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Transcript of Water - Clearer an Mud - Explore Acrylic Painting · PDF file Water - Clearer !an Mud acrylic...

  • Water - Clearer !an Mud acrylic painting workshop with Mark Waller

    Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2013 2 day workshop for adults - $290 Tudor House Prep School 6480 Illawarra Highway  Moss Vale NSW 2577

    all skill levels welcome 10am - 4.00pm with an hour for lunch tea and coffee provided

    Day 1

    Overview of the principles of water. Learn how the elements of water interact. Discover how changing the elements transforms the appearance of water. Exercises - investigate the techniques to create a magical illusion of water.

    Day 2

    We’ll explore all of these concepts & techniques, and create a light-filled p a i n t i n g t h a t s h ow s differing depths of water, clarity and movement.

    Materials Needed

    Paint/Mediums: Atelier Interactive colours (or whatever brand you use, similar colours) Titanium White Alizarin Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Yellow Medium Pthalo Blue French Ultramarine Blue Dioxazine Purple Burnt Umber Forest Green Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula Atelier Interactive Fast Medium/Fixer

    Brushes: Chisels (flats) x 5 - various sizes eg 2, 6, 8, 10 etc, and one large flat brush approx 5cm across.

    Canvas: Pre-primed canvas board or stretched x 4, approximately 350mm x 450mm.

    Palette: Your own (large) palette.

    Easel: Your own tabletop or freestanding robust easel.


    Water - Clearer !an Mud

    Discover how breaking down the appearance of water into just four elements can change the way you see water, and paint water, forever.

    e: frankiesharman@bigpond.com or mark@markwaller.com.au

    http://www.explore-acrylic-painting.com/workshops.html http://www.explore-acrylic-painting.com/workshops.html mailto:frankiesharman@bigpond.com mailto:frankiesharman@bigpond.com mailto:mark@markwaller.com.au mailto:mark@markwaller.com.au