We gave it a try now our students love Sakai!

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We gave it a try now our students love Sakai! John Harper, Charles Sturt University

Transcript of We gave it a try now our students love Sakai!

  • We gave it a try now our students love Sakai!

    John Harper & Geoff Burrows

    School of Agricultural & Wine Sciences

    Charles Sturt University


  • Summary


    First Year subject Approx 50 students on campus & 100 DE studentsInteractAnnouncements Active engagement with studentsBlogs - IntroductionsWikis collaboration dictionary ; mnemonicsTest Centre Formative assessmentChat room chat with each other & lecturerForum & subforums questions; organisationResources Lectures; quizzes; past exams; links..Podcasts headsup!


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  • InteractAnnouncements Active engagement with students

    New resources

    hints on study

    Fun learning community

    Reach out and Touch somebody!


  • Blogs Introductions1% carrotI got to know the students better and they learned about each others aspirations and backgrounds and fears!Some study groups formed


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  • Wikis collaboration dictionary ; mnemonics

    Dictionary in our own words:

    Micropyle: Point where pollen tube enters ovary. Also, later becomes the opening where water taken into seed for germination

    A small hemeroid?


  • A joint project between Team Botany and students

    Unit 1

    Very Small Dogs Sniff Feet Vascular tissue, Sporophyte Dominant, Seed, Fruit

    Evolutionary leaps from mosses to angiosperms. Mnemonic- thanks to my mums dog Benji

    Kids Playing Chicken On Freeways Get Squashed:

    Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

    All Good Pterodactyls Like Broccoli: Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, Pteridophytes, Lycophytes, Bryophytes

    Botany Mnemonics


  • Test Centre Formative assessment


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  • Chat room chat with each other & lecturerForum & subforums questions; organisationNeeded to remind students that I wasnt waiting in the room for their questions!Organised times for chatting via chat room organiser subforumRequests for chats with me or others


  • Podcasts headsup!Resources Lectures; quizzes; past exams; links..
  • Verbal Directions

    Pod casts of past exam answers

  • Double Fertilisation


  • Double Fertilisation

  • 1. Label the diagram in the next slide

    2. List and explain the key steps involved in double fertilization and its outcomes. Starting point is the 2 nuclei (1 & 2 in the diagram on the next slide) approaching a structure that contains 8 nuclei.

    Note the two nuclei in 1 & 2 are different from those at the top of the diagram

    Double Fertilisation exam Question

  • Double Fertilsation explained


    After viewing the animation

    Try the exam question

  • Supermarket Botany!

    See: http://www.csu.edu.au/research/grahamcentre/education/

  • Just a pinch of this underground stem in your curry

  • What the students say.

    I felt part of a learning community

    I knew that my questions would be answered quickly

    I love the exam answer keys

    I put the verbal directions on my mobile..

    Ive discovered that learning can be fun!

  • In summary

    OK so Interact may be a bit clunky but it is lightyears ahead of the forum for enabling a learning community

    Im looking forward to Sakai 3!