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Transcript of Web pages, blogs, wikis, podcast

  • 1. Web Pages, Blogs, Wikis, Podcast, and multimedia authoring software
    By: Shondrea McCargo
  • 2. WEBPAGESDocument or information resource for the World Wide Web that can be accessed through a web browser and displayed through a monitor or mobile device.
  • 3. Educational Purposes
    Sharing information such a news
    Publishing students' work (Projects, papers, grades, etc.)
    Communicating with parents
    Promoting after school activities
  • 4. Tips for creating a Webpage
    WebPages Should:
    Be easy to read
    Be easy to navigate
    Be well organized
    Have a layout design consistency
    Be easily locatable on web
    Include small graphic files on page
    Be Interactive
    Be Quickly downloadable
  • 5. Free Educational WebPages
    Pageflakes.com - popular items to include: Message board, notes about assignments , class to-do list, current feed for weather, news, etc
  • 6. BLOGSShort for Weblog, informal website consisting of "time-stamped" articles or post.
  • 7. Blogging in the Classroom
    Helps keep records of students reading, project, or classroom discussions-Keep track of project related task that need completion
    Helps directly cite quotations using links
    Keep track of data such as events for social studies & scientific experiments
    Learn math and mentor others using concepts and assignments
    Allow other to edit blogs for feedback
  • 8. Educational Blogging Precautions
    -Know your school and districts policies concerning students
    -Get parental consent before allowing students to blog.
    -Avoid sites that requires students to give full name and email address (outdated)
    -Avoid sites that request personal information (semi-outdated)
    -Review what is permissible for students
    -Remind student of the important of being netiquette and respectable.
    - Have rules of appropriate behavior and consequences set
    -Provide examples of model blogs
    -Inquire whether classroom blogs are acceptable.
  • 9. Popular Blogs
  • 10. WIKIA collaborative websites allowing users to create, add to, modify, or delete content via their web browser.
  • 11. Educational Wikis
  • 12. Educational Wiki Pros
    Creates a "student centered" website.
    Facilitates group authoring and collaboration
    A general space to view information all in one place.
    Stores data collections
    Displays student projects
    Shares presentations student can view for clarity
  • 13. Wiki Cons
    There is little accountability for information because you do not need qualifications to post information. Anyone is allowed to post and edit information regardless of actual knowledge of subject.
  • 14. Popular Wiki Sites
  • 15. PODCASTA podcast (or non-streamlined) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web-syndication.
  • 16. Podcasting Sites
  • 17. MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING SOFTWAREUsed to create electronic presentations, simulations, and software demonstrations that include text graphics, video, audio, animations and screen captures.
    Create digital tutorials
    Teach lessons using PowerPoint presentations with voiceover
    Develop short how-to videos
    Create animated whiteboard-type presentations
  • 18. Camstasia Studios
  • 19. Uses:
    Record screenshots
    Use PowerPoint to create presentations
    Create podcast
    Allows students to:
    Stream on web
    Store media
    Show media using DVD player, TV, ipod, or PC
  • 20. The End.
    Thanks for Listening!