Volume XIII, Issue 7 Sandra Mauer, editor July 2003 ... Lee of Virginia offered a resolution to...

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Transcript of Volume XIII, Issue 7 Sandra Mauer, editor July 2003 ... Lee of Virginia offered a resolution to...

  • Scuttlebutt 1

    I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E

    1 Commandant’s Message

    2 Jr. Vice Report, Sr. Vice Report, Quotes in History

    3 Commandant’s Report, Sad Tidings

    4 Looking Ahead, New Member

    5 History of the Marines Hymn

    6 Congratulations

    7 Minutes

    8 & 9 Sick Call, “Scuttlebutt” Boosters, July Birthdays

    Commandant’s Message July 2003

    INDEPENDENCE DAY July 4, 1776 is the momentous American date when John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress, signed the Declaration of Independence. This declaration of sovereignty was a result of many preceding incidences including the Boston Massacre, Townsend Acts, Boston Tea Party, and Battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill between the British and the independent minded Americans. In the beginning of 1776, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet entitled Common Sense encouraging the independence movement. On April 12, North Carolina became the first state to instruct its delegates to move towards independence. Other colonies followed suit, helped by the strong encouragement of patriots like James Madison and Patrick Henry. In June, Richard

    Lee of Virginia offered a resolution to dissolve the political connection with Great Britain but it faced opposition still. Nevertheless, the Continental Congress selected a committee to draft a declaration of independence to support Lee’s resolution. The committee consisted of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Roger Sherman. When the Continental Congress resumed sessions on July 1st, the Declaration of Independence was complete and a test vote was taken. Nine colonies were in favor of the resolution. On July 2, the official Independence vote was taken and twelve colonies supported the notion with New York abstaining. The Declaration of Independence, as written by Jefferson, was approved by Congress on July 4th, 1776. On that same day, it was printed and signed by John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress, and Charles Thomson, secretary. A few days later, New York cast its vote in favor of the resolution thus making the independence movement unanimous among the thirteen colonies. On August 2, the Declaration of Independence was signed by Congress with all but seven delegates signing the document. The remaining seven delegates did eventually sign the document too. Semper Fi,

    Stephen D. Neri Commandant

    Volume XIII, Issue 7 Sandra Mauer, editor July 2003

  • Scuttlebutt 2

    Sr. Vice Report I am organizing a group Phillies’ game on Thursday, July 30th. All those interested in attending, please contact me. Due to limited interest I plan on inviting members of other veteran's groups we work with; American Legion, VFW, DAV. I am also working on scheduling a group tour of the Boeing Plant where they will be building the V-22 Osprey in Delaware County. I will have the arrangements finalized for the guest speaker for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball by the Next General Meeting.

    Rick Van Luvender

    Jr. Vice Report Well our daily lottery is running and I would like to thank everyone that participated in this fundraiser. Also, I would especially like to say thank you to the top five ticket sellers. They were Ray Green, Dan Luty, Harry Kaufman, Bob Stanton and Steve Neri. The first outing for the Jr. Troop Handler Wagon will be on Saturday, June 28th, 0900, at the Acme Market in Newtown Square. The wagon will be in the 4th of July Parade in Marple-Newtown as it is every year. I will have a printed schedule available at the next general meeting. Please see me or call me for copies. We will have the wagon out for twenty-three (23) Saturdays. Also, we will be at the Hero Scholarship Flea Market, the Franklin Mint Antique Auto Show and a few other special events on Sundays. If we all pull together on this project we can beat last year’s record which will ensure success for all of the worthy programs of this great detachment. Semper fi, Jim Alleva

    image source: 4to40 : Kids portal for Parents (http://www.4to40.com/)

    Quotes In History "Remember, whatever you write, this was no retreat. All that happened was that we found more Chinese behind us than in front of us, so we about-faced and attacked." Chesty Puller, USMC, speaking to reporters after the battle out of the Chosen Reservoir, Korean War.

    submitted by Mike Horne

  • Scuttlebutt 3

    COMMANDANT’S REPORT June 3rd, 2003

    Well, here we are at our Spring Pre-Meeting Dinner again, and handing out our annual Scholarships. We are able to award six-$ 500.00 scholarships every year due to the efforts of many of our members on the fund raising projects, such as, the Daily Lottery chances, the Jr. Troop Handler wagon chances, and the Program Ad Book. These fundraisers are the basis of our financial success and enable us to conduct the many programs that our detachment has and, also, to contribute to the many worthy charities that we support. So please remember, when you are asked to help, that your efforts are ensuring the success of so many important projects.

    Once again May has been a very busy month for our detachment. It started with the National Day of Prayer, student and teacher awards at Stella Maris School, putting flags on the graves at Glenwood Cemetery, honor services at Arlington Cemetery, Memorial services at the Legion Post, Veterans Park, and an Open House at Gen. Butler’s home, and our Color Guard at a special ceremony for the Governor. The annual Flag Retirement ceremony is scheduled for Flag Day, June 14th at 1000 at Veterans Park, on Lawrence Road, in Broomall, PA. Please plan to attend. The first outing for the Jr. Troop Handler wagon, which will be on Saturday, June 28th at 0900 at the Acme in Newtown Square. Our Jr. Vice will be asking for volunteers to help with the sale of chances. The Fourth of July is a Friday and we will assemble for the parade at the Newtown Square Shopping Center, on West Chester Pike in front of Casey’s Restaurant. We will have the big trailer for those who cannot march. Our Funeral Honor detail can use some additional help please contact George VanDusen (610-789- 6955) I know George would appreciate your help. Let us all remember to recruit new members whenever possible. Our Sr. Vice has been trying to create interest in a number of one-day fun activities please support his efforts and enjoy the camaraderie. Semper Fi,

    Stephen D. Neri

    Sad Tidings

    It is my sad duty to report that our detachment has had another member report f for his final muster.

    Rudolph H. Musetti

    Rudy was a regular MARINE and the son-in-law of Frank & Mary DiBonaventuro he was awarded the League’s highest medal for life saving and was written up twice in Readers Digest.

    Gone but not forgotten.

    image source: www.archives.gov

  • Scuttlebutt 4

    Looking Ahead D E T A C H M E N T E V E N T S

    JUNE 24 Staff Officers meeting-1930- AL Post 805 28 Jr. Troop Handler Wagon, Acme Market, Newtown Sq., PA, 0900 hrs.

    JULY 01 General Meeting - K of C - 1930 04 Fourth of July Parade, meet in front of Casey’s Restaurant, Newtown Square Shopping Center, West Chester Pike - 0900 29 Staff Officers Meeting - 1930 - AL Post 805

    O T H E R O R G A N I Z A T I O N S ’ E V E N T S

    OTHER VETERANS’ & FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS’ MEETING SCHEDULES Regular Events AmVets: Harold P. Saks Post # 118 211 N. Morton Ave., Morton, PA 19070 Meetings the first Wednesday of every month at 2000 American Legion: Broomall Post # 805 2340 W. Chester Pike, Broomall, PA Meetings the second Wednesday of every month, at 1930 Disabled American Veterans: Delaware County Chapter # 113 Meetings are held at the AmVets Post in Morton, PA on the second Monday of every month at 2000 Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 67, 2nd Thursday every month-1930-Catholic War Veterans Post 731, 920 West Chester Pk. Havertown, PA. Delaware County Detachment Third Sunday of the month: Breakfast: 0800-1130, $5.00/person. Delaware County Detachment at detachment home, Upland, PA. Every Month except: June-July-August. M.O.D.D. “Devil Dogs” Triboro Pound # 19, Pack of Penna. Growls (meetings) are the second Wednesday of the month at 1930. Growls are held at the Herbert W. Best Post # 928, VFW. Located at MacDade Blvd & Kendron Avenue in Folsom, PA. Veterans of Foreign Wars: Broomall Post # 7390 Meetings the second Thursday of the month 1930. Meetings are held at the Marple Twp. Municipal Bldg. Sproul & Springfield Rds. Broomall, PA Knights Of Columbus: Mater Dei Council # 4129 327 N. Newtown Street Rd., Newtown Square, PA Meetings the first Thursday of the month at 2000.

    S P EC I A L E V E N T S JUNE 25-28 Dept. PA MCL - 58th Convention - Williamsport, PA. 28 DelCo Det. Seafood Dinner - 6-8pm, $10.00/person JULY 5 Jr.Troop Handler Wagon ticket sales - 0900 12 Jr.Troop Handler Wagon ticket sales - 0900 19 Jr.Troop Handler Wagon ticket sales - 0900 26 Jr.Troop Handler Wagon ticket sales - 0900 18 Young Marines Graduation Ceremony - 1930, at VFW # 928, Folsom, PA

    T H E O F F I C E R S A N D M E M BE R S O F T H E D E T A C H M E N T