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Gout – A disease to take seriously Issue No.33 (March 2008) Delivered to 18,000 homes throughout Hamilton’s western suburbs Gideon Stevens cools off in the Municipal Pool, Victoria St, during the Western Stars Holiday Programme NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165 Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

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  • West Hamilton PharmacyNewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

    Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

    Issue No.33 (March 2008) Delivered to 18,000 homes throughout Hamiltons western suburbs


    Gideon Stevens cools off in the Municipal Pool, Victoria St, during the Western Stars Holiday Programme

    What to do in a drought!

    Gout A disease to take seriouslyGout is a form of arthritis. The big toe is affected most but ankles, hands and knees also are

    involved. A gout attack usually comes on very quickly, often overnight, with extreme pain and swelling in the joint (acute gout). The skin over the joint can become red and shiny. Without treatment, the pain goes away usually in about a week. Left untreated, however, over time attacks can become more frequent and more severe. Eventually, permanent damage to the joints is likely, with painful disability. Untreated gout also can lead to kidney damage, and increasingly it is becoming clear that gout is linked with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes all of which are risks for cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke and angina). Gout is a condition that needs to be taken seriously, and not left untreated.

    What causes gout? The proteins in the food we eat are digested and broken-down to pro-duce a chemical called uric acid. If the body produces too much uric acid or, as is the case for most people with gout, the kidneys are unable to remove the chemical, blood levels of uric acid rise. Small crystals form in the joints and swelling and pain result. Gout attacks can be triggered by too much of certain foods and alcohol. Foods rich in purines (which break-down to form uric acid) are the bad guys. If you have experienced gout pain, or know you have high blood levels of uric acid, cut-down on, or avoid, eating foods such as offal (liver, kidney, tripe, sweetbreads and tongue), large quantities of red meat, shellfish (mussels, oysters, pipis, paua, kina), and large amounts of legumes (peas, beans and lentils). Drinking lots of alcohol, especially beer, also can bring-on gout so it is best to cut right down and instead drink plenty of water.

    Some medicines, eg certain ones for treating high blood pressure and fluid build-up, can trigger gout. Your Self Care pharmacist will help you with advice and information about gout

    and medicines. Being overweight also can bring-on gout attacks so talk with your Self Care pharmacist about ways to lose weight, and have a look at the Weight Loss Self Care fact card.

    The pain of an acute attack can be relieved with medicines such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These should be started at the first sign of pain. A different type of medicine, called allopurinol, is used to prevent gout long-term by reducing the levels of uric acid in the blood. It needs to be taken all the time, on a long-term basis, even if you have no gout symp-toms at the time. Starting on preventative gout medicines should not occur until after an acute attack has passed, and often during the early stages of preventative therapy it is necessary to continue taking a reliever medicine to stop an acute attack coming on.

    With gout, prevention really is better than trying to cure it. Preventing the build-up of uric acid means controlling weight, blood lipid (cholesterol) levels (see the Reducing Your Cho-lesterol fact card), blood pressure (the High Blood Pressure fact card has useful information) and blood glucose levels (see the Type 2 Diabetes card). If you only treat the acute attacks, rather than trying to control the underlying problem, kidney damage and cardiovascular dis-ease increasingly are likely. So, dont dismiss that bad pain in your big toe, or any other joint for that matter. Talk with your Self Care pharmacist, or your doctor, about pain relief, and about what you can do to prevent further attacks. Probably, it will mean using gout preventative medicines to reduce high uric acid levels, as well as making changes to your lifestyle and diet. Ask the pharmacist for a Gout Self Care fact card to take home as a reminder of what you need to know and be doing.

  • Western Community News - February 2008

    Hello I am Anita Ram, Western Community Centres Receptionist.

    I am a mother of two children, Nathan and Zara and first worked at the Western Commu-nity Centre in 2006, as a volunteer at the Helping Hands Store in Grand-view Road.

    In 2007, I started work-ing as a volunteer on the Western Stars Holiday Programme, as well as relieving as receptionist.

    From August 2007, I began working full time as relief receptionist, and was then offered the full time permanent position, which I accepted.

    I find it interesting to meet a wide variety of people, from dif-ferent cultures and background and learn-ing how a Community Centre is run.

    I am the first person people see when

    you come through the Centres front door, so I am often the one that helps direct you to the people they need to see.

    So come in and see me, and I will try my best to help you!

    The first face for the community...

    Imagine bouncy castles, go-karts, a dunking machine, face painting, fruit kebabs, candyfloss, free sausages and children everywhere. How much fun would that be? You dont need to just imagine it, because on the afternoon of Sunday 2 March that is what is happen-ing down at Elliott Park, Hyde Avenue as part of the National celebration of Childrens day 2008.

    The Western Community Centre, Hamilton City Council and The Salva-tion Army are partnering together to head up the Hamilton West Childrens Day event for this year.

    Last years event was great and we know that this years event will be even

    better. The theme is new experiences and there are going to be a variety of ac-tivities that will give children a chance to try something new.

    There will be some awesome activi-ties on the day including sing star and colouring competitions, spot prizes and much more. For more information contact the Western Community Centre 847 4873.

    The event kicks off at 2.00 pm and runs through until 6.00 pm. If youre planning on coming down, dont for-get to slip, slop, slap, and wrap. Were looking forward to seeing you there and celebrating the gift that children are to our families and our community.

    Come on down to Elliott Park

    Bring on the Ethnic Olympics!

    In a follow-on from the highly-suc-cessful annual Ethnic Soccer festival, the west is hosting the inaugural Ethnic Volleyball Tournament, at the Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Church Rd, Pukete, on Saturday March 29th.

    Volleyball is a sport played widely in many of the countries that Hamiltons ethnic communities originally hail from, and is already proving popular locally at a social, competitive and school level with people from all ages and back-grounds.

    Planning to enter already are Cook Island, Brazilian, Samoan, Filipino and Japanese teams, from Hamilton and Auckland, with further enquiries received from Chinese, Cambodian,

    South African, Zimbabwean, Maori and even pakeha & Aussie groups!

    The tournament will cater for both competitive and social players, splitting into two grades after some early grad-ing games. There is a $90 team entry fee, with heaps of prizes and games guaranteed.

    Organisers plan for the the event to be run annually, and for it to be seen as an important activtiy on the regions cultural calendar.

    For more information & to make en-tries, contact Dave on 021-477 388, email volleyballwaikato@xtra.co.nz, or go to the website: www.volleyballwaika-to.org.nz (Ethnic Tournament page).

  • Western Community News - February 2008

    Youth Health! Youth Direction! Youth Voice!HEY WHANAU! Memba us? Te Ahurei a

    Rangatahi WATT! Kicking it wif the Western Community!uppz

    Were ready to roll owt dis yeartoru wha !so f ur keen 2 kme kick it with us learn new skills, join SYNERGY leadership krew or the AHUREI PHAT KREW or com-plete your community hours, or mayb evn sus owt wrk experience? HOLLA@US!

    Whats Up and Coming? Camp 2008! Tues 15th Wed 16th Thurs 17th April 2008Rdy 2 kme owt of ur cmft ZoNe? Keen 2have fun and learn new things? Holla@US!

    STUDIO! Keen to dance but kant fnd a pl 2? Kme check our pl owt!WATT!

    2 HOLLA@ Te Ahurei a Ran-gatahi krew or 4 more information on youth services, events or educa-tions

    46 Barton Street up the stairs or PO BOX 628 Hamilton Central

    PH:8383013 FX:8383015 BEBO:www.bebo.com\teahurei


    They call themselves NZs super musical group for kids! Formed in 2003, The Funky Monkeys have been dedicated to providing the highest quality live musical entertainment to chil-dren everywhere.

    The group performed shows to over 350,000 people last year alone, have music videos airing on all major NZ television networks and had a televised performance at the Auckland Coca Cola Christmas in the Park.

    With an increase in demand for The Funky Mon-keys to put out new material and perform at events throughout New Zealand this has meant Neil, Joe and Chris have had to leave their day jobs.

    Neil Tolan who is known as Neil Monkey in the group has spent the last 14 years working with youth and children throughout Hamilton west area with a number of organisations, schools and community groups. His current role has been with the Hamilton City Council as a Youth Advisor based at The Western Community Centre work-ing on many projects including this paper, holiday programmes, activities, events as well as organising the popular Treats in the Park event.