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Apprecia(ve Inquiry Ghent, April 2012
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Presentation used during the Pre-Conference #2012waic by Ronny Vanderspikken

Transcript of Waic Ronny Vanderspikken

  • 1. Apprecia(ve Inquiry Ghent, April 2012
  • 3. First inquiry Discovery Growth means to me ............. Others support me in my growth as ................ The school supports me in my growth as................
  • 4. Dream: Imagine it is 2015. Just close your eyes and let your imagina(on helps you. everyone does what he / she is good at, and it brings sa(sfac(on and con(nually growing. What do you see? ... Wich growth do you see? In what way people are able to increase their growth? How do people interact? How are they supported in that growth?
  • 5. Reec(on
  • 6. 10 themes Posi(ve environment. Investment Welfare of teachers, children Our choice: experience-based educa(on. (WWW.CEGO.BE)
  • 7. Digital learning. Back to basics: Connec(on between learning-program and learning-needs. Talents: Use them Team Teaching
  • 8. More we, less me. Open lerning environment Communica(ons. Learning, learning, learning
  • 9. Reec(on
  • 10. First learning network: talent - Kathee got talent - Management: - Organiza(on and administra(on - Training and development - Share stories - Focus on talent
  • 11. Reec(on
  • 12. Second Apprecia(ve Inquiry Cars Sport Forest Food Animals What do I know? And what will I learn? What do I want to know? What do I want to do?
  • 13. Cars: car parts an exhibi(on. making cars. Sports: We discover 2 new sports: slam ball, darts. presenta(on
  • 14. Forest: more informa(on about all trees make a memory. Photos and pain(ngs Food: We make a small dish. We are looking for special dishes from dierent countries. We make a Powerpoint presenta(on Animals: With pictures of endangered species we make a game We make a number of poems about animals.
  • 15. Third Inquiry See the development of your child Mathema(cs. remain whole days "saying goodbye."
  • 16. 2015. Much has changed making strongly visible the development of children. How do you see that? What is happening? What does the parent to make this happen? What does the teacher?
  • 17. Reec(on
  • 18. End of story Every organisa(on must have a clear vision Every leader has to focus on power and strengths of each employee Every member of the organisa(on must tell stories to other ones (many stakeholders invited)