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Project Report on Marketing Management at Wagh Bakri Submitted To: Prof. Belur Baxi Submitted By: Priti Menezes Roll No. 140 SYBBA N.R. Institute of Business Administration Ahmedabad

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Project Report on

Marketing Management at

Wagh Bakri

Submitted To:

Prof. Belur Baxi

Submitted By:

Priti Menezes

Roll No. 140


N.R. Institute of Business




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GLS Campus, Mardia Plaza Lane, Off. C.G. Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380006, Phone: 6430373


This is to certify that the report on the visit to ‘Wagh Bakri’ is submitted by Ms. Priti Menezes to N. R. Institute of Business Administration, affiliated to Gujarat University, in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of ‘Practical Studies’ in the area of Marketing Management at the Second Year of the B.B.A. Program for the year 2010-2011.

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Director Prof. in-charge External


Date: / /2010

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I am highly thankful to the management and staff of Wagh Bakri. I am especially thankful to …………. for helping me in my ‘Practical Studies’. In addition to allowing me to visit the company and study the organization, they provided me with many details which were very useful in preparing this report.

I take this opportunity to thank our Director Prof. Avani Desai and Professor in-charge Prof. Belur Baxi for their encouragement and the office staff for providing us all the facilities for making the visit more learning oriented.


Priti Menezes

Date: / / 2010

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Sr. No.

Particulars Pg. No.


1 Company ProfileName of the Company

Location of works and registered officeMain business and Product Range

Production ProcessForm of the Organization

Selection ProcessRecruitment Process

Brief HistoryMission and Vision

Business PhilosophyFinancial informationSpecial achievements

Existing management groupNo. of Workers

Facilities to Employees2 Marketing

Organization of marketing departmentProduct Planning

- Product Range- Product line and mix- Product decisions. Branding. Packaging- New Product Development- Product Life Cycle Stage

Market SegmentationPricing

- Factors considered while setting prices- Pricing Approaches

Channels of Distribution

Page 6: Wagh Bakri

- Types- Decisions about channels- Wholesaling- Retailing

Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Personal Selling

- Sales Promotion tools and programmes- Public Relations tools and decisions- Sales Force Management

Advertising- Objectives- Setting Budgets- Strategies and Tools- Evaluation

Marketing ResearchInternational Marketing

3 Findings4 Suggestions5 Conclusion

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Chapter: 1

Company Profile

Page 8: Wagh Bakri

Name of the Company

Page 9: Wagh Bakri

Location of Works and Registered Office

Page 10: Wagh Bakri

Main Business and Product Range

Page 11: Wagh Bakri

Form of the Organization

Page 12: Wagh Bakri

A brief History

Page 13: Wagh Bakri

Mission and Vision

Page 14: Wagh Bakri

Business Philosophy

Page 15: Wagh Bakri

Financial Information

Page 16: Wagh Bakri

Special Achievements

Page 17: Wagh Bakri

Existing Management Group

Page 18: Wagh Bakri

Chapter: 2


Page 19: Wagh Bakri

Organization of Marketing Department

Page 20: Wagh Bakri

Product Planning

Page 21: Wagh Bakri

Product Range

Page 22: Wagh Bakri

Product Line and Mix

Page 23: Wagh Bakri

Product Decisions

Page 24: Wagh Bakri


Page 25: Wagh Bakri


Page 26: Wagh Bakri

New Product Development

Page 27: Wagh Bakri

Product Life Cycle Stage

Page 28: Wagh Bakri

Market Segmentation

Page 29: Wagh Bakri


Page 30: Wagh Bakri

Factors considered while Setting Prices

Page 31: Wagh Bakri

Pricing Approaches

Page 32: Wagh Bakri

Channels of Distribution

Page 33: Wagh Bakri

Types of Channels of Distribution

Page 34: Wagh Bakri

Decisions about Channels

Page 35: Wagh Bakri


Page 36: Wagh Bakri


Page 37: Wagh Bakri

Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Personal Selling

Page 38: Wagh Bakri

Sales Promotion tools and programmes

Page 39: Wagh Bakri

Public Relations tools and decisions

Page 40: Wagh Bakri

Sales Force Management

Page 41: Wagh Bakri


Page 42: Wagh Bakri

Objectives of Advertising

Page 43: Wagh Bakri

Setting Budgets

Page 44: Wagh Bakri

Strategies and Tools

Page 45: Wagh Bakri


Page 46: Wagh Bakri

Marketing Research

Page 47: Wagh Bakri

International Marketing

Page 48: Wagh Bakri

Chapter: 3


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Page 50: Wagh Bakri

Chapter: 4


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Page 52: Wagh Bakri

Chapter: 5


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