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  • WEDDINGTraditional TimelineReception

    What do you believe people remember most about a wedding? Experience & surveys tell us the mostmemorable moments happen at the reception celebration following the wedding ceremony.

    Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean the reception is remembered for the right reasons.Sadly, a wedding reception can be long remembered for all the wrong reasons.

    The reason this happens is that most engaged couples simply do not have the knowledge orexperience that's required to organize an outstanding event. And that's exactly what a weddingreception is - an "event" that requires considerable thought and planning to transform it into asuccessfully entertaining celebration. A celebration that respects the personalities and tastes of thecouple and their guests.

    For the past 20 years, we have helped hundreds of couples make the most of their weddingcelebration.

    We are experts on what it takes to uncover what is important to our couples. When you choose tomeet with us, we'll learn all about you, your likes and dislikes, fears and concerns and what this eventtruly means to you. With that knowledge we'll share ideas on how together we'll create an event thatis memorable for all the right reasons. And you'll quickly realize there is so much more to this thanhiring a DJ for their equipment and music.

    Enjoy this quick info-sheet on a traditional wedding reception timeline, with some details around eachmoment. Understand that this is just a guide. When we help plan your personalized event, the resultsmay be more...You!

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    Cocktails & Greetings

    This is it! The beginning of your celebration, and this is where your guests will mingle,re-connect and get ready for an incredible event. Usually an hour long, but has beenknown to go a little longer to provide the wedding party time to join in the fun. Thistakes the place of a traditional receiving line and gives our couple a chance to greetpeople early on so they can have a more enjoyable dinner.

    Meet Our Wedding Party

    Commonly referred to as Introductions this is the moment to introduce your weddingparty to our guests. So much can be done here to set the tone for the rest of theevening and to personalize the moment beyond the typical.

    Opening First Dance

    This blissful moment takes place when you two are announced for your grand entranceand first dance. Dance the entire song with just the two of you? Invite your guestsand wedding party to join in? Its all up to you, and will impact the energy andatmosphere of your celebration. Why is the First Dance performed so early on in theevent? When we meet, well let you know!

    Bride & Groom Thanks

    After you have been introduced or had your opening dance, its becoming more andmore common for couples to speak to their guests. Words of thanks, remembrance,a fun story or two can all be shared here to further connect your guests withthe event and you.

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    Blessing & Thanks

    This is when you, if desired, give a Blessing & Thanks to God. This is a fantasticopportunity to include someone special that is not already in your wedding party. Aparent, a relative, or maybe even the person or people who helped you both cometogether in the beginning. Blessings can come in many shapes and styles both religiousand non-secular. This is another great time to remember those who could not be a partof the event.

    Opening Toasts

    Now were getting into some of the fun. Traditionally the opening toast is given by theBest Man. The task is to talk about our couple in a positive way, share some keycharacteristics of our couple and how their union will impact life. And of course, sharethose stories about how the groom got that tattoo! But wait! Our bride is not all in theclear so easily! More and more common nowadays is her Matron or Maid of Honorstanding up for a similar toast. Lets here it for the girls!

    Dining Begins

    Dinner. A moment to refuel before tearing it up on the dance floor! A traditional serveddinner consists of 4 courses with Salad, Appetizer, Main and Dessert. However for thoselooking to reduce time spent at dinner, consider removing one course or opting for astation style dining experience which tends to move faster and all guests to enjoy asmuch or as little as they desire. Other options include working events or dancing inbetween courses to keep an exciting flow going.

    Sharing of Cake

    Traditionally the wedding cake has always played an important part in the celebration.Ancient Romans broke cake over the brides head to symbolize fertility and abundance.Which we are certain wont be happening at your wedding! These days, couples stillpartake in the fun of cutting the cake, sharing a piece with each other, and with theirparents and guests as dessert.

    Ron Carpenito Entertaiment - - 617.797.8710

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    Special Dances

    Father and Daughter, Mother and Son, Bride and Groom with Children, Bride andSiblings, Groom and Siblings, Bridal Party Dance, oh my!! So many options here to fit alltypes of family situations and styles, And so many ways to set up each moment. And forthe right couples, a true Father and Daughter, Mother and Son dance can be a trulymemorable moment. When we meet well tell you all about it!

    Dancing Fun

    With most of the traditional moments behind us, its time to open up the dance floor andhave a party. How do you make a dance floor a success? Is it type of music? How itsplayed? Is it the amount of people? Size of dance floor? Is it lighting? Are other activitiesor influences around? Where is the bar and is it open all night!? Well share with youhow all of these factors come together and how it impacts your guests dancingexperience.

    Bouquet Presentation

    The Bouquet Presentation traditionally takes the shape of our bride assembling all herun-wed friends and tossing it to one lucky gal. Meanwhile the Groom is tossing a garterto all his un-wed friends. The tradition behind this event is that you will be bringing twopeople together who may have not met otherwise in the hopes that your love willtranscend into them, they fall in love, marry and repeat. Somehow this fun andimportant tradition as gotten mixed up and turned negative. So how do you carry on thistradition in a classy, meaningful and fun way? Lets get together and talk.

    Closing Last Dance

    Wow, what a unique, memorable and fun night weve had. Just one last item remains,your Last Dance. So how do you end it? Fast song, slow song, everyone involved or justyou both in the center of the dance floor. Should there be an Encore song to end thenight on a different note? Its all up to you and how it fits in with the wedding eventweve crafted together.

    Ron Carpenito Entertaiment - - 617.797.8710

  • We sincerely hope youve found this helpful and have a feeling of who weare, our knowledge and our love for creating weddings.

    Remember, this is just an example of a traditional wedding reception.When we work together with you, yours may be completely different.


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