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Peer edit power point for Computer technologies.

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  • 1. By: Amy DouglasMr. LeCountEmerging Technologies hour.7 31 October, 2011

2. Definition and Thesis Pollution is the presence or introduction of asubstance or thing that has harmful or poisonouseffects. People need to be more aware of how their actionsaffect oceans, lakes, and rivers, so that we have cleandrinking water. 3. Taking care of water. We need to take care of what water we have 4. Infographic 1 5. Surviving on water. Living organisms need water to survive. 6. Pesticides Pesticides used on crops can pollute water too. 7. Littering Some animals may mistake trash as food 8. Infographic 2 9. Fishing Fish hooks left behind by fishermen can harm us as well as animals. 10. Oil spills Oil spills can cause long term damage to beaches, ocean water, and animals. 11. Infographic 3 12. Silt and Sediment Silt and sediment wash into the ocean constantly. 13. Ways to help Pollution is everywhere, here are some ways you can help.