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Transcript of WEB VIEW Edition Smiles, Laughter & Pride · PDF file Birthday wishes: Darlene Peters...

  • The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe THE



    INSIDE THIS MONTH’S EDITION: Health Care Reform.. Page 2

    S’Klallam Days Pages 4 & 5

    Around the Reservation.... Page 6

    News & Updates Page 7

    Oct 2011

    Helping bring you the monthly news from your S’Klallam community.

    We would like to thank all of the contestants that took part in this years S’Klallam Days Pageant and recognize them for their courage, dedication and hard work in preparing for the pageant.

    We also want to thank Danielle Morsette for making the Strait Salish Wool Headbands for our outgoing Royalty; Thank you Kari DeCoteau for making the Baby Title Ornaments; Thank you Tawny DeCoteau, Abby

    Another year filled with great memeories from S’Klallam Days fun!

    Smiles, Laughter & Pride

    (Story Continues on pg 5

    Congratulations to our new S’Klallam Royalty 2011-2012

    S’Klallam Royalty 2011-2012 From left to right in featured photo:

    Lil S’Klallam Warrior- Ian Baze

    Lil S’Klallam Princess- Jayla Moon

    Jr. S’Klallam Princess- Hailey Woodruff

    Jr. S’Klallam Warrior- Shane Baze

    S’Klallam Warrior- Skyler Fulton

    S’Klallam Princess- Lillian Ives

    Sr. S’Klallam Princess- Miranda Smith

    Sr. S’Klallam Warrior- Norman Ingraham

    S’Klallam King-Forrest Holtyn

    Not Pictured – S’Klallam Queen Abby Purser

    Happy Halloween!

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    Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe 31912 Little Boston Road NE Kingston, WA 98346 Telephone: 360-297-2646 Fax: 360-297-7097 Website: www.pgst.nsn.us Email: info@pgst.nsn.us

    Tribal Council Jeromy Sullivan, Chairman

    Chris Tom, Vice Chairman

    Francine Swift, Councilman

    Kelly Baze, Councilman

    Eugene Purser, Councilman

    Jamie Aikman, Councilman

    Entity Directors Marjorie Zarate CEO

    Betty Decoteau CFO

    Dallas DeGuire, Executive Director of Administration

    Laurie Mattson, Executive Director of Tribal Services

    Noel Higa Director Port Gamble Development Authority

    Chris Placentia Housing Director

    Leo Culloo, General Manager, The Point Casino

    Linda Helm, Director, Tribal Gaming Agency

    Denise Comstock, PGS Foundation Executive Director

    24 Months and Counting: Health Care Reform is around the corner and we will be ready! By Ed Fox, Health Services Department Director

    On October 1, 2013 the state Health Care Health Insurance Exchange will be open for enrollment. If you are uninsured you will go to a website, often with one of our staff assiting and enroll in any of the publically-funded health insurance programs that exist at that time; Children’s Health Insurance Program (Apple Health), Medicaid, Basic Health and the new Health Exchange-offered plans. One application will determine which program fits your income and family situation best. The Health Services Department will have taken all the necessary steps to insure that you can use our health clinic and the Health Services Department will be paid for services provided. IHS funding continues, but the expansion of health insurance will allow our IHS dollars to go farther than they do now.

    That’s it except for the details. Nearly every month (24 times) I plan to update you on the implementation of health care reform for the Tribe.

    Month 24: October, 2011.

    The Port Gamble S’Klallam Health Services Department will assess it’s “readiness for change.” By the end of October we will describe how health care reform will impact our program and describe our readiness in detail. Here’s a preview:

    1. We are adequately staffed with long- term (many years of experience working for Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe) employees and will continue to support the expected need for additional staffing for expansion of health insurance with 2014 reforms.

    2. We have already begun the implementation of electronic health records that will be essential to our health finances (to bill and receive timely payment) and health care quality improvement that is a required component of health care reform’s delivery system changes.

    3. As the site of the nation’s Pilot Project for Medicaid/CHIP eligibility and enrollment we already have the nation’s best Tribal effort to determine eligibility and enroll our patients in health care plans in a way that is sensitive to the unique federal responsibility for health care services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. We also participate in the Medicaid Administrative Match program (the first in the nation since 1999) to recoup some of the costs associated with this activity.

    4. One key aspect of health care reform will allow tribes to sponsor the health care of its Indian patients and the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe has many years of experience in doing just that through the Basic Health Plan.

    5. The Health Services Department operates it own sophisticated accounting system with customize management reports and detailed tracking of expenditures that works seamlessly with our business office that manages the contract health services program. They maintain our great relationships with the local medical community by paying our bills promptly.

    6. The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe is a member of the American Indian Health Commission for Washington State, the lead organization for health care in Washington and the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, the leading Tribal organization for Indian health and health care reform nationally.

    24 months and counting, but we have a head start on most

    Tribes so we will be ready.

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    The decision has been made to switch our 401(k) plan administration from The Standard to ADP.  The reason for this change is to take advantage of direct communication between the payroll program and the 401(k) plan, a process that, up until now, has always had to be done manually.  This is expected to generate significant administrative time savings.

    The target date for the official change is November 1.  In order to make sure that the change goes perfectly, there will need to be a 30-day blackout period starting on November 1 while the funds are being accounted for and transferred.  During this blackout period, no transactions can be allowed.   “No transactions” means that we will not be able to process ANY requests for loans, changes in investment options, changes in contribution amounts, and so on for at least 30 days after November 1.  Access to The Standard’s retirement website will also be discontinued.   Tribal contributions or individual contributions made by way of payroll deduction for payrolls during the blackout period will not be affected.  They will happen as always.   An official notice of this blackout period and a set of FAQs will be distributed on or before October 1.  Please be sure to read this information carefully and if you have any questions or concerns, contact the HR Department right away.  

    If, for any reason, you do not receive a copy of the notice, please contact HR for a printed copy.

    Are You on the Lot Waiting List

    Dennis Jones honored by Father Dennis Jones, one of the skippers on the tribal canoes, was recently gifted a beautiful skipper’s paddle by his father, master carver Gerald “Jake” Jones. Jake carved and painted the paddle which displays several elements relating to the Jones family and Dennis’ lineage. Jake also added a splash of purple to represent Dennis’ devotion to the UW Huskies.

    If you are on the Lot Waiting List, please make sure we have your correct address. We will be send- ing a letter out to everyone on the list in the next few weeks. If you do not receive a letter by the end of October, please call or email Sharon Purser at (360) 297-6276 sharonp@pgst.nsn.us to make sure your information on file is cor- rect. If we are unable to notify you about your status on the list, you may miss out on an opportunity for an assignment of Tribal Land.

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    S’Klallam Days 2011

    Elaine Grinnell, Jamestown S’Klallam Elder, delighted the audience of the Love, Talk, Play program sponsored by the Early Education Center at S’Klallam Days.

    Beginning with the Royalty Pageant on Friday evening, September 10th and ending with the talent show on Saturday afternoon, September 11th, S’Klallam Days was a hit. Lots of fun in the sun.

  • S’Klallam Days 2011


    Purser, Laura Price, and Kelly Baze for the wool woven bracelets and headbands; AND Thank you to our Judges-Jimmy Price, Francine Swift, Cindy Thompson, Kim Clifford, and Kim Freewolf. We appreciate all of the hard work, time and effort.

    We would like to thank all of the contestants that took part in this years S’Klallam Days Pageant and recognize them for their courage, dedication and hard work in preparing for the pageant.

    We appreciate all of the hard work,

    time and effort you gave and are pleased with how this years

    Royalty Pageant turned out!

    THAnK yOu... continued from page 1

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    Parking lot Completed!

    After several months of renovation and construction, the Tribal campus roadway and parking lot reopened on September 8th. After a blessing by Rev. Floyd Jones,