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Transcript of VT4887ADP - JBL Professional Spec Sheet.pdf · PDF fileDP2 Internal Amplification Output...

  • VT4887ADP

    Specifications:Line Array Element

    Frequency Response (3 dB): 67 Hz 20 kHzFrequency Range (-10 dB): 55 Hz 22 kHz

    Horizontal Coverage Angle (-6 dB): 100 deg. nominal (500 Hz 16 kHz)

    Vertical Coverage Angle (-6 dB): Varies with array size and configuration

    Maximum Peak Output1: 136 dB SPL, 1m Transducer Sections

    Low Frequency: Two 2168H-1, 203 mm (8 in) dia., 76 mm (3 in) Dual Coil,Differential Drive, Direct Cooled

    Bandpass Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms (LF woofers wired in parallel) Mid & High Frequency: MID: Four 2104H 101 mm (4 in) with 25.4 mm (1 in) dia. voice coil

    HF: Two JBL 2408H 25 mm (1 in) exit compression drive, 38 mm(1.5 in) voice coil

    Bandpass Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (drivers wired in series-parallel) System

    DP2 Internal Amplification Output (at load): 2200W Peak, 1100W Continuous

    DP2 Output Topology: 2-Channel, Class-I Signal Processing: dbx Type IV Conversion System, Precision bandpass filters,

    limiting, pre-equalization filters and automatic self-test functionsSystem Management: DSP based limiters for mechanical and thermal protection

    Signal Input: F-XLR Active 20K Ohms Balanced, 10K Ohms Unbalanced Signal Loop-Through: M-XLR (passive pass-through)

    Controls: Precision 0.5 dB increment Detented 16 dB input attenuatorAC Power Operating Range: Auto Select 90-132/VAC 50/60 Hz

    AC Line Voltage: 50/60 Hz, Auto-Detect; 120V/240V (10%)AC Input Connector: Neutrik PowerconAC Power Loop-thru: Neutrik PowerCon

    AC Current Requirement: 4A per system at 120V, 3A per system at 240VEnclosure

    Box Construction: Wedge frustum 5 degree side angle enclosure. PlyMaxengineered composite structure, DuraFlex finish, 2 handles

    Suspension System: S.A.F.E. hardware, integral hinge bars nest in rigging tubes on boxends. Quick release pins with restraining lanyards

    Grille: Black perforated steel, foam backedDimensions (W x H x D): 787 mm X 279 mm X 563 mm

    (31 in X 11 in X 22.1 in) Net Weight: 39.7 kg (87.5 lb)

    1Measured maximum SPL in Free Field conditions with IEC shaped noise.

    JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some materials, production methods and designrefinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy. For thisreason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal orexceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.

    Compact Powered Bi-AmplifiedThree-Way Line Array Element,Integrated Audio System

    Application:The VT4887ADP Compact Powered Three-Way Line Array Element is designed todeliver high-quality reinforcement of musicand speech in a variety of applicationsincluding concert audio, corporate A/V andtheatrical presentations of all types for bothportable users and performance venues.

    Key Features: New 2268H-1 8" low frequency drivers

    offer improved performance andextended low frequency response.

    Advanced technology components:Differential Drive, neodymium magnet,dual voice coil, Direct Cooled conetransducers for low weight and highoutput

    JBL DrivePack technology deliverssuperb audio quality and robust highefficiency Class-I power, perfectlymatched to the enclosure, withcomprehensive onboard digital signalprocessing

    Modular input bay provides choice ofanalog or digital audio input options,with networked control and monitoringcapabilities

    World-wide AC line voltages areautomatically selected for 50 or 60 Hz.

    Advanced construction techniques usingPlyMax provide exceptionally rigid,lightweight enclosure construction.

    Rugged DuraFlex exterior finish;weatherized components

    Integrated S.A.F.E. suspension system:premium heat-treated alloys providerigid, reliable hanging arrays

    For use in stand-alone arrays or incombination with other VERTEC systemmodels

    The VT4887ADP is a compact, poweredlightweight 3-Way Line Array Elementhousing two 8" woofers, four 4" midrangeradiators, and two 1" exit high frequencydrivers. Designed in cooperation withCrown and dbx, the JBL DP2 DrivePackfeatures 2200 watts peak output power andcomprehensive digital signal processing,including patented high efficiency Class-Ipower amplifier technology from Crownand onboard DSP functionality thatcommunicates readiness and operationalstatus and monitors fault detection ofcomponents and electronics. AdvancedVERTEC-class component transducersprovide a high power-to-weight ratio.Enclosure features foam-backed lowfrequency grilles, dense protective foaminserts for midrange apertures, and finesteel mesh grille to protect high-frequencyapertures. Speaker cones are treated withweather-resistant compounds. TheVT4887ADPs suspension hardware relieson quick-release pins and end-mountedmetal tubes to couple adjacentVT4887ADPs together. Enclosure ships withintegral front and rear hinge bar set.

    VERTEC DP Series

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  • VT4887ADP Compact Powered Bi-Amplified Three-Way Line Array Element, Integrated Audio System

    Input module characteristics and optionsFeaturesDescription DPIP DPAN DPCN

    (standard input module) (optional HiQnet network (optional HiQnet network input module) input module; digital audio)

    HiQNet Compliant No Yes YesNetwork Communication No 100MB Ethernet 100MB EthernetNetwork Connections N/A RJ-45, CAT5 RJ-45, CAT5Supported Audio format Analog Analog Digital with analog backupCobraNet digital audio over ethernet No No YesLevel Controls Attenuator, 16dB range Network Controllable Network ControllableRemote Load Monitoring No Yes YesUser Assignable Filters No 16 16User Assignable Filter Types None 9 9User Accessible Delays No Yes YesNoise Generator No Pink, White Pink, WhiteSine Wave Generator No Continous, Burst Continuous, BurstError Reporting No Yes, via software Yes, via softwareDigital Speaker Setting Presets 2, fixed 10, user assignable 10, user assignablePolarity Reverse No Yes, via software Yes, via softwareListen Bus line level remote monitor No No YesFirmware upgrades via network No Yes YesMute No Remote via network Remote via Network

    JBL DrivePack Software Device PanelWith optional HiQnet-compatible input modules installed, JBL

    DrivePack systems can be remotely controlled and monitored usingHiQnet System Architect software. A Windows-based application, itprovides an intuitive, unified platform for system configuration andoperation of not only JBL DrivePack-equipped systems, but any otherHiQnet-compliant audio devices in the signal chain, like the VP (VenuePerformance) Series. HiQnet System Architect enables the unified layoutof on-screen product control surfaces, and simple preset configuration ofan entire system made up of HiQnet-compliant products across multiplebrands and product classes.

    Advanced remote control and diagnostic capabilities, custom controlpanel creation, unified event logging and error reporting for the entiresystem, and the recall of presets on all connected HiQnet devices areincluded. In addition, the application enables a user to copy / paste likeparameter values from, and to, multiple products across the HiQnetnetwork.

    Use with current version of HiQnet System Architect networkconfiguration and control software, available for download atharmanpro.com.

    SpecificationsAnalog Audio Input Connectors XLR, female XLR, female XLR, femaleInput Type Electronically Balanced, RF FilteredSignal Loop-through XLR, male, passive pass-throughInput Impedance 20K Ohms BalancedPolarity (+) voltage on XLR pin 2 yields (+) LF pressureMax Input Level +23 dBuFrequency Response 20 Hz 20K Hz 0.5 dBDSP Processing dbx Type IV analog-to- 24 Bit conversion, 32 bit 24 Bit conversion, 32 bit

    digital conversion circuitry floating point processing floating point processingLatency n/a 0.625 mS 0.625 mS + 5.333 mSDynamic Range (20-20 KHz) > 107 dB (A Weighted) > 105 dB (A Weighted) > 103 dB (A Weighted)THD+N (20-20 KHz), rated power < 0.05%Crosstalk > 110 dB, 120 dB typical > 60 dB @ 1 kHz > 60 dB @ 1 kHzUser Programmable Signal Delay N/A > 2 seconds > 2 secondsFront Panel Controls Gain, Sub Filter Enable Enable ALT Preset Enable ALT PresetFront Panel Indicators Signal/clip, ready, thermal, Signal/clip, ready, thermal, Signal/clip, ready, thermal,

    fault, sub filter on/off fault, alt. preset select, fault, alt. preset select,Network: activity, link Network: activity, link,

    CobraNet conductor

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  • DPIP (Standard dbx Input Module)JBL DrivePacks are equipped with a modular input bay and are available in severalversions. The standard DPIP input module features analog audio inputs andsophisticated onboard digital signal processing technology. Precision bandpasslimiting, pre-equalization filters and automatic self-test functions ensure optimizedperformance. Front panel controls include a 32-position detented rotary attenuatorcalibrated in 0.5 dB steps which provides a 16 dB range of control. This can beuseful for setting up downfill shading or overall system gain structuring. Anotherfeature is the Enable Subwoofer Filter button. This is a momentary-contact typeswitch which enables or disables the selected function. On subwoofer applications,the low-pass frequency is set to 80 Hz. For full-range systems used with subwoofers,the high-pass is raised to 80 Hz.

    DPAN (Optional HiQnet Network Input Module with Analog Audio)In addition to all of the features included on the standard input module, the DPANadds 100 Mb Ethernet networking functionality and HiQnet compatability. It enablesremote control and monitoring via HiQnet System Architect software. NetworkControl and Monitoring is enabled by the DrivePack Software Device Panel