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  • CoverTable of ContentsOverhead Trolley ConveyorsOverhead Conveyor SymbolsTypical LayoutDesign Guide1. Layout & Conveyor Path2. Carriers3. Elevation4. Determine Conveyor Size5. Required Carriers per Minute6. Determine Trolley Spacing7. Selection of Vertical Curves8. Selection of Horizontal Turns9. Conveyor Speed10. Determine Overall Length11. Determine Moving Load12. Determine Lift Load13. Chain Pull (Short Method)13A. Chain Pull (Progressive Method)14. Drive Selection15. Progressive Chain Pull Analysis

    Allowable Chain PullsConveyor TrackRivetless ChainChain Pins & AttachmentsTrolley AssemblyTrolley Wheels3" Trolley Assembly3" Trolley Wheels3" Trolley Attachments

    4" Trolley4" Trolley Assembly (2)4" Trolley Wheels4" Trolley Attachments

    6" Trolley Assembly6" Trolley Wheel & Attachments

    Traction Wheel TurnsTraction Wheel Bearing30, 45, 60, & 90 Deg. Turns180 Deg. Turn

    Roller Turns3, 4, & 6" Roller Turns30, 45, 60, & 90 Roller Turns180 Deg. Roller TurnSpecial Paint System Roller TurnsSpecialty Turns

    Take-upsAir Operated, Roller TurnAir Operated, Traction WheelSpring Operated, Roller TurnSpring Operated, Traction WheelScrew Operated, Roller TurnSpring Operated, Traction Wheel

    Drive UnitsConveyor DrivesCaterlillar DrivesSprocket DriveSprocket Drive pic

    Drive Selection ChartTypesCaterpillar DrivesCaterpillar & Sprocket DrivesSprocket DrivesCat Drive - SprocketCat Drive - ChainSprocket Drive - Sprocket

    Track Hanging MethodsVertical CurvesVertical Curve ChartCombined Bend DimensionsVertical Dips3'-6" & 5'-0" Radius6'-6" & 8'-0" Radius10'-0" Radius12'-0" Radius15'-0" Radius15'-0" & 20'-0" Radius20'-0" Radius

    Safety Devices

    Conveyor GuardsVertical Curve Safety DevicesExpansion JointsTypical Carrier & AttachementsAttachementsTypical InstallationsTrolley-Mation

    Power and Free SystemsOver & UnderLoad SpecificationsCarrier Banking CentersFree accumulator TrolleyIntermediate TrolleyTrailing & Push-Thru TrolleyExit SwitchesMerge SwitchesRoller TurnsTrack Sections & Vertical DipsSystem Components

    Side PushLoad SpecificationsTypical Carrier TrolleysFlanged Trolley WheelsExit & Merge SwithchesRoller TurnsVertical CurvesTake-ups and Drives

    Power & Free Installations (10 pgs)Conveyor RollsStandard RollsRoller Design FeaturesHow to Order Rolls1" Dia. x 11GA1 3/4" Dia. x 14GA 1.9" Dia. x 16GA1.9" Dia. x 12GA1.9" Dia. x 9GA2 1/2" Dia. x 14GA2 9/16" Dia. x 7GA3 1/2" Dia. x 10GA3 1/2" Dia. x .25" Wall"HUSH-VEYOR"Speciality Rolls

    Gravity RollerGravity Roller ConveyorSpecificationsTypical SectionSelection of WidthCurve Clearance ChartRoll Spaciing & Conv. SlopFramesFormed Channel FramesStructural Channel FramesSupportsType "S" Supports/Formed ChannelType "S" Supports/Structural ChannelStructural Channel SupportsStandard Heavy DutyHeavy Duty for Pitched Conv.Specifications

    Standard CurvesConverging SectionsConverging CurvesConverging SectionConverging SpurSpur SectionsBall TransfersHorizontal Gate SectionVertical Gate SectionPivot Type SwitchGuardsStopsGravity Roller Installations (2 pgs)

    Chain Driven Live RollerCDLRRoll to Roll Dimensional DataCDLR Installations (2pgs)CDLR Auxiliary Equipment

    Belt Driven Live RollerBDLRBar-Logic (Accumulating)Air Logic (Accumulating)BDLR Installations (2pgs)

    LineshaftLinshaft Installations

    Belt ConveyorsBelt ConveyorsEcono Belt ConveyorBelt Conv. Installations (4pgs)

    Chain ConveyorsChain ConveyorFrame AssemblyChain (6020\6010)Chain (2011\3015\4015)Slat ConveyorChain ConveyorRoller Flight Conveyor (1)Roller Flight Conveyor (2)Chain ConveyorsSlat ConveyorsChain ConveyorsTwo Strand ConveyorFlex-TrackerFlex-Tracker

    Vertical ConveyorsSpeed-LiftSpeed-Lift

    Lifts & Vertical Conveyors(2)Transfer Cars

    Custom ConveyorsTransfer CarsDie Change StandsTool Steel StorageSpeciality Conveyor (2)

    Installations In the Auto Industry (2)In the Rubber Industry (2)Pallet Handling AS/RSPallet HandlingPackage Handling (2)In the Appliance IndustryControls

    "IMAGINEERING CONVEYOR SYSTEMS"Lubrication & Maintenance GuideIntroductionConveyor Chains (2)Drives (2)Wheels and TrolleysTurns and Take-upsDrive Adjustments (2)Lubrication Chart (2)

    Index (2)

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    "If It Has to Be Conveyed"...