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2012-2014 InnerSea Discoveries/American Safari Cruises Hawii and Mexico Un-Cruise Adventuresa

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  • Mexicos Sea of Corts & Hawaiian Islands November 2012 April 2014 Un-Cruise InnerSea Discoveries American Safari Cruises
  • Un-Cruise Adventures Why Un-Cruise? 3 Far from Ordinary Uncommon Adventures 4 Destinations 5 Mexicos Sea of Corts L Bajas Bounty 6-7 Hawaiian Islands L Hawaiian Seascapes 8-9 A AdventureBound Hawaii 10-11 Un-Cruise Fleet L Safari Endeavour 12 L Safari Explorer 13 A Wilderness Explorer 14 Reservation Information 15 2 | Un-Cruise
  • WhyUn-Cruise?Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable. Showcasing the very best of the places we explore, our signature Un-Cruise Adventures are built on flexibility. Whether you cruise the warm waters of Mexicos Sea of Corts or among the sun-drenched Hawaiian Islands, our sleek nimble boats carry 36, 76 or86 like-minded travelerspunctuating each voyage with exclusiveencounters and providing extraordinary access along the way.Travelers today are looking for exceptional experiences, and atInnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises, you can expectto find them. You could be hiking to an amazing vista one minute andpaddling or snorkeling in a fish sanctuary the next. But if you wouldrather grab a cup of coffee and sit on the bridge trading stories withthe Captain, you will enjoy those moments too. With any choice,yours will be a personal and close up adventure.Our small group size ensures the quality of your experience, allowingthe Captain to maximize wildlife viewing and other opportunitiesas they spontaneously arise, and ashore, local guides and residentsoffer the gift of friendship along with their knowledge in moreintimate settings. And throughout, weve set aside time for playkayaking, hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, exploring by skiffandto simply bask in your surroundings. Its all designed to make yourtime with us as engaging, active, and varied as you like, whateveryour preference. Un-Cruise Adventures. Unmatched hands-on explorations and up-close encounters. Make your moments with an Un-Cruise! Unrivaled. | 3
  • Far From Ordinary Uncommon Adventures Our one-of-a-kind, life-changing, memory-making Un-Cruise Adventures are far from ordinary, and weve designed them to carry you outside of ho-hum tourist ports. To be inspiring. And change the way you see the worldwildlife in their natural environment, unique cultural encounters, moments to meld with nature, and engagement in active adventure. Weve created two styles of warm water Un-Cruise Adventures: Active and Luxury. Both choices feature kayaks, hikes, and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs); underwater bow cameras and hydrophones; quality service; hand-crafted meals enhanced with local flavors; yoga classes led by onboard wellness instructors; and an experienced team of Expedition Leaders and Guides to provide instruction and narration along the way. Depending on which style you choose and which boat youre on, the amenities and services included are exceptional, yet different. A Active Adventures L Luxury Adventures Come play. Delivered from aboard our Wilderness expedition boats, The luxury of experienceand as connoisseurs, its something we our Active Adventures are for spirited, energetic explorers. So its take to heart. Aboard our Safari yacht-style boats, discriminating only natural that theyre fitted out with an extensive assortment of curious travelers embark on inclusive Luxury Adventures combining equipment and amped up adventure to accommodate all of your unabashed casual, upscale cruising with adventurous activities and unleashed energy. We provide headventure, equipment, opportunities, t engaging cultural discoveries. The onboard amenities allow you to meals, the fun, expert crew, and the boatthe rest is up to you. escape. Nature and encounters take care of the pace. What sets them apart What makes them special u Higher, longer outdoor activity and more of it u Exclusive arrangements and visits u More outdoor guides in crew complement u More included adventures and excursions u Healthy meals, most served buffet-style u Indulging onboard relaxation u Casual atmosphere on board u Some staterooms with French balconies and Jacuzzis u Alcohol and massage are extra cost items u Gourmet cuisine and finer dining u Snorkel gear included and wetsuits available for rent u Each guest enjoys a complimentary massage u Port fees and taxes are separate charges u Fine wine, premium spirits, and micro-brews are included u More economical price point u All from-the-boat activities and equipment are included u No extra charge for port fees or taxes u Moderate to high price point No matter which Un-Cruise Adventure you choose, when youre here, youre home.4 | Un-Cruise
  • Mexicos Sea of CortsWorld Heritage Site & Biosphere ReserveJust south of California lies an inland sea known as the Gulf ofCalifornia, Sea of Cortez, or Sea of Corts. A birders paradise, thisrich archipelago serves as an important bird refuge and migrationcorridor. It is a place author John Steinbeck found ferocious with lifeand described by Jacques Cousteau as the aquarium of the world.This UNESCO World Heritage Site & Biosphere Reserve is one ofthe most biologically diverse marine environments on earth.Discover a world of breathtaking beauty on an island-hopping journeyin wildlife-rich waters and on islands that are home to both plants andanimals found nowhere else. Coastal mangroves and dunes, alongwith desert scrub and red rock cliffs provide the backdrop. Swim withplayful sea lions, watch whales, and discover a centuries-old missiontown. Hike nearby shores, rimmed with white-sand beaches andcactus-clad ridges, then play in impossibly brilliant turquoise waters.To explore this extraordinary place is to know firsthand how small thehuman presence here truly is.Hawaiian IslandsThe Aloha StateFormerly known as the Sandwich Islandsas named by CaptainCook following his visit in 1778this archipelago of volcanic islandsand atolls sits at the center of the North Pacific Ocean markingthe northeast corner of Polynesia. The island chain forms thelargest marine sanctuary in the world and one of the worlds mostimportant habitats for humpback whales. Two-thirds of the NorthPacific population migrates to Hawaii each winter for breeding,calving, and nursing. We encounter many of these same humpbacksin Alaska where they feed during the summer months.Mostly staying on the leeward side of the eastern-most HawaiianIslands chain, explore remote shorelines and along the way viewmarine species and endangered animals, many native to theHawaiian Islands. Experience traditional Hawaiian culture, meet thelocal people, and discover the natural gifts of these islands in a wayonly accessible on an Un-Cruise Adventure. Immerse yourself inthis tropical wonderland to experience the islands from a differentperspective. Unspoiled. | 5
  • Bajas Bounty 7 nights Roundtrip La Paz, Baja California Sur From $2,995 u La Paz u Isla Espritu Santo u Los Islotes u Isla San Francisco u Bahia Agua Verde u Loreto u Island Exploration u Day 1 La Paz, Baja California Sur Embarkation You will be met at the Los Cabos or La Paz airport for your transfer to the Safari Endeavour. The Captain and crew welcome you aboard just in time for a cocktail and dinner with your new mates. Day 2 Isla Espritu Santo Wake up to a desert island p