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  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 1 Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation Marilyn Wilson Founding Partner May 6, 2014 www.wavgroup.com
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 2 Table of Contents Video Marketing Becoming Mainstream .............. 3 Did you know? ....................................................... 4 Consumers EAT UP Real Estate Videos .................... 7 Why does Video Help you Build Traffic to your Website? ................................................................ 9 Make them Easy to Find ....................................... 13 Improve the Value of your eLeads Program .......... 14 EASY to Produce Automatically ............................ 14 Case Study Century 21 Hometown - Successful Video Marketing in Action .................................... 15 What to look for when choosing a Video Marketing Partner: ................................................................ 19 For More Information: ......................................... 20 About WAV Group ............................................... 21
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 3 Video Marketing Becoming Mainstream With all the tools at your disposable in marketing, what should you use to stand out from the competition? Staying ahead of the curve allows you to maximize your marketing ROI and attract new clients. We are all looking for the secret sauce the way to differentiate our business from the pack and gain a strong leadership position that none of our competitors will ever be able to match. While we can dream, we can never realize this goal unless we continually look for ways to re-invent our business. To be a star in real estate, we always need to be evolving to stay ahead of the competition. If we simply rely on using the same tools and processes we always have used in the past, our chances of becoming a star are pretty limited. If you take nothing else away from this paper, learn from one of the greatest life coaches of all Stephen Covey. He says, Whatever you focus on you will get. If we simply focus on the day-to-day issues and never step back and look for big leaps of innovation and breakthrough thinking, our business will never change. In fact, it will probably continue to weaken over time. So, if you want to grow your business and improve your position in the market in 2014 you should read on. This paper outlines a simple, but extremely important trend you must address in your business if you are going to be successful over the long run. You must tap into a very important consumer behavior that grows exponentially every year watching videos. Its so simple, yet so foreign to many in the real estate business. It's time to start engaging and captivating your audience with video - they are waiting for it. Here are a few important stats that demonstrate the importance of video and its role in your marketing plan.
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 4 According to an article published on Digiday, the authority on digital media, marketing and advertising, video is becoming ubiquitous as a business-marketing tool. Video is Ubiquitous More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billion hours watching videos (YouTube). According to A.C. Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Did you know? Today 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos (ComScore). Thats nearly 1 in 3 people in the United States.
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 5 Globally, online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. (Cisco) Video is taking over the Internet Globally, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016. (Cisco) Still an Opportunity to Own it, but not for Long! Only about 24% of national brands are using online video to market to consumers (Kantar Media). Ironically, NAR stats suggest 1 in 4 listings includes a virtual tour or video today, yet real estate is one of the most visually appealing businesses. Consumers cannot get enough of a depth of photos and videos that highlight all of the beauty and key features of a property. 76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration (Social Media Examiner). Online video production will account for more than 1/3 of all online advertising spending within the next 5 years. (Borrell Associates) Video is Mobile Too 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks (Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report). Video has to Load Instantly or Else Consumers give up on an online video if it doesnt load in 2 seconds (University of Massachusetts Amherst and Akamai Technologies).
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 6 Video Gets Shared. a LOT! 92% percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others (Invodo). Users sharing video on retail and brand sites chose Facebook 46% of the time, with email accounting for 40% and Twitter capturing 14% of shares. (Invodo) Videos Drive Engagement 52% of consumers say watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo) Mobile and tablet shoppers are 3 times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users. (NPD) Mobile video ads that include social media buttons drive 36% higher engagement (Rhythm NewMedia). According to NAR, 73% of sellers say they would list with a real estate agent who incorporates video to market their listing.
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 7 Consumers EAT UP Real Estate Videos Real estate consumers are hungry for rich information about properties they may be interested in. Thats why there are over 100 million visitors looking at properties every month. Consumers also use video to learn about neighborhoods, market performance and even staging tips. According to The Digital House Hunt study published jointly by Google and the National Association of REALTORS, consumers use video to learn about communities, tour the inside of homes and review customer testimonials. The same study shows brokerage websites and listing aggregator websites are strong places for consumers to view videos in addition to YouTube. From first sight until purchase, real estate is a visual experience for the consumer. Video is the tool that combines visuals and information. You can even ask consumers to generate their own videos and share them with you. You could ask them to share videos from their favorite festival, parade, or restaurant. Consumers can also contribute videos in their neighborhood, favorite hiking trail, beach or sunset.
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 8 In the graph above you see the affect video has on the way consumers do research real estate. YouTube, brokerage websites and Google videos are used regularly now to learn more about real estate. Do all of these charts and stats help you understand why I believe video is important in real estate today? In a word, video makes every element of your online marketing mix more effective. If you have not been taking video marketing seriously in your business you cannot avoid it any longer. Video is not a fad and its time for it to have a larger role in your marketing strategy. The bottom line Video is engaging. In fact, viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. (Source: MarketingSherpa) We live in a video-centric world today. Thats why companies like YouTube, Instagram and Vine are so successful.
  • Video Marketing The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation 9 Why does Video Help you Build Traffic to your Website? In simple terms, video is great for getting and keeping traffic on your site. Not only does video engage users, but search engines see it as rich content! This means video will help your site get better exposure and more likely to be viewed by more potential clients. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, all have varying formulas to determine which sites show up at the top of search. They are looking to provide the best consumer experience possible with every search. Video can help increase this user experience. Video also helps increase the amount of time a consumer will spend on your site since they are viewing videos. There are additional steps you can take to ensure that any of your video efforts pay off fully. First, ranking in todays search engine requires regular management and focus. Its critical to find partners that will provide you with the systems that allow you to create attractive and engaging video content automatically. Second, its crucial you find programs that help you maximize your video investment to build traffic and engagement with your website, blog, mobile sites and social media. Third, finding ways to leverage the traffic generated to your listings from inside the MLS and to generate traffic to your website thus capturing the leads from your listings can also help make your video content investment be much more effective. Own Your