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  1. 1. What is a subscription box? New take on established concept Package of retail products sent to customers on a recurring basis Cater to a wide variety of niche consumers estimated 500 subscription box providers in U.S. Industries: Groceries and food Fashion, jewelry Makeup Petcare
  2. 2. What works Birchbox: - Launched in 2010 - $10 makeup sample boxes/month - 800,000 subscribers/month - $125 million in sales in 2014 - Company valued at $485 million in 2014 - Retail store in SoHo, NYC Source: Forbes ipsy - Founded in 2011 by Michelle Phan, YouTube celebrity - $10 glam bags/month - 1 million subscribers/month - $120 million in sales in 2014 Source: Entrepreneur
  3. 3. Customer benefits Discounts Access to unique products Flexibility tiers, frequency Professional expertise Convenience/minimal effort Element of surprise
  4. 4. The problem U.S.-based boxes dont ship to Canada, or Canadians must spend extra $10-15 on shipping U.S.-based boxes dont cater to Canadian trends Currently very few Canadian sub boxes Mostly groceries No jewelry or artsy boxes Canadian consumer scope is limited by geographical location Online shopping is not popular because shipping costs in Canada are very high
  5. 5. Wear Ive Been Jewelry, accessories, art prints Cater to Canadian consumer Young women (18-35) Approx. 4.8 million in Canada Diversity in trends Local artisans Travel boxes Ethically sourced
  6. 6. Key activities Consumer experience Key processes How it works
  7. 7. Personalization How it works (continued)
  8. 8. Costs and revenue Sourcing products Packaging supplies Packaging space Contract with Canada Post Website hosting Website maintenance Monthly subscription fees Advertising space in/on boxes
  9. 9. Challenges Novelty/resistance Scope Mass market vs. artisan Established brands Lack of direct choice Competition with online shopping
  10. 10. Next steps Pre-launch in January 2016: Get 250 pre-orders Set up online store Partnering with local designers/artisans First to market: decide price point, first pick of artisans, cater exclusively to Canadian consumers Startup cost $10k
  11. 11. Samaa Ahmed info@wearivebeen.com wearivebeen.com /wearivebeen