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smoke signal november 19

Transcript of Volume XLVI, No. 3


    The classic holiday song White Christ-mas by Irving Berlin inspired a movie, and then a play adaptation that will be performed in MSJs Little Theater in December.

    So what is the story behind such a time-less song? Set after World War II, the story introduces Bob Wallace (Karthik Ramen) and Phil Davis ( Jonathan Barouch), army buddies who have become a very successful song and dance duo. They scout for a sister act, and find Betty Haynes (Amy Mendoca) and Judy (Lizzie Bode). Judy and Phil both notice the romantic tension between the so-cially reserved Bob and Betty, so they attempt to play matchmaker with a plan to meet at the girls next performance in Vermont.

    Instead of boarding separate trains and going on separate paths, Phil tricks Bob into

    Kid Cudi burst onto the music scene with Billboard hit Day N Nite. His music, part rap, part R&B, was praised as revolutionary due to its inability to be classified. Cudi con-tinues his Man on the Moon series with his second studio album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, and it doesnt disap-point.

    Cudi begins this personal album with Scott Mescudi vs. The World, featuring Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley fame. The title foreshadows the contents of the album, a 17-song dedication to the angels and de-mons of Cudis reality. The title song is im-mediately followed up with a description of

    White Christmas for MSJBy Mary Lan

    Staff Writer

    MVALs gone Christensen, Outstanding Arts EducatorBy Rebecca Dutta and Sida Lu

    Staff Writers

    By Maya RamachandranStaff Writer

    See KID CUDI,A&E Page 11

    See WHITE XMAS,A&E Page 13

    During the last five years, athletic directors of the Mission Valley Athletic League (MVAL) have been contemplating the need for the Shaughnessy playoffs at the end of the season. Last spring, the athletic directors and princi-pals of MVAL high schools decided to cancel the playoffs for every team sport but still keep the playoffs for individual sports. Teams vary in opinion about the importance of Shaughnessy as some teams will be greatly affected in seed-ing for the North Coast Section (NCS) games, while other sports will see minimal affects to their season.

    In the past, Shaughnessy playoffs were hosted at the high school with the best season record. The format consisted of the number one team

    Man on Moon II defies gravity

    By Elisa TingEditor-in-Chief

    See MVALS, SPORTS Page 15

    December 12Family Game Night, 7

    On Nov. 10, 2010, MSJ Math Depart-ment Chairman and Teacher Charlie Bruck-er received a certificate from the Teacher Tribute Initiative (TTI), an organization sponsored by Stanford University. The TTI gives all incoming Stanford freshmen a chance to recognize any former teacher or mentor who guided him or her intellectu-ally, academically, socially, and personally. Brucker was nominated by Catherine Lu, MSJ alumna Class of 2010, to receive this prestigious honor for his contributions to her student life. Like many students at

    MSJ, Lu felt that Brucker always had a smile on his face and never failed to keep his door open for students with questions and concerns.

    Brucker himself was not quite sure of the description of the award, as he did not hear the announcement made by Principal Sandra Prairie. Nevertheless, when asked about his thoughts on receiving such an award, he said Thats what its all about. The teachers at Mission are so lucky to have Mission studentsand, my door is always open. I just want to get the students into the colleges of their dreams.

    MSJ alumna honors BruckerBy Mekala Neelakantan

    Staff Writer

    November 22-26 December 3-18 December 8 Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL

    Fall Musical in the Little Theatre

    Chorale Winter Concert in C-120

    staff writer leland bernstein

    Art Teacher Edie Christensen addresses the class.

    staff writer leland bernstein

    Math Teacher Charlie Brucker listens attentively to a students ques-tion during his lecture.

    pm in the FUSD board-room

    MSJs Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair Edie Christensen was recently awarded recognition as the 2010 Outstanding Secondary Visual Art Educator. This award, sponsored by California Art Education Association (CAEA) is a state level award that had a variety of contestants from museum curators to all levels of school educators in California. A major accomplishment, Christensens recognition brings her one step closer to her goal of encouraging students to explore their visions through the fine arts.

    Christensen has been teaching Art for 18 years, 15 of which have been spent developing the Art curriculum at MSJ. When she first arrived at MSJ, the art program was strictly limited to just Art I. After feeling that the students at MSJ needed more exposure to the humanities and more opportunity to imagine, visu-alize, and construct, Christensen decided to create the AP Art program as well as Art II , Art III , and Art IV classes.

    The selection process was a long one, as Christensen was first nominated by the president of the CAEA and then asked to submit her resume and all per-tinent examples of her work. Christensen decided to display her students work and sent in pictures of the murals her students have painted around MSJ, art submitted to Phoenix magazine, and the mural her students painted for Kaiser Permanente Hospital as part of a service learning project.

    Christensen credits her students for helping her win this award, saying, None

    of this would be possible without [my students]; they are the ones that make life easier for me with their talent. Many of her students win competitions every year, such as the Coca Cola Contest, which resulted in a new computer for the Art department.

    Besides guiding her students to victory in art competitions, Christensen is also very active in the art community. She wrote the syl-labus for AP Studio Art and AP Design, chaired events such as the Teacher as Artist exhibition and the Annual District Art Exhibit, and featured her own art nationally at the Tica Chicago Art Institute Group Show in Chicago, Illinois.

    Christensen will receive this distinguished award at the Awards Breakfast at the CAEA Conference on Nov. 21, 2010, where she plans to give a speech about supporting the arts. She has also been invited to compete at Regionals at a conference in March and at Nationals later on in the year and received over $1000 in stipends to cover her costs for attending these events.

    You take art with you, said Christensen about her desire to raise art awareness. You will always have it for the rest of your life; it is self-expressive and I hope more people will realize that.

    staff writer leland bernstein

    From left to right: Junior Charlotte Miller listens to Christensen critique her painting; Junior Karmay Hung listens to Christensen lecture; student work lines classroom walls.

  • 2 News www.thesmokesignal.org The Smoke Signal Friday, November 19, 2010

    News in Brief

    Erfan is an Iranian-born rapper who has writ-ten songs about the difficulties of growing up in Iran. He moved to the US at age 16.

    Posters line the walls of the bell tower quad to promote awareness of past and present geno-cides worldwide.

    A miner greets his wife after being rescued. The miners were extracted from the mine one by one in a narrow, cylindrical capsule hanging form a crane. The successful rescue sparked a wave of national pride in Chile.



    keynamics.comJet-setters on three airlines will be able to take advantage of in-flight internet thanks to Googles special offer.

    Rap doesnt rulePolice in Tehran have arrested

    several members of underground rap groups. The police raided va-cant homes that several young boys and girls had been using to record and videotape illegal rap music for different websites and satellite net-works. In Iran, rap and rock music are seen as un-Islamic. Police Chief Hussain Sajedinia has accused Irans underground rap scene of spread-ing profanity and poisoning young minds. At this time it is unknown how many rappers were arrested or what they were charged with.

    Google reaches for the skyGoogle is already global, but it is

    now broadening its reach to outer space. Although the company isnt heading out to the moon and stars, it is entering the troposphere by providing free, in-flight internet service to select commercial air-lines. Virgin America, Delta, and AirTran will all offer their domestic passengers the luxury of browsing the web from 30,000 feet in the air. Googles offer runs from Nov. 20, 2010 to Jan. 2, 2011.

    Sentencing sparks protests in Oakland

    On Friday, November 5, pro-tests in Oakland in the residential neighborhoods near Lake Merritt left property damaged and police officers injured. The protests began after BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was given the minimum two-year sentence for the involun-tary manslaughter of Oscar Grant III. Before November 5, protests had already caused $4 million in damages, according to City Ad-ministrator Dan Lindheim. Oak-land requested that BART pay for some of the damages, but BART has not yet agreed to do so.


    Former BART police officer Johannes Meh-serles trial was held in Los Angeles.

    Three months ago, 33 miners went to work on a normal Thursday afternoon underneath the Atacama Desert in Chile. On October 13, they emerged from under the earth as national heroes and internation-al celebrities.

    By Nihar ParikhStaff Writer

    By Alekya RajanalaStaff Wri