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Constructing Environments sem 2 2013 Cheng Wei Lydia Chen 641119 Week 3 Journal

Transcript of Week 3 on site

Week 2 Journal

Constructing Environments ENVS10003Cheng Wei Lydia Chen 641119Week 3 Journal: On SiteWeek 3: On Site1_EASTERN PRECINT STUENT CENTRE (LINK BETWEEN BUILDINGS)

Potential construction constraints_ space of the link cant be too large, but large enough to facilitate functions of it

Links to other buildings_Has glass exterior like Ormond Theology Centre ReceptionUses common building materials like steel, timber, glass, concreteTwo floors like MSLE Building

Construction type_Concrete flooringGlass wallTimber and glass roofSteel frame

Structural Systems_- Double cantilever structure

Materials_SteelGlassConcreteTimber Metal cladding

Other relevant comments_- Glass wall supported by steel frames

Week 3: On Site


Potential construction constraints_Similar to ERC in that its a link, so it cant be too large, but at the same time has to be spacious enough to allow activity inside

Links to other buildings_Uses common building materials like steel, timber, glass, concreteTwo floors like ERC

Construction type_Brick wallGlass railingPlaster wallConcrete, carpet and timber flooring

Structural Systems_Framed structureCantilever inside

Materials_GlassSteelBricksConcrete (surface structure)Timber

Other relevant comments_- Needs more lighting as has only 2 open ended sides: both ends having large windows and lighting along the pathway

Week 3: On Site


Potential construction constraints_- It is an extension of Queens College, might have to follow certain structure or style that is similar to Queens College

Links to other buildings_Uses common building materials like steel, timber, glass, concreteSingle floor like Ormond Theology Centre Reception

Construction type_Construction joints (plaster walls), concrete flooring (exterior), clay roof, glass windows, timber-framed doors

Structural Systems_- Framed structure

Materials_ConcreteTimberGlassPlasterClay roof tilesSteel

Other relevant comments_Waterproof layer observed

Week 3: On Site


Potential construction constraints_Structure of reception (front desk, waiting area)

Links to other buildings_Has glass exterior like ERC, but different glass material and structure

Construction type_CladdingSteel window framesGlass wallConcrete postsTimber seatingConcrete flooring exteriorCarpet flooring interiorAutomatic glass door

Structural Systems_Framed structure

Materials_GlassConcreteTimberSteel Carpet

Week 3: On Site

OVAL PAVILION SITE PLAN (labeled with views of photos taken)VIEW ONE

In the stage of building first floor. The concrete slabs (230mm) have been laid, scaffold frame can be seen to be built underneath.

Materials:ConcreteTimber posts Concrete blocksWeek 3: On Site


Heritage building. Has to remain. Has taken a lot of work to take apart, still in the stage of deconstruction for this building.

Materials:Roof tilesTimber walls Steel gutterConcrete baseWeek 3: On Site


Another building preserved. But groundwork around it have been dug out and is going to be reconstructed.

Materials:TimberSteelConcreteRoof tilesVIEW FOUR

Still at the beginning stages of work. Pad footing seen on right, with yellow caps on top for safety measures. Pipe also on right possibly for drainage system. Timber posts are beginning to be built for wall of building.

Materials:Timber postsConcrete footingPlastic pipe