WAHS 2013 Senior Slide Show

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Transcript of WAHS 2013 Senior Slide Show

  1. 1. Webster Area High SchoolClass of 2013
  2. 2. Brady Thomas BuryMost likely tomake millionsShow me what you payattention to and I will tellyou who you are-Anonymous
  3. 3. Hayley Lane DunlavyMost OutgoingToday you are you, That is truerthan true, There is no one alivethat is youer than you.-Dr. Seuss
  4. 4. Brandon Jeffery EisenbraunMost likely to make agreat idea a great realityBe all that you canbe-Anonymous
  5. 5. Christopher C. EwaltMost UnforgettableNever be afraid to stand up forwhat you believe in. If peopleget angry, you can alwayspretend you were just standingup to stretch.-Unknown
  6. 6. Amanda Rose FromeltBookwormLife is too short and toomagical to waste it trying tobe normal-Anonymous
  7. 7. Malakai Matthew FurmanMost TalkativeIts easy to dream adream, but its harder tolive it.-Anonymous
  8. 8. Christopher Daniel GravleyMost AccidentProneFour wheels moves thebody; Two wheels moves thesoul-Anonymous
  9. 9. Preston Ralph HansmeierMost likely tomarry firstThe first farmer was the first man. Allhistoric nobility rests on the possession anduse of land.-Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. 10. Tyler Lee HansonMost likely to win thelottery but lose the ticketPraise be to the Lord my rock who trainsmy hands for war and my fingers forbattle.-Psalm 144:1
  11. 11. Evan Louis JohnsonMost likely to listen tolisten to country musicThe trick is growing upwithout growing old.-Casey Stengel
  12. 12. Laren Tony JohnsonMost ChangedI have never been hurt by what Ihave not said.-Calvin Coolidge
  13. 13. Katherine Joanne KampaBest HairIts not what you take when youleave this world behind you, itswhat you leave behind youwhen you go.-Anonymous
  14. 14. Dylan David KirchmeierTeachers PetAfter every dark night, abright day follows.-2Pac
  15. 15. Tara Robin KregeBest SmileI can do all thingsthrough Christ whostrengthens me.-Philippians 4:13
  16. 16. Shala Rose LarsonMost OutspokenDont chase people, do your ownthing and work hard. The rightpeople, the ones who reallybelong in your life, will come toyou, and say.-Will Smith
  17. 17. Joseph John LesnarMost likely to end upon a reality showSo many people can beresponsible for yoursuccess, but only you areresponsible for your failure.-Unknown
  18. 18. Keifer A. LesnarBiggestprocrastinatorIf opportunity doesnt knock,build a door.-Milton Berle
  19. 19. John Alexander LevsenClass ClownAlways turn your wheel inthe direction of the skid.-Jim Carrey
  20. 20. Spencer Brian LuxMost likely to own hisown businessIf you are caught on a golf course during astorm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.-Lee Trevino
  21. 21. Kelly John MattesonIf you cant find something to livefor, you best find something to diefor.-2pacMost likely to have apainting in the Louvre
  22. 22. Jared James McClurgMost RandomTo accomplish great things, wemust not only act, but also dream;not only plan, but also believe.-Anatole France
  23. 23. Madison Marea McGuireMost likely to have 10kidsDream as if youll live forever.Live as if youll die today.-James Dean
  24. 24. Mark Bierschbach MelandBest Eyes"Life is one grand, sweet song, sostart the music."-Ronald Reagan
  25. 25. Tawney Shane MillerQuietestOur greatest glory is not innever falling, but in risingevery time we fall.-Confucius
  26. 26. Megan Kimberly NelsonMost CompetitiveDont cry because its over, smilebecause it happened.-Dr. Seuss
  27. 27. Shannon Lynn PappasMost likely toSucceedYou can never cross the ocean unlessyou have the courage to lose sight ofthe shore.-Shannon
  28. 28. Spencer Will RauschMost likely to sleepthrough collegeHey, you want something doneright, dont ask me.-Uncle Si (Duck Dynasty)
  29. 29. Andrew Shawn RithmillerMost likely to be latefor GraduationTo learn to succeed you mustlearn to fail.-Michael Jordan
  30. 30. Chelsea Lee RyanMost likely to trip on alineRemember, youre the onewho can fill the world withsunshine.-Snow White
  31. 31. Aaron John SattlerMost likely todrive the best carMake it happen.-Michael Jordan
  32. 32. Ryan Glen ShepherdMost likely to beseen on SurvivorMud, Guts, nRuts.-Unknown
  33. 33. Bretni Jo SichmellerMost DramaticLive the life you love, Lovethe life you live.-Bob Marley
  34. 34. Jaime Dawn Marie SichmellerMost energeticOur fate lives within us. You onlyhave to be brave enough to see it.-Merida (Brave)
  35. 35. Jacob Samuel SiglinMost likely to saysomething deeply,profoundly, brilliantand humorousYou win some, lose some,and wreck some.-Dale Earnhardt
  36. 36. Chad Lee SjursonMost likely to be latefor class"Why tiptoe through lifeto arrive safely atdeath?"
  37. 37. Ryan Benjamin SkadsenMost likely to moveto a foreign countryAll we have to decide is what todo with the time that is given tous.-Gandalf
  38. 38. Sidney Allison SpieringMost likely to do justenough to get byA day without sunshine islike, you know, night.-Steve Martin
  39. 39. Connor John SpindlerMost AthleticYou must expect great things ofyourself before you can dothem.-Michael Jordan
  40. 40. Jade Morgan StorleyMost blondeDo what you can with whatyou have, where you are.-Theodore Roosevelt
  41. 41. Mallory Jamae WagnerMost Likely to becaught looking in amirrorThis above all: To thine ownself be true-Shakespeare
  42. 42. Aaron Andrew WeyhBest LaughNever put off till tomorrow what youcan do the day after tomorrow.-Unknown
  43. 43. Blake Michael WilkinsonMost likely to be that personthat cant let go of the glorydays of high schoolEnjoy the best things in your life,because you dont get to live themtwice-Anonymous
  44. 44. Abbie Juliena WoodellMost likely to be caughttexting in schoolEvery action in life begins with adecision and unfortunately, wedont always make the best ones.-Willie (Duck Dynasty)
  45. 45. Kyle H. ZimmermanMost likely to say hisdog ate his homeworkKeep chugging along, keepsinging your song.-Luke Bryan
  46. 46. Video CommitteeMallory WagnerHayley DunlavyAmanda FromeltKatie KampaMegan NelsonChelsea RyanJade StorleyThanks to everyone who got us towhere we are today. You meaneverything to us.-Class of 2013
  47. 47. Class MottoThe two most important days in your life are theday you are born and the day you find out why.Class ColorsMaroon and goldClass FlowerYellow Calla Lily