Wearable Devices [Infusion - 16th May 2014]

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A report on Wearable Devices, by Federico Demartini - Creative Technologist at Alquimia WRG.

Transcript of Wearable Devices [Infusion - 16th May 2014]

  • C r e a t i n g D i g i t a l E x p e r i e n c e s Q
  • INFUSIONw e a r a b l e d e v i c e s Friday, 16th May 2014 Federico Demartini Creative Technologist ! tw: @demapersempre
  • Wearable Devices if it fits, wear it!
  • Wearable Devices Phenomenal cosmic powers itty bitty living space! A re y ou dreami ng for a watch a ble to prevent your seasonal af fective disorder? Do y ou want to make something f ly pointing at with your fi ng er? Is yo ur hidden imperati ve to av oid a ny int eractio n with th e keyboard and/or the trackpad? Do y ou de sire a jacket measuring your hear t rate w hile youre tra ining? Do y ou want to divide wa ter by water w ith a simple gesture? Do y ou wa nt to look a t the pan orama gett ing info about w hat are sur rounding you?
  • Wearable Devices Phenomenal cosmic powers itty bitty living space! Wea ra b le s a re now a big tren ds thank s to the av aila bility of a whole set of eco nomic, reliable a nd scalable technological solutions. E-Ink Paper Arduino co mpatibl e wearable compo nents Intel Edison Proce sso r Electric Paint
  • Wearable Devices Phenomenal cosmic powers itty bitty living space! Examples? Su ng l a sse s sugges ti ng you the w ay to the best mojito in Miami Beach area, play an in visible piano wi th a pair of fashiona ble g loves, a ja cket m onito ring your hear t rate or any other bo dy parameter. Mor eove r, wearable devices live at the intersection o f techno lo gy a nd ever yday life, they s eems able to tra nsfo r m dreams in reality. Wea ra b le t echnology w ill have as much of an i mpact as the smar tpho ne revolution did a few years ago.
  • Wearable Devices Phenomenal cosmic powers itty bitty living space! E ver y one c onside r them the future, because the y are about making people better. Fir ms . ! Doz e ns of f ir m s a re sha ping t he vendors lan dsc a pe for those p r oduc ts. A gencies. ! Digital agencies will be required to design solutions on new devices. May someone w ill directly ask to design new devices. Customer Base. ! 40 million f itness weara ble devices sold in 2013, 180 million expected in 2017. Big Players. ! Theres no Big Players out of thi s game.
  • Wearable Devices Rings Rin g Sh or tcut Ever ything . Fin A trendy gadget you can wear make your palm a s a digita l touch inter fa ce. FingerReader A we arable device th at assists in reading pr inted text.
  • Ring Shortcut Everything Ring wil l be a Wearable Input Dev i c e tha t l ets y ou control anything. Gesture control, text transmission, payme nt, a nd more! https://ww w.kick sta r ter.co m/pro jects/17616 70 73 8/rin g-shor tcut-ever ything
  • Fin Make your palm as a digital touch interface. Fin is one of the To p 15 s tar tups in the world at TechCr unch Hardware Battlefield 2014. http://w ww.wea r f in.c om/
  • FingerReader A wearable device that assists in reading printed text. The Augmented Senses Gr o up focuses on exploring th e way of creating enabling human-computer inter faces. Fing erR eader i s one of their projects. http://v imeo.co m/8 6912 300
  • Wearable Devices Bracelets FitBit F itbit makes it eas y to track activity, sync stats , s ee trends and r each g o a ls. Mof f Ever y thing you do. Ever ything you hold. Change into toys .
  • FitBit Makes it easy to track activity. NPD now says Fi tbi t has 77% of the market for full-body activity trackers despite potent competition from J awb one, Nikes F uelband http://ww w.f i tbit.c om/
  • Moff Everything you do. Everything you hold. Change into toys. When you wea r Mof f's wearable device on your wrist , it responds to interaction with your gestures. http://v imeo.co m/8 738 0174
  • Wearable Experiments Wearable Experiment s (We:eX) is a socially driven wearable technology company. Its mission is to bring together fas hion and technology with a func t io nal design aest hetic, and use creative problem solving to help us live well and have a better quality of life.
  • Wearable Experiments Aler t Shir t - In collaboration with FOX, We :eX designed a fan j er sey that uses wearable techn ology to take the experience into the physi c al wo r ld, allowi ng fans to feel w hat th e players feel live as it happ ens dur i ng the game http://wearable expe riments.com/aler t-shir t/
  • Wearable Experiments Navigate - Wear able E xperiments has collabo rated with THE UNLIMITED MAGAZINE to tel l th e stor y of how to NAVIGATE in New York City. "May The Jacke t Be You r Gu ide" is the f irst ever edito rial entirely dedicated to wearable techn ology. http://wearable expe riments.com/navigate/
  • Wearable Experiments F un dawear - A new inn ovation which keeps c ou ples connected even theyre apar t! Design ed for Du rex, F undawear allows personal touch to be trans fer red fr om a smar tphone app to a pa r tner anywhere in the world. http://wearab lee xperi ments .com/fundawear/
  • Studio XO St udio XO operates at the intersection of s ci ence, technology, fashion & mu sic. T hey devel op technologies & pr oducts that capture intimate physiological data, revealing emotional inter actions.
  • Studio XO VOL ANTIS - Th e f irst f lying dress for Lady Gaga. Is a remote- piloted h over vehicle capable o f c ar r ying a sing le passenger. It was designed by Stu dio XO and constr ucted by TechHaus, the Haus of Gaga's technology bran ch . https ://www. you tub e. com/watch?v=RjrhxNsxq60
  • The SubPac The most immersive sound experience you will ever have SubPac is a pate nt-pendi ng tactile audio technology it transfers low frequencies directly to your body and provi des you wi th a new physical dimension to the music experience. http://w ww.thesubpac .com /
  • SunSprite Personal Light Tracker F irst so lar -powe re d pe rsonal sun exposure tracker, SunSprite is your personal energy coach, sending you aler ts an d notif ic ati ons to keep you on track. http://w ww.sunsprite .com
  • vrAse Turn your smartphone into a huge 3D screen vrAse is a spe ci ally de signed case to enable you to wat ch movies, play games and experiment Augmen ted R ea lity. http://ww w.v rase.c om/
  • Wearable Devices Phenomenal cosmic powers itty bitty living space! We ar able devices are n ot matter of your perso nal intere st in visionar y a pplic a tions of nanotechnology or in more simple tra ining monitoring. T hey ar e par t of your life because they are empowering hum an ab ility a nd cha ngin g th e way you will approach our da ily a ctiv ity in the next future. Th ey ar e alr ead y on the stage: ever y device is showing its potential and tr ying to win over an ar med-and-ready g roup of competitors.
  • Wearable Devices PowerXtreme https ://ww w.yo utub e.co m/watch ?v=vOrAfR b1 -bQ
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