We Are Marshall! Aiming Higher and Farther To Fulfill the Promise of A Better Future

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Transcript of We Are Marshall! Aiming Higher and Farther To Fulfill the Promise of A Better Future

  • We Are Marshall!Aiming Higher and Farther To Fulfill the Promise of A Better Future

  • VisionAiming for PerfectionA state of mind The AttitudeNot a destination Not about being perfect Aiming for Perfection is About:Becoming better and better Seeing and acting on opportunityValuing potential, empowering othersTaking risksApproach to realizing our future

  • PurposeChart Critical Directions & PrioritiesUnity, Clarity Valuing TimeIntentional and Adaptive PlanEffective StrategiesResourcesGoals Accomplished

  • ProcessGLOBAL/INCLUSIVE invites active participation by entire Marshall University Family DYNAMIC harnesses power & versatility of technology to reach all of Marshalls constituentsENGAGING enlists ideas and supportONGOING continuing active involvement toward actualizing our future

  • ProcessCyclic Strategic Planning and Budgeting Process: Schematic RepresentationStrategiesProgress IndicatorsTargeted OutcomesProcess

  • DomainsIntellectual Capital:Educational innovation expanding/ elevating intellectual resource base of state & regionDeveloping and maximizing human potentialDiscovery and Innovation:New Knowledge Creation peer evaluated scholarly activity leading to knowledge growth, new discoveries, creative breakthroughsBroad Continuum single investigator work to applied interdisciplinary research dedicated to entrepreneurial innovation

  • Community and Service:Engagement That MattersMeaningful involvement, improving communitiesFostering civic/social responsibilityDeepened understanding of self, place & contextEconomic Development:Enhance Research/Intellectual Property Creation & CommercializationCultivate Strategic Partnerships, Dynamic Alliances and CoalitionsDomains

  • Timeline


    Stage 1Input Stage 7-Year Strategic Vision11/17/05 12/19/05

    Stage 2Summation Stage 12/21/05 1/02/06

    Stage 3Review and Comment on Draft Plan 1/03/06 1/09/06

    Stage 4Finalization of Strategic Vision 1/10/06 1/12/06

    Stage 5Constituent Review 1/13/06 1/20/06

    Stage 6MU Board of Governors Presentation 1/25/06

    Stage 7Presentation to the Educational Committee of WV Legislature1/31/06

    Stage 8Commence 1-3 Year Action Plan Process Input stage to establish foremost goals for the 1st-phase of implementing Marshall Universitys Strategic Vision2/01/06 4/01/06

    Stage 9Priority Goal Setting Delineation of priority goals, strategies for accomplishing goals, progress indicators, measures/indices that define successful goal attainment and Budget Plan for accomplishing priority goals over a 1-to-3 year time horizon4/02/06 4/17/06

    Stage 10Action Plan Implementation University-wide alignment with plan goals, including budget allocations over the specified time horizon4/24/06

    OngoingProgress Updates and Celebrate Successes Ongoing updates to constituents on progress of goalsContinuing

  • Next Steps1-to-3-year Actions Plans Follow Vision ProcessAction Plans 2/06Focus on foremost priority goalsDelineate StrategiesDefine Progress IndicatorsEstablish Measures/BenchmarksPrepare and Approve Budget Plan required to accomplish goals

  • StrategicThemesImprovement - A commitment to becoming better and better in all that we do each day, seeing opportunities in the challenges of our daily work and life and acting on them..Investment - Strategic investments in what will matter most in terms of creating future opportunities, greater public value and success.Innovation/Inquiry - A multi-faceted, resourceful process predicated on an inquiring mind. It takes two basic forms: 1) discovering novel ways to improve existing processes and 2) pioneering inventiveness that creates greater value and supersedes existing endeavors.

  • StrategicThemesIntegration - An approach to systems thinking and practices that use multiple tools and strategies to discover new opportunities embedded within complex issues with the goal of advancing performance, productivity and new discoveries. Initiative - A concept empowering and mobilizing organized and systemic action to accomplish priority strategic goals. Involvement - A self-initiated and self-directed engagement leading to advances and development in personal, community and institutional growth. Inclusiveness - The provision of equal opportunity to achieve and succeed, fostering social and professional networking and shared success, while building a greater sense of community and citizenship.

  • SignatureInitiativesA comprehensive plan for revenue stabilization and enhancement Complete the necessary steps to establish a 4-year, ABET-accredited engineering school Develop and institute the Marshall Commitment Plan, pilot and launch the Marshall/West Virginia Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Academy

  • SignatureInitiativesFocus resources on advancing centers of excellence, including probable initiatives: Center for Human Environmental Genomics and ProteomicsCenter for Rehabilitative and Adaptive SciencesRahall Transportation Institute (RTI)Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary ResearchCenter for Water ResearchCenter for Environmental Research, Assessment and PolicyCenter for Innovative Education: Research, Policy and PedagogyNational Institute for Forensic Science and Criminology

  • SignatureInitiativesPilot the da Vinci Roundtable Project Renaissance Professor Program Advance economic development through the Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and other initiatives Develop new degree programs that increase enrollment and revenue Construct a health/wellness/recreation student center on the Huntington campus Develop a comprehensive plan and funding mechanism(s) to support the construction and renovation of priority facilities

  • Expected OutcomesWV Intellectual Infrastructure DevelopmentExpanded Knowledge Economy workforceHuman Capital ExpansionAdvanced Student Learning and Success Graduates educated for 21st Century Thinking and LearningHealthy communities that work, adapt and prosperCivically responsible, engaged citizenry

  • Where your ideas matter. http://www.marshall.edu/strategic/