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Leaders are not born.....instead they are created....Well, Leadership quality is not mere a single quality but a blend many special qualities....This presentation will giv idea about those qualities with enough pictures....

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2. BY. o o o oJ. Jagan S. Krishnaraj A. Mohamed Shaik Yusuf D. Manikandan 3. Outline What is Leadership? Who is a Leader? Ingredients of a good leader Is Leader and Boss same? Myths about Leadership Qualities of a good leader Types of Leadership Leadership Qualities to be learnt from famous personalities 4. What is Leadership? ooOrganizing a group of people or a team to achieve a common goal Ability to direct the people in the right direction 5. WHO IS A LEADER? 6. Who is a Leader? A leader is a one, who o Knows the way o Goes the way o Shows the way 7. INGREDIENTS OF A GOOD LEADER 8. Ingredients of a good leader A good teacher Doesnt put down his/her team Gets the most from them Works with the framework of rules 9. WHO IS A LEADER? WHO IS A BOSS? 10. Who is a Leader? Who is a Boss? Boss/Manager Focus on things Do things right Organize Direct/Instruct Control the team An assigned positionLeader Focus on people Do the right things Influence Inspire/Motivate Build the team An achieved position 11. MYTHS 12. Myths about Leadership A leader may/maynt have a formal authority Persons who are leaders in one situation maynt necessarily be the leaders in other situations The qualities of a leader are demonstrated from his/her behaviour, not their position 13. Myths about Leadership There is no any written rigid rule for being a leader The style of a leader depends on his/her Philosophy Personality Past experience 14. Myths about Leadership o A Leader need not possess sound technical platformStatistics. o 75% of US presidents were in the bottom half of their school classes o More than 50% of all CEOs of Fortune 500 companies had C averages in college o About 50% of all Millionaires, Entrepreneurs had not finished their graduation 15. QUALITIES OF A GOOD LEADER 16. Qualities/Traits of a good leader Leadership is not just one quality But, rather a blend of qualities 17. SELF-KNOWLEDGE 18. 1.Self-knowledge Leadership begins with selfknowledge Ask you the question, What do you know about yourself as a leader? It is said that,Self-knowledge is the basis for character; Character is the root of integrity; Integrity provides the foundation for Leadership 19. COMMUNICATION ..Without it you travel alone. 20. 2.Communication Communication is the heart of leadership Involves Listening, Speaking, Feedback Build good rapport with your team members Communicate effectively,It is not what you say, but also how you say 21. PERSONALITY 22. 3.Personality Should have attractive and pleasing personality Honesty,Sincerity,Humility,Dignity Inspire people through your words and action 23. MOTIVATION AND SELF-C0NFIDENCE 24. 4.Motivation and Self-confidence Have self-confidence Instil them to others by motivating them It is said that, A good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leader; A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves 25. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 26. 5.Emotional Intelligence Be emotionally stable and shouldnt lose your temper at any stage Should have good Presence of Mind Need mental toughness since no one can lead without being criticized/discouraged 27. RESPONSIBILITY AND DECISION-MAKING 28. 6.Responsibility and Decision-making Take the responsibility and always try be an initiator Have enough courage to accept the failure Should be able to judge ones decision and say ..This will work ..This wont 29. KNOW YOUR TEAM WELL 30. 7.Patience and Knowing your team well Be patient enough to collect the feedback and suggestions from your team Know the plus and minus of each individual in your team Make your plans public and provide them good guidance It is said that, The ears of the leader must ring with the voices of the people 31. DONT ASK THEM TO DO, MAKE THEM TO DO 32. 8.Dont ask them to do, Make them to do When the best leaders work is done, the people say, "we did it ourselves The job a leader today is not to create followers; it is to create more leaders It is said that, Give me a fish, Ill live for a day Teach me to fish, Ill live for lifetime 33. FOCUS 34. 9.Focus Concentrate on your task without mood-swings Haste makes waste.So deal everything on the basis of one-at-atime Prioritise the To-do list Hard-work and Persistence are your two eyes It is said that, Winners never quit; Quitters never win 35. HOLDING-COURT QUALITY 36. 10.Holding-court quality An unique quality which cant be taught Ability to keep the eyes of the people sticked on you CHARISMAability to uniquely inspire people 37. TYPES OF LEADERS 38. Types of Leaders Leader by position/power achieved Leader by personality and charisma Leader by moral example Leader because of the ability to accomplish things 39. Leadership Styles o o o o oAutocratic Leadership Bureaucratic Leadership Laissez-Faire Leadership Democratic Leadership Transformational Leadership 40. AUTOCRATIC LEADERSHIP 41. Autocratic Leadership Retains the power and decisionmaking authority Do not consult staff nor allowed to participate Expects his/her team to obey without questioning 42. Bureaucratic Leadership Leads by the book Doesnt think on his/her own Does things according to the procedure or policy He/She is mere a police officer and not a leader 43. LAISSEZ-FAIRE LEADERSHIP 44. Laissez-faire Leadership o This means let it be...o The leader doesnt care about his team o Detached and far removed from the people he/she is supposed to serve o Goes in his/her own way and lets his/her men proceed in their own ways 45. DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP 46. Democratic Leadership More recommended style Also called as Participative style Encourages the team to be a part of decision-making Keeps the team informed about everything that affects their work and shares responsibilities 47. Democratic Leadership Develops plans to help the team members evaluate their own performance Recognizes and encourages personal and group achievements To say shortly, it is the leadership For the people; By the people; Of the people 48. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 49. Transformational Leadership The leader has Charisma(ability to uniquely inspire people) Inspire people with words, personality and thoughts Make changes happen in self and others Extremely powerful and hard to teach 50. LEADERSHIP QUALITIES TO BE LEARNT FROM SOME FAMOUS PERSONALITIES 51. MAHATMA GANDHIJI 52. Mahatma Gandhiji A self-less and honest leader Lord Mountbatten remarked him as One-man boundary force With his charismatic leadership style, he won Independence He had led many social movements like o Salt Satyagraha o Non-cooperation movement o And many Boycotts 53. Gandhian Management When he initiated compromise between two opponentshe was a GOOD MEDIATOR When he applied his qualities of truth,love and non-violencehe was an AUTOCRAT When he gave procedural details to accomplish a goalhe was a BUREAUCRAT 54. Vision I have nothing new to teach the world; Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills 55. ADOLF HITLER 56. Adolf Hitler Austrian-born German politician Leader of Nazis Responsible for starting World War-II Served as a German soldier in WW-I Took leadership in WW-II and aimed to provide stronger government 57. Achievements German military power seemed unstoppable during WW-II Successfully invaded more than 10 countries with his brilliant strategic planning Ultimate Autocrat and a Dictator Had a vision of expanding Germany into Russia and terminate Jews 58. Vision Expanding Germany into Russia and terminating Jews from Germany 59. ABRAHAM LINCOLN 60. Abraham Lincoln The greatness of Napolean,Caesar,Washington is moonlight to the sun of LINCOLN Leo Tolstoy 16th President of USA Self-educated man Faced many failures before becoming the President 61. Qualities Best Democratic Leader Had strong belief in his principles Graduated as a Lawyer Skilled in everything from Wrestler to Orator 62. Vision Government is For the people; By the people; Of the people 63. INDIRA GANDHI 64. Indira Gandhi Known as Iron Lady of India Charismatic Political Leader Elected as Prime Minister for 4 times Described as Architect of Modern India 65. Achievements Nationalisation of banks Took good decision during Indo-Pak war Worlds longest serving woman Prime Minister Launching of Indias first satellite Development in Nuclear Technology 66. WHY LEADERSHIP QUALITIES ARE MORE STRESSED THESE DAYS? 67. IndiaA nation of Youth o About 45% of Indian population is YOUTH o The Hindu says, India is set to become the YOUNGEST COUNTRY by 2020 o But still deficient of efficient leaders 68. UNITED WE STAND; DIVIDED WE FALLWithout good leadership and good leaders, it is impossible to achieve the goals of nation 69. WANTED ????????? GOOD LEADERS 70. TODAYS YOUTH ARE TOMORROWS LEADERS 71. LEADERSHIP IS NOT A DIFFICULT TASK JUST 4 THINGS 72. Have enough COURAGE to initiate and take RESPONSIBILITIES 73. Develop STRATEGIES to ACCOMPLISH the task 74. Be CHARISMATIC and direct your team to the final DESTINATION 75. FINALLY LEADERSHIP is not what you do TO PEOPLE; LEADERSHIP is what you do WITH PEOPLE 76. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE