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Here's the presentation give by Luke Bucklin, Mike Johnson, and Molly Kennedy Lageson at the New Times - New Tech conference held by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Transcript of Web Makeovers Powered by Nerds

  • 1. Web Makeovers Powered by Nerds
    • An Employee Review for Your Website

2. Luke Bucklin

  • President, Sierra Bravo

Mike Johnson User Experience Manager, Sierra Bravo Molly Kennedy Lageson Volunteer Coordinator, Store to Door 3. Sierra Who?

  • Sierra Bravo is a web development company that specializes in helping businesses get more value from their website through business system integration and business process automation.

4. Store to Door

  • Store To Door shops for & delivers groceries to approximately 500 households a week. Serving over 1,000 adults who are unable to shop for themselves, we partner with five strategically-located Cub Foods to deliver competitively-priced, quality products.

5. Coaching the Office Underachiever

  • An Employee Review for Your Website

6. Why Dont You Get the Most Out of Your Website? 7. Site Productivity Killers

  • Unclear Purpose
  • No Meaningful Metrics
  • Lack of Proactive Direction
  • Absence of Goals
  • Poor Perception of Possibilities
  • Unclear of Sites Role in Overall Success

8. Your Website isNota Copy Machine

  • Your site is a lot more like an employee than it is like a piece of equipment.

9. What Are Employee Reviews For? 10.

  • Unclear Purpose
  • No Meaningful Metrics
  • Lack of Proactive Direction
  • Absence of Goals
  • Poor Perception of Possibilities
  • Unclear of Sites Role in Overall Business Success
  • Define Responsibilities
  • Rate Performance
  • Coach Performance
  • Set Goals and Standards
  • Assess the Adequacy of tools
  • Communicate the Big Picture

11. An Employee ReviewFor Your Site 12. Whos the Boss? 13. WebsiteEmployee Review

  • (Re) Define Responsibilities
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Identify Success Metrics
  • ReviewSet Goals

14. Questions? 15. Define Responsibilities 16. Who is YourWebsite For?

  • Donors?
  • Volunteers?
  • Board Members?
  • Clients?

17. What Is Your Sites Job? 18. Your Companys Hardest-Working Underachiever 19. Angela in Accounting 8x5x50 = 2,000 Hrs Your Website 24x7x52 = 8,736 Hrs 20. Performance Evaluation

  • Personal Appearance
  • Productivity
  • Job Knowledge
  • Client Interaction
  • Attendance & Punctuality
  • Initiative

21. Personal Appearance 22. Dress for Success

  • Studies show it takes less than a second for visitors to form a subconscious opinion about your company based on the appearance of your homepage.

23. 24. 25. Matching Accessories

  • Your website is part of your total marketing package.

26. 27. Questions To Consider

  • Does your site look like it belongs to a successful organization?
  • Is your site self-explanatory to visitors?
  • Is your site geared towards your largest or most important audience?

28. Questions? 29. Productivity 30. Working Hard orHardly Working?

  • How does your website contribute
  • to your success?

31. 32. Crazy Egg

  • See whats hot & whats not on your site
  • Where are people clicking?
  • Use this information to improve

33. How Free is Free?

  • Spending Time vs. Spending Money

34. Quick & Easy Social Media Tools 35. Facebook Fan Page

  • 150 Million Active Users
  • Easily communicate with potential volunteers, donors, and supporters
  • Easy to set up, costs nothing

36. 37. Twitter

  • Microblogging platform
  • Only 140 character tweets, means you dont spend too much time wondering what to say
  • Grew 900% in 2008

38. 39. Questions to Consider

  • Does your site have the tools to fulfill its responsibilities?
  • What are the areas that your site has been successful?
  • Are there ways to expand service in those areas?
  • Do you have a plan for measuring your sites productivity?

40. Questions? 41. Job Knowledge 42. How Smart Is Your Site?

  • When it comes to charming search engines and visitors, content is king.

43. Blogging

  • Blogspot/Wordpress/Typepad
  • Free blog hosting, ready-made templates
  • Good for SEO, syndicate content via RSS

44. 45. Content Ideas

  • Repurpose Newsletters
  • Reuse Press Releases
  • Podcasts
  • Case Studies and Testimonials

46. Questions to Consider

  • Does the site provide all available information to visitors?
  • Is there information in other offline media that isnt available online?
  • Does your site provide content that would interest our prospects?
  • Is it easy to update the site content?

47. Questions? 48. Client Interaction 49. Make It Really,Really Easy 50. Collecting Donations &New Volunteers 51.

  • Make donating easy as possible
    • Small amounts makes it an impulse buy
    • Simple forms dont scare visitors
  • Attract a new kind of volunteer
    • Bloggers to provide content
    • Web nerds to provide tech assistance

52. Call Me

  • Some people dont like the internet.

53. Questions to Consider

  • Are the top tasks youd like your visitors to perform completely obvious?
  • Is it easy to perform those tasks?
  • Are you providing an offline alternative?

54. Questions? 55. Attendance & Punctuality 56. Calling in Sick

  • Dont find out your site is down from angry visitors.

57. 58. Emergency Contact Info

  • Dont let your visitors come up against a brick wall in the event of an error or a broken link.

59. 60. Ready for Work?

  • You wouldnt send out a newsletter that was under construction why is your site any different?

61. Questions to Consider

  • Do you have systems in place to notify you if your site fails?
  • Have you used one of the free tools to check your site for broken links?
  • Does your site provide a friendly page not found error?
  • Does your site have any pages that are perpetually under construction?

62. Questions? 63. Initiative 64. Getting Noticed

  • The best site in the world doesnt do your company any good unless people find it.

65. Check Out Our Website

  • You should be saying this all the time.

66. Self Starter

  • The first step in attracting visitors is to build a site people would want to visit.

67. Google Alerts

  • Find out whose talking about you
  • Gives you Twitter & Blog Fodder
  • Open a dialog with clients, donors, and volunteers

68. 69. Questions to Consider

  • Are you promoting your website enough?
  • Is your site positioned to attract relevant visitors?
  • Are people finding your site using the keywords you expected?

70. Questions? 71. Performance Indicators 72. Measuring Trafficand Success 73. Google Analytics

  • How many visitors?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What are they reading?

74. 75. Questions to Consider

  • Do you know how to analyze the traffic data from your site?
  • Do you have the tools to measure conversions online?
  • Do your visitors have a way to provide feedback?

76. Setting Goals 77. Start Small

  • If youre new to the web start with one or two simple goals and go from there.

78. Dont Kid Yourself

  • Correlate your goals with objectivemetrics whenever you can.

79. Tips forGetting Started

  • Use your reviews as a plan
  • Working with a consultant
    • Be prepared
    • What to communicate
  • Bridge the gap between Marketing & Tech

80. Questions?

  • Find links & this presentation at:
  • http://blog.nerdery.com