Warmest Wishes for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 2017. 12. 4.¢  Warmest Wishes for...

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Transcript of Warmest Wishes for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 2017. 12. 4.¢  Warmest Wishes for...

  • DECEMBER 2017 1385 Sherwood Mills Blvd, Mississauga, On. L5V 2B8 905-812-8265 Principal: Ms. M. Patterson Vice-Principal: Ms. T. Lai Thom Office –Manager: Ms. V. Kenna Superintendent: Mr. J. Robertson Trustee: Mr. R. Crocker

    Important Dates to Remember Dec 1—Dec 20 Salvation Army Food Drive

    Dec 6th First PIZZA Day

    Dec 4—8 th Hour of Code Week

    Dec 14-18th School wide Dental Screening

    Dec 15th – School Council Appreciation Breakfast

    Dec 20th - Arts Performance Tribal Visions

    Dec 21st - Gr. 5 Character Assembly—Caring

    Dec 22nd - Spirit Day—Wear Red and Green

    Dec 25-Jan 7 Winter Break

    A Note from Administration: A big Thank You to our families who joined us for our Math Night on November 23rd. We hope that parents who attended went away with a better idea of how we teach mental math/math talks at school and also took away some ideas of how to help their students at home. We have an exciting week coming up. December 4th to 10th is the 'Hour of Code' week this year. This is a grassroots initiative that aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way. Teachers will be introducing coding activities to their students. In addition to this, we have had a very suc- cessful and well attended Coding Club every Monday during Energy Breaks. We also recently sent home information to parents regarding HATCH. This is a company who will come into our school to offer more stu- dents an opportunity to learn coding over a period of 8 weeks, for a small price. Sherwood Mills PS is hosting a Salvation Army Food drive this December (1-20). We are asking students to please bring in non-perishable items to donate to needy families in our area. Many thanks for all your support, Mrs. M. Patterson, Principal and Ms. T. Lai Thom, Vice Principal

    Warmest Wishes for Happy Holidays and a

    Happy New Year!

    http://www.sharefaith.com/image/holiday-colors-snowflakes.html http://www.sharefaith.com/image/holiday-colors-snowflakes.html

  • Sherwood Mills will be running their annual Food Drive again this year. All donations

    will be picked up by the Salvation Army. The dates we will be running this year are Friday December 1 - Wednesday December 20. There will be a Christmas tree in the front foyer with boxes underneath. Students are invited to bring all dona- tions to the front foyer as they bring them in as packing will be done throughout the food drive. Some examples of non-perishable things to bring are - cans, baby food jars, pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, etc.

    DEC 2017

    Bits and "Bytes" from the Ocean Floor & News From the Shark Tank for November

    Congratulations to the Tiger Sharks who captured the Grade One Ship Shore Intramural this month. Grade

    One classes participated in Ship Shore during the Energy Breaks. The Hammerhead Sharks were second and

    the long-tailed Thresher Sharks came in third place.

    Our school this year had 314 students participate in the annual Guinness Book of World Records Cup Stack-

    ing challenge on November 9th. There were 2,400 schools worldwide participated only to come up short in the

    quest to break the record of 622,809 people set last year. In the end of a fun filled day of building castles and

    relay races, the number of people to participate this year was 578,704. Way to go Cup Stacking Sharks!!

    Fitness Friends has now begun. Students at Sherwood Mills are paired up to meet once a week

    in the Ocean Floor to play games and activities. A fun time will be had by the children.

    In December, the Grade 4 Badminton Club will begin in the Shark Tank gymnasium. Several times per week,

    the grade 4 classes will be invited to the Shark Tank gymnasium during an energy break to play badmin-

    ton. This club provides an opportunity for students to have fun while building positive relationships with their


    Mr. K.Shepherd & Mr. A. Hawkins

  • The Sherwood Mills Cross Country Running Team and coaches (Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Hawkins)

    attended a competition at Edenrose Public School on Friday November 3, 2017. Thirty-four run-

    ners represented Sherwood Mills Public School at the competition. Our runners performed ex-

    tremely well, and more importantly, they had a lot of fun.

    Three of our students finished in 2 nd

    place. Congratulations to: Sarah 5A, Emele 5B Zuhair 5A,

    Seyva 5B, Harish 5B, Ciera 5C , Sunny 5B, Telaijah 5C, Ellie 4/5, Hammad 4/5, Emily 4C, Adonis

    4A , Jailyn 4C, Ayman 4A , Sarah 4C , Kaiwei 4C, Altynai ¾ , Yossef 4C , Maggie 4/5 Asma 4/5,

    Aydan ¾ , Zoe 2A , Advik 2A, Morsal 2C,, Sahil 2A , Jahliyah 2C , Danial 2B, Eshal 2D, Kizuri 2B,

    Rahaf 2D, Tiger 2D, Kaavya ½ , Harry ½ .


    1. Storybook Title Page Creations (Media activity, to be used in our upcoming classroom storybook) - > https://imgur.com/a/Bubuv#fNpEKdR

    2. Science Dioramas (Plants/Soils for Grade 3, Rocks/Minerals for Grade 4) slideshow -> https:// video214.com/play/y1nf3Mqp0NCW0rbIe58lwg/s/dark

    3. Making Connections (Language) Co-Created Padlet -> https://padlet.com/markgiraldi/dragonboy

    4. Elements of a Narrative (Language) assignments - https://padlet.com/7544761/ykhmpl8h9hk2 (Romaisa)

    - https://padlet.com/Vincy/fygbmhvpdv78 (Vincy)

    - https://padlet.com/757470/ht15kz7ca600 (Rayaan) LOOK AT SOME OF Mr. Giraldi’s students’work by Clicking on the links….

    https://imgur.com/a/Bubuv#fNpEKdR https://video214.com/play/y1nf3Mqp0NCW0rbIe58lwg/s/dark https://video214.com/play/y1nf3Mqp0NCW0rbIe58lwg/s/dark https://padlet.com/markgiraldi/dragonboy https://padlet.com/7544761/ykhmpl8h9hk2 https://padlet.com/Vincy/fygbmhvpdv78 https://padlet.com/757470/ht15kz7ca600

  • DEC 2017

    Volunteer Criminal Record Checks to cost $33 as of January 1, 2018

    Peel Regional Police have advised us that, as of January 1, 2018, Criminal Record Checks – Vulnerable Sector Check for adults, including those for volunteers, will cost $33; students and seniors will remain at the current cost of $25. Processing of CRCs for volunteers is free until the end of December 2017, with Form A provided by the school.

    CRC application forms are available in the lobby of Peel Regional Police Headquarters, and at the Square One Community Station, or online by accessing the link on the Peel Regional Police website: https:// www.peelpolice.ca/en/services/vulnerablesectorcheck.asp.

    Follow us on Social Media Social media is the easiest and fastest way to stay connected to the amazing things happening in the Peel District School Board.

    Follow @Peelschools on Twitter to:

    learn about our schools and programs find out if buses are cancelled during bad weather share the Peel smile

    Follow @Peelschools on Instagram where we share motivational and inspirational #PeelProud moments.

    Follow Peel schools on Facebook at www.facebook.com/


    Our school is on social media too!

    Follow us on Twitter @Sherwoodmillsps

    https://www.peelpolice.ca/en/services/vulnerablesectorcheck.asp https://www.peelpolice.ca/en/services/vulnerablesectorcheck.asp

  • DEC 2017

    Help your family stay warm this winter Canada Safety Council recommends the following tips for staying com- fortable and preventing hypothermia when working or playing outdoors:

     Wear a warm hat—most body heat is lost through the head. Children should keep an extra hat at school.

     Wear layered clothing. Layers allow warm air to stay trapped around the body.

     Protect your feet and hands. Wear loose waterproof boots. If the boots have liners, carry an extra pair to replace damp ones or take an extra pair of socks. Invest in thick socks to keep your feet warm. Mittens are warmer than gloves. Carry an extra pair of mittens to school, on outings, etc.

     Prevent dehydration and exhaustion, which can lead to hypothermia. Drink plenty of fluids and pace yourself when doing vigorous activi- ties.

     Stay fit by exercising and eating well—people who are fit are less susceptible to hypothermia.  If you stay indoors, avoid moving from a hot environment to a cold one. Excessive sweating caused from an ex-

    treme change in temperature increases the risk of developing hypothermia.

    Train More. Rehearse More. Learn More. Peel District School Board program offers flexible school options for

    student athletes, artists Does your child/teen have an intense sports or arts training and competition schedule that makes it difficult to attend school regularly? The Peel District School Board’s Peel Region High Performers Program will offer flexible timetabling to accommodate student athletes and artists with demanding practice, competition, re- hearsal and/or performance schedules.

    The Peel Region High Performers Program is available to students in grades 4 to 12 at Britan- nia Public School, Dolphin Senior Public School and Mississauga Secondary School.

    Applications close Jan. 12, 2018

    For more information and applications, visit www.peelschools.org/HighPerformers.


  • Winter bus safety The following winter school bus safety tips will help to keep your child safe throughout the winter months.