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  1. 1. Manage EngineOpManager Owen Robinson Week 9 Assignment CIS516
  2. 2. Login-Screen
  3. 3. Discovery Wizard The discovery wizard walk you thru the process of discovering all the devices on the network.
  4. 4. Business View Business view allow you to mark the physical location of your devices throughout the country. My 2 devices are located in NC, since thats where I stay.
  5. 5. Home The home page list all the functions and allow you to move to the various function by clicking on it.
  6. 6. Map Map display all the devices on your network. Double click on the device to view the monitoring status
  7. 7. Device Monitoring Status Example of a device monitoring status on my network by clicking on it from the map screen
  8. 8. Dashboard The dashboard shows the distribution, statistics, average, Top-N least availability
  9. 9. Network Tab The network tab list network availability functions.
  10. 10. Server Tabe The server tab list function such as CPU utilization, Top-N memory utilization, and availability functions.
  11. 11. Report The report generatesstatus or summary of functionalityfor every device on the network.