Volume XLVI - Issue 22

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    MARCH 7, 2014

    Vector Wheels:

    These side wheels spin the game ball (a two foot diameter exercise ball) into the claw as long as contact is made.

    Linear Puncher:

    Using springs, a ratcheting wrench, a modified transmission, and steel cable, the linear puncher can hit a game ball 20 feet.

    2 Speed Transmission:

    Pneumatic cylinders can shift the gears on the drive system for a variable max speed of either 7 fps or 15 fps.

    Actuated Top Prong:

    A pneumatic cylinder actu-ates top prong of the claw

    system to release the game ball while shooting, while holding it firmly when on

    the move.

    8 Wheel Belt Drive:

    An eight wheel drive system provides stability, a low center of gravity, and an impressive ability to turn with grace and ease. Belts run all four wheels on each side from a single output on the gearboxes.

    Tube Aluminum Assembly:

    Many parts, including the

    entire claw structure, were fabricated from custom

    designed tube aluminum pieces, which were created

    via the use of a CNC machine.

    High Traction Wheels:

    4 diameter high traction wheels placed in the center of the drive system allow for maximum grip on the carpeted surface of the playing field.

    Omni Wheels:

    4 diameter Omni Wheels (not shown) placed in the outer region of the drive system allow for easy turning.

    Laser Cut Brackets:

    The tube pieces are held to-

    gether through a series of laser cut brackets, which are made from 1/8 aluminum. The tube

    aluminum is riveted to the brackets for an extreme hold that can survive the rigors of


    Robot Design 2014

  • !By Michael Herman 14 Content Editor !Dear All Priory Teachers, As many of you have prob-ably figured out by our failing grades, the senior class has been giving minimal effort but we have decided that even this is just too much effort. This letter will act as the final act of trying that any of us will do for the rest of the year no excep-tions. I thought that this would be good to do because I know that teachers have been talking about how hard I have been trying behind my back. I literal-ly did homework the other day at home just to fill you in. Ok it was in the lounge before school. I lied again I did it in Mr. Heerleins class when he had assigned it two days before and it was done at the end of class. I understand that you

    guys deal with this every year but our senior class wanted to distinguish ourselves by be the first ones to start our cease-fire on homework and tests as early as March. Also we want you to take us as men of our words so I will be enforcing this and if I see any member of my class doing work I will slap their work and yell nerd at the top of my lungs. As this third term does not matter I would also like to suggest that instead of attempting to do work in class each teacher take a certain movie on the list that I will provide and show it during class. This list is astronomical-ly short but it is just a jumping off point. If any teacher would like to run any more movies by me I would have no problem with that. As a general rule you guys are not allowed to ask us to write papers on the movies

    that we will be watching. !Bourne Trilogy The Departed

    Actually anything with Matt Damon in it is fine

    Shawshank Redemption (any-thing Morgan Freeman unless it

    is educational) First 2 Seasons of Gossip Girl (if you do not trust me on this

    one talk to me and Ill convince you)

    Goodfellas and anything Martin Scorsese

    Anything Kevin Spacey includ-ing House of Cards

    O Brother Where Art Thou? The Sting but not The Sting II

    The Big Lobowski Inglorious Basterds The Dark Knight American Psycho !

    Love, Michael

    Michael Blogs: Dear My Teachers THE RECORDVOLUME XLIV

    ISSUE 22 MARCH 7, 2014

    Editor In Chief

    Andrew Cammon 14

    Layout Editor

    Lucas McGartland 14

    Content Editors

    Michael Herman 14

    William OBrien 14

    Eric Stange 14

    Faculty Moderator

    Ms. Layton



    314.434.3690 ext. 221


    The Record Disclaimer

    The Record is the official student publication of Saint Louis Priory School in St. Louis, Missouri. It is produced by students/staff mem-bers. Its purpose is to inform stu-dents of events in the community; to encourage discussion of local, national, and international issues; and to serve as a training ground for budding journalists, photogra-phers, and graphic designers. The Record accepts contributions from all members of the Priory commu-nity, including students, faculty, and alumni. The Record will not publish content considered legally unpro-tected speech, including but not limited to: libel, copyright infringe-ment, unwarranted invasion of pri-vacy, or material disruption of the educational process. Student editors apply professional standards to the production of the newspaper and are solely responsible for all con-tent, both explicit and implicit. Let-ters to the Editors are always ap-preciated. Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.


    Most Valuable Companies:

    By George Ahlering 16 Staff Writer !It has long been said that iPhone games and video games in general just havent been up to par with TFM standards. Let me be the first to announce to you that a monumental, land-mark event in Frat History has been made. Recently, some TFTC college student decided to rip off the well-established, former iPhone app Flappy Bird by making essentially the exact same game, with a new name: Fratty Bird. This news broke just when Priory frat lev-els needed it most. Not trying to point any fingers, but as of late Priory student have been slack-ing on their fratistic lifestyles and it is blatant to everyone. Quite frankly we look like a

    bunch of Chaminade kids, and its not cool. This being said, there is room for improvement and still time to get your act together. I strongly urge every one of you to download the Fratty Bird game in the app store, you wont regret it. And for those of you hipsters out there I guess its kinda cooler to have a new Flappy Bird rather than the old, mainstream one. That basically covers everything that was needed to be said, thanks for listening. (Editor: Please dont put this in the Tech Page because thats so not frat.) (George: We had a very hard time discerning whether this article was about technology gains in the avian world, but as per your request, we have not placed it in the Tech Page.)

    Fratty Bird Frat Enough?


    Meet Clment. Hes French.His Dad is the Headmaster at Lyce Sainte Marie de Beaucamps near Lille, France. Stu-dents from Sainte Marie visited Priory in October and theyll be back again next year. Clment is 17 and so he is a bit older than he appears in this partic-ular photograph.*

    ! Sadly, though, Clment needs

    help. Wont you help him? !*Actually this is just a stock photo of a stereotypical Frenchman from Google Im-ages.

    !Clement will be visiting Priory from the beginning of April until the first part of June.If you would like to host him for a week or two during that time frame, you would make a long list of people on both sides of the Atlantic very happy. Please contact Mr. OCon-nell if youd like to volunteer to save Clement from sleeping under bridges here in America. 434-3690, ext. 122

  • !By Eric Stange 14 Content Editor !The crisis, as it is called, in Ukraine has grabbed headlines worldwide. While ignorance could be claimed for the first few weeks of its existence, this is something that is now un-avoidable. Both the escalation and the continuation of the cri-sis have catapulted this to the most significant story in several years. The fact of the matter is that crisis does not adequately describe the situation. It has been referred to many things: The start of World War 3, worst travesty in decades, boneheaded, brilliant, daring, and finally, cat-astrophic. It really depends where your loyalties, politics, and feelings lie. To offer a brief summary, it seems that Russia has either had a hand in Ukraines politics, or was simply waiting for a mo-ment to step in and mediate. This is not debatable. Further-more, there seems to have been some popular disagreement w i t h P r e s i d e n t - e l e c t Yanukovych. A nationalist movement ousted the pro-Rus-sia leader. The impeachment process from Ukrainian Parlia-ment included mass hysteria in Kiev, the capital. This included military involvement, which resulted in several deaths. The death total has now reached about 75, which has prompted serious efforts from European Union to end the conflict. Whether the Yanukovych regime is responsible for this or not is also not debatable. This is really where it gets interesting. A f t e r t h e o u s t e d l e a d e r Yanukovych called on Russia for support, Putin has apparent-ly responded with multiple di-visions of various military units invading Crimea. Interestingly enough, the European Union is

    the main point of contention between the two part ies. Yanukovych backers are in line with Put ins wishes that Ukraine remain out of the E.U along with Russia, as opposed to the nationalists who wish to further their countrys abilities and join the E.U. Since then, both the United States and the Russia have of-fered statements regarding the conflict. In response to no one in particular, Russian president Vladimir has said their actions have been in response to an unconstitutional coup. Hmm. However, to many people be-

    lieve his actions to be complete-ly unprovoked and have voiced their outcry against an unneces-sary occupation. World leaders have fol-lowed this sentiment with simi-lar messages of disapproval. De