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  • 1. Welcome to this website all about the superhero Wonder woman, this shows everything and anything you would like to know about this specific hero. This is my home page, the buttons link to the different pages such as Home.htm Biography.htm Media.htm Collectables.htm Comics.htm The pages will have a font size of 20 and the font used will be Calibri body. Logo used

2. This will be my biography page for the website I would have basic information on my hero and a range of pictures. Wonder Womans real name is Diana Themyscira, She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta,the leader of the amazons. Diana fights for earth as an ambassador and protector. She is a vital member of the Justice League of America and is located in New York CIty. She has many powers such as: Super strength. Flight. Lasso of truth. Unbreakable silver braclet. Razor sharp golden tiara. Invisible vehicles made at will. More Information The star will be a link to another page which will lead to more information about the hero. 3. Amazon Prowess Wonder Woman was trained at a young age. She has highly developed fighting skills and is an expert is armed and unarmed combat. She can use the sword, axe and bow. Her Amazonian blood gives her enhanced hearing, vision, speed, strength, and great regeneration properties. Flight Given to her by Hermes, she is able to fly at sub light speeds. Magical and Physical Resistances Another gift from the gods. Wonder Woman is near invulnerable and highly resistant to magic and fire. She is also resistant to blunt force. Go Back Indestructable Gauntlets The gauntlets were crafted from the remains of Zeus's Legendary Aegis shield. They can easily deflect bullets and other projectiles as well as laser beams. When crossed, remnants of the shield form, giving her an impenetrable barrier. Piercing Weapons Wonder Woman is vulnerable to piercing weapons such as swords, arrows, and bullets. This is why she needs to use the gauntlets to protect herself from ranged projectile. Bound Gauntlets Wonder Woman is rendered completely useless when her gauntlets are bound together. This button will be used to go back to the previous page which is relevant to the biography. 4. Following this link you'll be able to view and old intro to the wonder woman series: click on image to load video. Following this link youll be able to view a wallpaper: click on image to load website. This page will be used for media and will have a YouTube video of an old intro to a wonder woman series as well as a downloadable wallpaper of the hero. 5. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here The click here buttons will be used to link to the direct page where you can purchase the items. Wonder Woman merchandise you can order. 6. Clicking the link will lead you to a page where you can purchase all the comics from. Click Here