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  • 1. English 216A Research and Information Literacy Week 8:
  • 2. This week: Oct 21: About Books Week 9: Oct 28 : Evaluating Web Sites Week 10: Nov 4: Avoiding Plagiarism Week 11: Nov. 11: Mid Term Project Preparation Week: 12: Nov 18: Mid Term Project DUE
  • 3. Lets Search for Books today by keyword and subject terms
  • 4. You may request it online.
  • 5. The power of a Google-like search engine integrated into the Library Catalog Single search results from multiple Library sources Integration of articles, books, eBooks, digital collections from the Library Automatic refinement and organization of search results such as by location, format, availability Separate tabs for books and articles Export to Ref Works
  • 6. Log in to My Library with your CNR bar code See a list of your borrowing history See a list of your saved searches Renew a book or media item Request a book to be held for you
  • 7. If you cannot find a book in Gill Library Go back to the library homepage and use:
  • 8. - a consortium of participating libraries and the option to order via interlibrary loan.
  • 9. Search Classic Catalog or Encore Find a book to borrow from Coop City Library or request it from another campus Search World Cat Order a book not owned by Gill Library and order it through Interlibrary loan