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2. EDUC W200 Week 1Syllabus Lets review the syllabus!o http://www.indiana.edu/~educw200/summer13/syllabus/syllabus.html 3. EDUC W200 Week 1Syllabus Grade Distribution (W200 Website) Grading Policies No late submissions Attendance taken every week Let me know as early as possible if you have an excused absence Excused absences listed on W200 Website Documentation required 4. EDUC W200 Week 1Syllabus Grading Breakdown Class-prep Activities 150 Points (15%) Technology Integration Practice 150 Points (15%) Digital Story 100 Points (10%) Case Analysis & Case Artifacts 150 Points (15%) E-book Project 150 Points (15%) Teacher Website Final 150 Points (15%) E-Portfolio Final 100 Points (10%) E-Portfolio Presentation 20 Points (2%) Participation 30 Points (3%) TOTAL: 1000 Points 5. EDUC W200 Week 1Syllabus Finals Week Plan your plane tickets, other travel plans, and so forth after thefinal day! You need to be in school & attend We will be giving presentations Final Day & Time: XXXXXXXXXX Any questions about the Syllabus? 6. EDUC W200 Week 1W200 Website & Oncourse W200 Website Brief introduction of all pages Oncourse Brief introduction of all links 7. EDUC W200 Week 1Major Projects Digital Story Will be covered today Case Analyses & Case Artifacts E-Book Project Teacher Website & E-Portfolio Two important projects of this class Think of these as projects that show off your cumulativeknowledge in this class Outline of these websites will be created today 8. EDUC W200 Week 1Weekly Expectations Due Date: By Monday/Wednesday, 5 pm Class Prep (10 Points Each) Must be completed before class by (When?) Where to locate? Attend class or miss points (1/2 points) Technology Integration Practice 10 Points Each (Exception: No TIP week 5; TIP #6 20 points) No email submission No points for absence 9. EDUC W200 Week 1What Happens if I Miss Class? Missing Class Excused: Flu, Doctors note, Religious holiday, etc with properdocumentation Must be discussed in advanced or NO Technology Integration Practicepoints. Find another instructor on the website, email them, CC me. Unexcused: Go through the presentation slides, office hours, TTL.No Technology Integration Practice points. Half points for Class Prep 5 or more absences will lead to at most a grade of C- 10. EDUC W200 Week 1Where Can I Find Help? Source #1: Read carefully through our W200website and PowerPoint Presentations Source #2: Teaching Technology Lab (TTL) Source #3: Search Google, Youtube, etc. fortutorials Source #4: Email me(educ.mdemiral@gmail.com) 11. EDUC W200 Week 1General Expectations Classes will last the entire time Plan at least 3~6 hours of work outside of class eachweek for your assignments Professional - punctual and responsible Respect each other future teachers Participation points (30 points) Attendance, class participation (discussions), effort, and improvement Any questions on the expectations? 12. EDUC W200 Week 1Communication Expectations (Poor)To: xxx (xxx@xxx)From: xxxxxx@yahoo.comSubject: (no subject)Ok u said u had a copy of the digital story just not finalized and u said u wouldgive me half credit for that...u never said u would give me half credit if I gave umy finalized one...u understood because my computer that had the finalizedcopy crashed and I have since replaced it...there was no way for me to send uanother copy without doing it over so I assumed u were going to keep true gour word and give me half credit for the copy u received...and I know u havecopy because I emailed it to you around the time they were doSent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry 13. EDUC W200 Week 1Communication Expectations (Good)To: xxx (xxx@xxx)From: janedoe@indiana.eduSubject: Question Regarding Digital Story - 12477 Jane DoeDear Mr/Mrs xxx,After our discussion on Tuesday, I went back to my room and could not remember how tofinalize my digital story and upload it to YouTube. I looked over the W200 website and checkyour emails sent through OnCourse, but I still couldnt figure out how to do this. Can yousend me a link to a tutorial? Also, can we meet to discuss my digital story topic? I have classduring your office hours. Thank you!Sincerely,Jane Doe (janedoe@indiana.edu)Lecture Section 12480 14. EDUC W200 Week 1Classroom Expectations Late comers Active Participation No Text Messaging + Facebook Do we all agree on these expectations?Any objections? 15. EDUC W200 Week 1Teaching Technology Lab (TTL) Teaching Technology Lab (TTL) Get technology integration help (for w200 or any othereducation course) Potential workshops and additional learning opportunities Where instructors hold their office hours All of the information about the TTL is listed on theSyllabus. Hours Location Phone Numbers