-2019 TO 09-08-2019


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Keep an Eye on Changing Market Place…WEEKLY INDICES


NIFTY BANK 28,204.95 27,936.35 -0.57

NIFTY AUTO 6,933.75 6,732.65 1.13

NIFTY FIN SERVICE 12,500.50 12,293.25 0.05

NIFTY FMCG 28,930.75 28,623.85 0.02

NIFTY IT 15,422.10 15,208.80 0.59

NIFTY MEDIA 1,870.65 1,861.25 -1.38

NIFTY METAL 2,459.10 2,430.35 -1.91

NIFTY PHARMA 7,868.20 7,781.85 -0.13

NIFTY PSU BANK 2,655.65 2,636.00 -1.05

NIFTY PVT BANK 15,636.40 15,441.25 -0.33

NIFTY REALTY 262.6 256.95 -0.74


Name Current Value Change

Nasdaq 8111.12 0.79%

CAC 5401.40 2.81%

FTSE 7445.01 1.84%

Nikkei 225 21087.16 2.11%

Hang Seng 26918.58 2.35%

Top Stories This Week

Name Current Value Change

TRITURBINE 101.50 21.19%

STAR 392.65 11.4%

GUJRATGAS 176.35 10.95%

NAVIN FLUORI 641.50 10.02%

VVIP 380.50 8.14%

NameCurrent Value Change

COFFEDAY 99.45 48.95%

BLISS GVS PHARMA 95.05 38.68%

CARE RATING 487.05 34.10%

IDEA 6.35 31.35%

LAKSHMIVILASB 43.15 24.15%



Parliament approves UAPA Bill, allows Centre to tag individual as terrorist

HDFC Q1 profit jumps 46% to Rs 3,203 cr, boosted by Gruh Finance stake sale

SBI Q1 result: Profit at Rs 2,312 crore in June qtr; gross NPA down 21% YoY

IBM fired 1,00,000 older employees to look 'cool,' alleges lawsuit

35% minimum shareholding norm for listed firms may be put on hold: Report

Bharti Airtel posts first quarterly loss in 10 years, at Rs 2,866 crore

Hyundai Motor India sales down 4% in July at 57,310 units; exports up 13.6%

35% minimum shareholding norm for listed firms may be put on hold: Report

GST collection over Rs 1 trillion in July despite subdued CGST and SGST

Importers of ethyl alcohol will need licence as Govtputs restriction

Promotional offers dent Godrej Consumer's June quarter performance

Private sector going through challenging times, says L&T chairman A M Naik

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S2 S Nity R R2 R3

MA20 MA50 MA10 MA200



NIFTY Index closed the week onnegative note loosing -300 PointsTechnically on the daily charts wesee minor support on the downsidefor nifty 50 index lies at 10800-10650levels, where as minorresistance on the upside is cappedaround 11000-11300 levels. Intenseselling intensified in Nifty50 onFriday, as the index slipped belowits crucial support at 11000 withweek quarter result and loweconomic growth.The index, which last tested thislevel in May, could drift towardsthe 10650 range in the comingsessions. Any gain towards the11,300 level, meanwhile, is likely to,On a daily basis, It has brokenstrong support zone and movingtoward zone 10650.If nifty 50 indexbreaches minor support on thedownside and closes below it wemay see fresh break down andindex can drag index towardsmajor support on lower sidearound 10650 and if breachesminor resistance on the upside andcloses above it we may see freshbreakout and index can headtowards higher levels around 11000-11300 . Currently nifty 50 index istrading above 200 days exponentialmoving average and suggests longterm trend is bullish. We analystpredicts range for the week is seenfrom 11650-11100.


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BANK NIFTY Index closed onnegative note loosing 1116Weekly High: 29680Weekly Low: 28050Weekly Close: 28349Bank Nifty opened negative note instarting of week earnings andreports of slowing economicgrowth dented market sentimentsand they also felt that absence ofany fresh positive triggers has beenthe reason that the markets haven'tbeen able to shake off thenegativity after the budgetproposal .If Nifty bank index breaches minorsupport on the downside andcloses below it we may see freshbreak down and index can dragindex towards major support onlower side around 28000 and ifbreaches minor resistance on theupside and closes above it we maysee fresh breakout and index canhead towards higher levels around29000.Currently Nifty bank index istrading above 200 days exponentialmoving average and suggests longterm trend is bullish. We predictsrange for the week is seen from29000-29500 on upside and 28000-26800 on downside.


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PIDILITE CASHIt has been continuously trading in high bullish zone since couple of week and It has been trading on bullish zone and approaching 52 week high for breakout on KELTER CHANNEL and we expect it move higher and higher for coming couple of week, It has also given breakout on channel line and moved up to get 1350 Hence, we recommend buy the stock above 1280 for the upside target of 1380 with stop loss below 1230 levels.


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ASIAN PAINTS CASHOn the daily chart, the stock is moving upside from immediate support of 1280 onweekly chart . It is also taken support around 100 moving average. The stock iscontinue in an uptrend move last couple of week. It is making new high. It may tend tomove further for upside if stock sustain above 1550 level We expect it to hit 1650. Ithas also positive PR with Nifty and it is continuously trading higher price and itsfinancial are also very firm ,It is approaching .We recommend to buy the stock above1556 for the upside target of 1635 with stop loss below 1480 level.


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PGEL CASHThe primary trend of the stock has started up at present from MINOR support, It hasshown breakout upside with decent volumes. And it has also found reversal breakout onweekly chart and it has also trading near BOL breakout line and above midline whichindicate further upside till 80. We recommend buy the stock above 53 for the upside levelof 65 in the short term with stop loss below 38 levels.


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TRENT CASHThe chart shows fine breakout from 200 MVG AVG on weekly chart level. The startingof 2019 has been marvelous for TRENT. It is also trading above VWAP and givenbreakout as per KELTER CHANNEL which Is a envelope and work on moving averageband to generate bullish and bearish level. stock is in smooth uptrend with high volumeand On monthly view it is given breakout around 399,Hence, we recommend buy thestock above 451 for the upside level of 482 in the short term with stop loss below 433levels.


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HDFCAMC CASHThe primary trend of HDFCAMC is bullish and trading on higher high and making newhigh .The stock moved up 9 per cent to Rs 2,170 in the last couple of trading week,after the quarterly numbers, where profits grew 42 per cent. Over the last sixmonths, the share price has gained 46 per cent One final thing which we havenoticed that it has got breakout on DONCHAIN indicator, Kelter Channel and formingtriangle, which indicate further buying with ATR and Kelter Channel. So for nextcoming week/month we advice it to buy from 2180 with target of 2300 and keepstoploss below 2102.


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