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    www.voorheessun.com DEC. 31, 2014JAN. 6, 2015 FREE

    The Sun

    oorhees Township unveiled its VeteransWall of Honor, the Voorhees TownshipPolice Department got a new websiteand an artifact from the World TradeCenter, at Voorhees Middle School eachstudent has an iPad, Eastern Regionalsfield hockey team won another Tourna-ment of Champions, a devastating fire

    hit the Avalon Court apartment complex and the

    2014 elections TOOK place.As the township takes that final step into 2015,

    here is a look back at just some of the happeningsand changes that came to Voorhees throughout2014.

    Voorhees Township Committeeand Board of Education reorganize

    One of the first notable events of the year formany townships across the state is the reorganiza-

    tion of the governing body and board of education,and in Voorhees that was no different.

    On the Township Committee, Michael Mignognaand Harry Platt were nominated and accepted asmayor and deputy mayor, respectively.

    Committeeman Michael Friedman was sworn inonce again as a result of his election victory in No-vember 2013, placing him as the sole Republican onthe committee.

    As it did at the reorganization meeting, the com-mittee throughout 2014 would continue consist of

    Mignogna, Platt, Committeeman Mario DiNatale,Committeewoman Andi Ayes and Friedman.

    At the Voorhees Township Board of Education2014 reorganization meeting, board members JohnSchmus and Richard Wojdon were appointed as a re-sult of their election in November 2013, and boardmember Richard Horner was appointed to fill aterm through 2014.

    Looking back on the happenings of Voorhees

    please see VOORHEES, page 3


    CLOCKWISE, FROM BOTTOM LEFT: On May 1, the Nephcure Foundation opened an

    outdoor carnival at the Voorhees Town Center. On Jan. 21, snow began to fall at theVoorhees Town Center. The cast of the Eastern Regional High School spring musical

    rehearses on the performing ar ts stage on Feb. 19. E.T. Hamilton students Is abella

    Giampetro, Matt Donnelly, Logan Cudeyro and Brian Baker conducted Fantastic Foamy

    Fountain at the 2014 science fair on Feb. 25. Although a Voorhees Relay for Life event

    didnt take place in Voorhees this year, Voorhees Relay teams were able to join the

    Marlton Relay for Life event on the night of May 31 through the morning of June 1.

    Adam Convery of the Animal Welfare Association holds 2-month-old Blaze. Voorhees

    resident Benjamin Bartock, 19 months, cracks open his bounty at the Paws Farm

    Nature Center Spring Egg Hunt on April 12. Juliana, 4 months, plays with some toys atthe Voorhees Branch Library Babies Play Group on Nov. 7. Christine Blizzards sev-

    enth-grade science class at Voorhees Middle School uses iPads to work on physics

    projects on April 8. A train passes by workers sealing the White Horse Road bridge on

    Aug. 7. Work on the bridge forced its closing to through traffic for months. Sophomore

    Bridgette Burton is surrounded by tigers in Easterns fall play Free to Be You and

    Me. Voorhees resident Marlee Dannenbaum looks toward her teammates during Team

    South Jerseys 2-1 win in the JCC Maccabi Games in August.

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    2 DEC. 31, 2014JAN. 6, 2015

    Kristen Hoey, of Voorhees,qualified for the fall 2014 dean'slist at Belmont University. Eligi-bility is based on a minimum

    course load of 12 hours and aquality grade point average of 3.5with no grade below a C. Approxi-mately 30 percent of Belmont's7,300 students qualified for thefall 2014 dean's list.

    on campus

    The AAA South Jersey Auto-mobile Club invites teachers andstudents to participate in its an-nual Traffic Safety Poster Contestthrough Feb. 27.

    Students in grades kinder-garten through eight may submita poster design no larger than 15x 22 inches. Students in gradesnine through 12 have the option ofsubmitting a poster or anaudio/visual entry. Prizes in eachage category are $300 for firstplace, $150 for second place and$100 for third place. The teacherof each student placing first will

    receive a $50 gift card.The 2015 AAA Traffic Safety

    Poster Contest categories are: Kindergarten: Pedestrian and

    Child Passenger Safety (PlayAway From Traffic, Proper Use ofBooster Seats, School Bus Safety)

    Primary (grades first and sec-ond): Pedestrian and Child Pas-senger Safety (Play Away FromTraffic, Proper Use of BoosterSeats, School Bus Safety)

    Elementary (grades thirdthrough fifth): Getting to SchoolSafely (Night Time Visibility,Obey Your AAA School Safety Pa-trols, Bicycle Safety and HelmetUse, Interacting With Motorists)

    Junior High (grades sixththrough eighth): How to be a GoodPassenger (Buckle Up, Dont Dis-tract the Driver, Dangers of Usinga Cell Phone or Changing theRadio/CD While Driving)

    Senior High (grades ninththrough twelfth): Safe Teen Driv-ing (Alcohol Awareness, Distract-

    ed Driving, AggressiveDriving/Speeding, Safety BeltUse/Buckle Up)

    More information and down-loadable entry forms are avail-able at aaa.com/postercontest.

    AAA hostsposter contest

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  • 8/10/2019 Voorhees - 1231.pdf


    ed a list of all members of the de-partment, including their ranksand badge numbers, informationon Megans Law, a Kids Cornerthat allows kids to learn and fa-miliarize themselves with the de-partment and a section whereforms can be completed andprinted regarding information

    such as insurance companycodes, alarm registration, crimi-nal record checks, police reportsand more.

    Also on the new website was away for members of the public toanonymously report tips aboutcrimes, as well as an area dedicat-ed to the background and historyof the Voorhees Police Depart-ment, supplemented by a photogallery.

    According to Voorhees Town-ship Administrator Larry Spell-

    man, the original idea to create anew site came from deputy chiefof police and public informationofficer to the department BillDonnelly, who Spellman said was

    looking for a place where resi-dents could easily give their feed-back to the department.

    At the sites launch, Mignognasaid the Voorhees Township Po-lice Department was the finest inSouth Jersey and encouraged oldand young residents to check outthe site.

    It is now easier than ever tobecome more familiar with ourmen and women in blue,Mignogna said.

    Voorhees Township Committeeapproves 2014-2015 budget

    On April 28, the VoorheesTownship Committee officiallyadopted the 2014-2015 municipalbudget.

    Total appropriations for thebudget were listed at $27.62 mil-lion, with the amount to be raisedby taxation at $18.71 million.

    According to Spellman, thebudget didnt result in a large taxincrease for the year.

    The open space tax for resi-dents remained unchanged from2013 year, at 2 cents, and the localtax rate was 58.7 cents.

    With the 2014-2105 budget, the

    average taxpayer paid $1,500 intotal, or $125 per month, for mu-nicipal services. According toSpellman, the taxation increasefee was less than a $4 per monthincrease.

    Spellman said money left inbudget would be bonded out forcapital projects, and any roadsbeing repaired would be donethrough the townships five-yearroad repair system, which wasadopted about three years ago.

    Voorhees school district ap-proves 2014-2015 budget:

    As with the municipal budget,the 2014-2015 Voorhees TownshipSchool District budget resulted ina slight tax increase for residents.

    The Voorhees Township SchoolDistrict Board of Education ap-proved the 2014-2015 budget withoperating funds approximating$52.8 million at the public hearingfor the budget on May 7.

    For the average home in

    Voorhees assessed at a value ofabout $255,500, the result of thebudget was a $5 a month tax in-crease.

    The majority of revenue in thebudget resulted from the local taxlevy of $43 million, with the sec-ond largest share from $5.5 mil-lion in state aid. There was also a$1.1 million portion of revenuefrom a budgeted fund balance and$17,077 in federal aid monies.

    The budget used the maximum

    tax levy increase available bystate law at 2 percent.At the public hearing for the

    budget, board president RichardNelson said the 2014-2015 budgetwould maintain all existing pro-grams while providing access tothe highest quality of instructionfor all students in the most cost ef-fective manner.

    Nelson also said the budgetwould help with the implementa-tion of the Common Core StateStandards and the Partnership

    for Assessment of Readiness forCollege and Careers, or PARCC,test.

    Upon adoption of the budget,

    4 THE VOORHEES SUN DEC. 31, 2014JAN. 6, 2015

    Township Committee approves2014-2015 budget on April 28

    TOWNSHIPContinued from page 3

    please see RELAY, page 5

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    DEC. 31, 2014JAN. 6, 2015 THE VOORHEES SUN 5

    ! !

    the board thanked teachers in thedistrict for their efforts in educat-ing the children of the district.

    Voorhees Relay for Life EventJeanette Golden, chairperson

    of the Voorhees Relay for Life,said there were some difficultieswith having the Voorhees Relayfor Life Event in Voorhees in 2014,

    but that didnt stop the event fromhappening.

    Instead of cancelling the eventoutright, it was combined withneighboring Eveshams Relay ForLife at Cherokee High School onMay 31.

    Despite the change of venueand smaller outing, nineVoorhees teams with more than40 participants were still able to

    raise more than $13,000 for theAmerican Cancer Society.

    Golden, a three-time cancersurvivor, was no stranger to find-ing ways to make Relay for Lifeevents hap