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Transcript of WARRIOR SCBA Brochure

  • Sperian Respiratory Protection USA, LLC 3001 South Susan StreetSanta Ana, CA 92704 P: 800.821.7236 F: 800.201.4407 www.sperianprotection.com




    Based on your experience.Built for your world.

    > > >

    At Sperian Fire, the most important thing we put into our products is you. By incorporating the input of professionalfirefighters into our designs, we are able to turn your experience into newproduct solutions.

    We invite you to join the Sperian FireFeedback Battalionthe first online advisory panel created for fire professionalsand first responders. The Feedback Battalion gives you a direct channel toshare your views on fire safety issues,products, and trends. Working together wecan ensure ongoing improvements in theequipment and programs you depend on. Visit www.feedbackbattalion.com/join and join today.

    Sperian Fire is here.And listening to you.

  • The Warrior is a new type of SCBA, based on proven technologies and updated with features suggested by firefighters themselves. We recruited teams of experienced professional firefighters and placed them at the center of the design process.

    Now its here. Completely redesigned, the Warrior

    SCBA incorporates proven technology and input from advisory teams of firefighters from large and small departments across North America.

    The result is an SCBA unlike any you have experienced before. Comfortable, reliable, easy to useand field-tested tough. The Warrior moves and works theway firefighters need it towith them, not against themin the most adverse conditions. Experience the Warrior difference for yourself.

    NFPA 2007 compliant.

    Developed with firefighters.A difference you can rely on.

    Survivair is now Sperian Fire. Our name is new, but ourcommitment to quality and innovation is 47 years strong.

    Redesigned and rigorously tested to meet or exceed national standards.

    Immersion Leakage Test. The Warrior combines several high-tech sealing methods and space-age engineered ther-moplastics to create SCBA electronicshousings designed to withstand the severe conditions of the Immersion Leak-age Test, as well as the 500F High Tem-perature Test for PASS devices in NFPA 1982.

    CBRN Certification. The Warrior has beendesigned from the ground up to meet theCBRN certification requirements. This in-cludes utilization of special materials and seals that create a barrier to the liveagents (mustard and Sarin) used in CBRNcertification testing.

    Tumble Test. The completely new IntelliPASS PASS device uses state-of-the-art materials and shock-protected electronics that withstand repeated blows as simulated in the Tumble Test.

    Sperian Fire has a wide variety of cylinder options to suit your departments requirements. Sperian offers four designs for our carbon fiber cylindersStandard, Flame, Maltese Cross and the

    Warrior design. Sperian Fires carbon fiber material reduces cylinder weight by2 to 10 lbs when compared to fiberglass-wrapped and aluminum cylinders.

    Both the Sperian Fire CN/CS/WMD andAPR Adapters provide respiratory protec-tion to the user without having to changefacepieces. Both adapters attach to theTwentyTwenty Plus facepiece in a matterof seconds and provide firefighters withthe versatility of using the SCBA facepieceas an APR facepiece. NIOSH certified for use in CN/CS

    environments and usable againstchemical warfare agents

    APR Adapter ideal for overhaul and non-IDLH environments

    CN/CS/WMD Adapter960150 CN/CS/WMD Adapter168800 CN/CS w/P100 Canister

    APR Adapter962900 APR Adapter105810 Multi-Contaminant Cartridge

    with P100 Filter (box of 4)105005 P100 Filter (box of 10)

    Spectacle kits allow anyone who usesa full facepiece respirator to use pre-scription eyeglasses inside the face-piece without compromising the seal.Sperian Fire offers two solutions.

    962260 StandardOffers traditionalmetal framed eyeglasses thatfit inside the Twenty Twenty

    Plus facepiece 964044 NexSpexOffers a plastic

    frame that can be removedfrom the TwentyTwenty Plusfacepiece and attached to theusers head with elastic straps

    The Warriors Buddy Breather offersthe user the ability to share air with abuddy without having to disconnectthe second stage regulator. It utilizesa two-step, push-pull, female quick-disconnect fitting designed to preventaccidental release. A dual fitting on a37-inch hose allows firefighters to sharetheir air without regulator disconnection.

    x975556 Buddy Breather, Over-the-Shoulder (Dual Fitting)

    x975625 Buddy Breather Pouch (requires installed P/N975556)

    Provides an extra measure of upper harness security for those who prefer it.

    x975460 Chest Strapx975462 Chest Strap Shoulder Strap

    Attachment Rings Only (without Chest Strap)

    Convenient D-rings located on thewaist strap at either side of the user.These D-rings can be used to carrytools, ropes or other equipment a firefighter might need and are pulltested to over 1,000 lbs of pull forcewith no deformation.

    x975465R Utility D-ring, Rightx975465L Utility D-ring, Left

    A portable RIT Kit can hold everythingyour rapid intervention team needs for rescue in a rugged, compact, easy-to-carry package. Theres roomfor a 60-minute cylinder, an integratedflashlight holder, and 10 ft of intermediate pressure hose with female/male and RIC/UAC fittings to connect to a downed firefighters pneumatics. An integrated ropepouch accommodates up to 150 ft of8mm rope. The bag is made from ballistic nylon with Kevlar seamsand straps for added strength.

    The RIT Kit includes a 10-ft intermedi-ate pressure hose with a double shutoff male fitting and an older-stylefemale and double male adapter,plus a 10-ft high pressure fill hose for the RIC UAC fitting.

    968970 Universal UAC RIT Kit, blackbag (includes bag, pneumaticsand Pelican flashlight; no cylinder or rope) for 2007-compliant Warriors

    968922 Same as 968970, but withorange bag

    964619 Optional Tool Pouch964618 Spare Pelican Flashlight

    Cylinder Availability Matrix


    4500 PSIG 3000 PSIG 2216 PSIG30 Min 45 Min 45 Min (short) 60 Min 30 Min 30 Min

    Sperian Standard

    Flames Optional

    Maltese Cross Optional

    Warrior Band Optional


    4500 PSIG 3000 PSIG 2216 PSIG30 Min 45 Min 45 Min (short) 60 Min 30 Min 30 Min


    White with Sperian Logo

    Hoop-Wrapped Fiberglass

    4500 PSIG 3000 PSIG 2216 PSIG30 Min 45 Min 45 Min (short) 60 Min 30 Min 30 Min

    Sperian Standard

    Available Not available

    Cylinder options. CN/CS/WMD Adapter and APR Adapter.

    Spectacle (Vision) Kits.

    Chest Strap. Rapid Intervention Team Kit.

    Buddy Breather.

    Utility D-rings.

  • Firefighters spoke. We listened.

    1. 100% said the SCBAs weight should beevenly balanced to reduce fatigue andinjury. The Warrior SCBA places up to60% less pressure on your shoulders andlower back with the AirPod backpack.

    2. 98% said the SCBA should be free of snag points and protrusions. All pneumatics and electronics have beenintegrated into the AirPod backpack, removing dangerous snag points and protrusions.

    3. 97% said the SCBA should emphasize comfort and functionality.Warrior delivers up to 35% greater mobility with the new patent-pendingMaxxMotion swivel and pivot mechanism.

    4. 92% said it should be quick and easy to change a cylinder. 35 seconds is all it takes to change the cylinder with SpeedChange.

    5. 97% said the battery status indicatorshould operate even if the SCBA is not powered up. Two battery status indicators, one on the front and one onthe back, are active when the unit is not powered up.

  • Standing, bending, crawling or climbing,the Warrior SCBA moves with you, notagainst you. The sleek integrated designeliminates bulky protrusions that restrictmovement and act as snag points. Theunique MaxxMotion swivel and pivotmechanism ensures that the Warriormoves the way you need to move in themost demanding of circumstances.

    To keep your team connected, Warrior offers a choice of two best-in-class communication options.

    1. The CommCommand Voice Amplification System (VAS) offersclear, distortion-free, local vicinity communication with push-to-talk or hands-free modes.

    2. The CommCommand Wireless RadioCommunication System (RCS) utilizesa digital spread spectrum that scrambles voice data 14,000 times per second for crystal-clear radiocommunication. The lapel microphonewith built-in speaker can be used independently or with the RCS in amatter of seconds for an integratedcommunications solution.

    Smoke, darkness and glare challengeyour vision. Warriors TwentyTwenty

    Plus CBRN facepiece delivers an unobstructed view and unparalleled peripheral vision. The optically correct, scratch-resistant polycarbonatelens with permanent anti-fog coating offers superior vision under the worstconditions. Lasting comfort is built inwith a seal of soft, pliable butyl rubberdesigned to easily and comfortably fitmost facial configurations.

    New levels of integration, simplicity, comfort and mobility.

    Superior mobility.

    Enhanced communications.

    Optimized vision.

  • Integrated electronics.

    The Warrior SCBA integrates simplicityinto its sophisticated electronic and safetysystems. All of the Warriors electronicsLED HUD, IntelliPASS, visual low air in-dicator, battery status indicator andoptional Sperian Pathfinder firefighterlocating systemare powered from acentral power source utilizing four Calkaline batteries. Warrior offers audibleand visual alarms on the front and backof the SCBA. The IntelliPASS alarms emita sound pressure level of at least 95 dBAand are tested to temperatures as highas 50