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Web-based P2P Streaming by HTTP. 呂駿逸 呂學儒 施旻 宏 指導 教授  鍾添曜 . Outline. 1. Introduction 2. Related work 3. System design 4. Experiment 5. Future work 6 . References. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Peer-to-peer overlay network 1.2 Motivation. 1.1 Peer-to-peer overlay network. Advantage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Web-based P2P Streaming by HTTP

P2P IPTV based on HTTP

Web-based P2P Streaming by HTTP Outline1. Introduction2. Related work3. System design4. Experiment5. Future work6. References

1. Introduction1.1 Peer-to-peer overlay network1.2 Motivation

1.1 Peer-to-peer overlay network AdvantagePeer = client + serverNo server loadingMore peer, more speedDisadvantageLow security (Trojan horse)High networkloading

1.2 MotivationMedia Player

1.2 Motivation (cont.)Streaming + P2P

1.2 Motivation (cont.)P2P IPTV - PPStreamBased on P2P networking structureNeed to install playerSoftware securityAdvertisementWeb based P2PPlug-in BrowserIntuitive to useTrojan avoidance

2. Related work2.1 BitTorrent 2.2 BitTube2.1 BitTorrent

2.1 BitTorrent introductionTrackerResponsible for helping peer communicate with each otherTorrent fileLength of fileFile nameTracker URLPeerSeedLeecher2.2 BitTubeBitTube: Case Study of a Web-based Peer-Assisted Video-on-Demand System.

3. System Design3.1 System Introduction3.2 System Architecture3.1 System IntroductionOur systemPeer-to-peer architectureNo need of client software Web UI3.1System Introduction(cont.)Discussion and solutionTCP transmission is blocked by firewallChanging the format of TCP package, encapsulate it to HTTP POST messageImplementation of BitTorrents conceptUsing Mozilla LiveConnect method to connect javascript code in webpage and java object which implement BitTorrent conceptRepresentation of video streamingHTML5 3.2 System Architecture

3.2 System Architecture(cont.)Peer ModuleUser InterfaceUsers Browser, connecting with BitTorrent & Media PlayerBitTorrentImplementing BitTorrent ProtocolMedia PlayerPlaying the video segments received from BitTorrent

3.2 System Architecture(cont.)Server ModuleWeb ServerServing as user interface, updating main page when the video list have changedTracker Server

4. Experiment4.1 Experimental environment4.2 Experiment result4.1 Experimental environmentUsing YZU network to do the experimentFirst part : Several peers send video requestsSecond part : Peers send video requests one by oneEnvironment of Server and peers:One computer as a tracker server and the other as the initial seed peer. The rest of the peers are using 1301Bs computers.Video file format:39.8MB Ogg file.Testing time:First stage tests 6 times, second stage tests 2 times.4.2 Experiment Result

First part Download / Upload speed analysis4.2 Experiment Result(cont.)

Second part Download / Upload speed analysis4.2 Experiment Result(cont.)

First part Start Up time analysis4.2 Experiment Result(cont.)

Second part Startup time analysis4.2 Experiment Result(cont.)

First part Server Uploading analysis4.2 Experiment Result(cont.)

Second part Server Uploading analysis5.Future workImproving performance Piece selection Algo.Peer switch policyOptimizing interfaceAdding Live streaming support

6. References[1] Peer-to-peer network: A Survey and Comparison of Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network Schemes. Eng Keong Lua, Jon Crowcroft, Marcelo Pias, Ravi Sharma, Steven Lim. IEEE, 2005. [2] BitTorrent: Incentives Build Robustness in BitTorrent. Bram Cohen, 2003.[3] PPLive. http://pplive.com[4] PPStream. http://www.ppstream.com/[5] Vuze. http://azureus.sourceforge.net/index.php[6] Bitcomet. http://www.bitcomet.com/index.php[7] . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_(protocol)#Others

5. References(cont.)[8] Gnutella http://www.gnutellaforums.com/[9] BitTube. B. Liu and Y. Cui and B. Chang and B. Gotow and Yuan Xue. BitTube: Case Study of a Web-based Peer-Assisted Video-on-Demand System. In 2008.[10] BitTorrent protocol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_(protocol)[11] Mozilla LiveConnect. https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaScript/Guide/LiveConnect_Overview

5. References(cont.)[12] Mozilla Firefox addons: https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-TW/firefox/[13] RFC2616 HTTP protocol: http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616.html[14] BitTorrent. http://bittorrent.com[15] Peer-to-peer media streaming application survey. Sbastien Vnot, Lu Yan. IEEE 2007.[16] Will IPTV Ride the Peer-to-peer Stream? Alexandro Sentinelli, Gustavo Marfia, Mario Gerla, and Leonard Kleinrock. IEEE 2007.