volume 42 issue 6 mARCH 2019 - East Side, Inc. Sending belated birthday wishes to John Vura, Helens

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Transcript of volume 42 issue 6 mARCH 2019 - East Side, Inc. Sending belated birthday wishes to John Vura, Helens

  • volume 42 issue 6 mARCH 2019


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    Bookbuzz Bonnie Easton

    Let’s talk about children’s books this month.

    A picture book for the little ones in your life is Happy St.

    Patrick’s Day by Aimée Chapman, Penny Worms, and Kylie

    Hamley with illustrations by Nanette Regan. It will intro-

    duce children to the world of legends and faerie folk with

    shiny objects they can touch imbedded in the book. What

    does happen when you find a leprechaun?

    For the eight-11 year-olds is the fantasy The Storm

    Keeper’s Island by Catherine Doyle. The island of

    Arronmore chooses a new Storm Keeper each generation to

    command its power and protect its magic. Fionn’s grandfa-

    ther has held the job for many years, but he is ready to hand

    it off to another. Who among the island’s most powerful

    families will take over and hold off the dark magic that

    threatens their lives?

    Begone the Raggedy Witches by Celine Kiernan is Book

    1 of the Wild Magic Trilogy fantasy series. Aimed at 11-13

    year-olds, this book tells the story of raggedy witches who

    carry off Mup’s father on the night their Aunty dies. Mup

    and her mother and her little brother enter the world of

    magic to save him from the evil witch who enforces her laws

    with terror and cruelty.

    Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch offers teens a story

    about Addie, a broken-hearted 16 year-old girl, and her

    brother Ian. They arrive in Ireland for their aunt’s destina-

    tion wedding and tour the countryside, making unscheduled

    stops and attending a major music festival. As well as work-

    ing on healing her heartbreak, she also must heal the frac-

    tured relationship between her and Ian. For more reading suggestions, check out padraicpearse-


    PADRAIC PEARSE BOOK DISCUSSION Our book discussion is taking a break in March to enjoy

    all the wonderful events at the club this month. Please join

    us in April when we will resume our monthly schedule.

    April 19: What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

    May 17: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail


    June 21: The Ruin by Dervla MacTiernan

    For updates on the book discussion group and more read-

    ing suggestions, check out padraicpearsecenter.weebly.com



    11th season gets underway! Mark your calendar now and let

    your family and friends know that this fun game will begin

    again and run through November. Are you ready to win?

    Your delicious steaks will be waiting for you!


    EON & RAFFLE – Definitely circle this date on your cal-

    endar, ladies, and make sure your group does the same. You

    don’t want to be left out of this great day!


    wants to know so they can start planning early. Well, get

    ready to plan for a colorful “Afternoon in the French

    Quarter”. Details to follow in next month’s issue.


    Our 41st Club Anniversary Party and Dance was another

    great success and many people anxiously waited to see

    where our annual Club trip would be taking us this year.

    When the announcement was made that we would be head-

    ing to the Hudson Valley, New York, and the Tara Mansion

    from “Gone with the Wind”, the trip was filled immediate-

    ly, as people hurriedly wrote out their deposit checks and

    registration forms! Margie Drew was the lucky member to

    win the trip that night. Congratulations, Margie!

    We do have a waiting list now for this trip which is

    September 29 - October 5 at a cost of $1200 per person,

    double occupancy. If you want to be put on the waiting list,

    please call me at 440-429-5151.

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    Happy Birthday to all our remembered March babies:

    Bob Spinks on March 3, Annie Bowen on March 15, Alana

    Gurry celebrating number 30 on March 15, Cathy Rice on

    March 18, Linda Baron on March 19, Beth McNally on

    March 21, and Elizabeth Marino will be 19 on March 26.

    Sending belated birthday wishes to John Vura, Helen’s

    Valentine baby, celebrated the big 32 February 14, and

    Colin Hatcher on February 22. Someone was really on the

    ball and sends no less than 32 birthday wishes to Sheila

    Joyce Byrne celebrating on April 2.

    Please pray for Jeff Evers, brother of Jim Evers, as he is

    being treated at University Hospital for serious health

    issues. Prayers also for Kathy Carey’s speedy recovery.

    Condolences to the family of James Hoag who passed

    away January 22 and to the family of Betty Lauver who

    died January 28. Betty was a sister of Nellie Quinn.

    Sympathies to Donna (Gross) Michals and family on the

    death of her husband Jim Michals. More sympathies to

    Betty McArthur on the loss of her son.

    BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Jack Murphy is going on vaca-

    tion to Florida for four days!! His sister, Helen Vura, is in

    charge of the bar. Let’s hope it’s still standing when he gets


    To have your important events included in

    this column, please jot them down on the flyers found on the

    tables at the membership meetings or email me at


    HE SAID…SHE SAID… Marilou Donovan and The Membership

    2019 ST. PATRICK’S DAY RAFFLE It’s that time of the year for our annual St. Patrick’s Day


    All members should have received your tickets by now.

    The success of the raffle will take all members to buy and

    assist with selling tickets.

    If you need more tickets please contact a member of the

    Raffle Committee:

    Mary Alice Curran 440-665-8110

    Michael Byrne 216-990-2581

    Jean Walsh 440-942-3207

    Rita McNeely 440-442-0496

    Tom Curran 440-510- 8009

    Reminder! Return your sold tickets with payment prior

    to the general membership meeting to be eligible to win

    $100.00 in the “early return” raffle at the February General

    Membership Meeting.

    Congratulations to our January winner Jyll Fields.


    “In Memoriam” Plaque In the lower hall there is an "In Memoriam" Plaque

    with the names of deceased members of the Club listed.

    If you have a friend or loved one that was a member of

    the Club and has passed away and you would like their

    name to be included on this Plaque, you can send their

    name and a check for $50 made out to the Irish American

    Club or you can contact Jean Walsh at 440-942-3207

    HEADLINES and DEADLINES If you would like to submit an article for the

    Schanachie, the deadline for the April issue is March 4. You may continue to send your articles to the Club or you may email them to Schanachie@gmail.com. Submission time is not the only criteria for inclusion and we reserve the right to edit due to content and space. If you have any questions call Ann at 440-943-3088 or Kevin McCluskey at 216-956-2653.

    Note from the Editor All articles must be submitted to me by e-mail at:


    They can be typed in Word and do not have to have

    any limit on the width. No spaces before new paragraphs,

    no returns at the end of each line and if you use tabs do

    not use multiple tabs. The printer will fix the tabs.

    Pictures must be jpeg (jpg). Send to me as an attachment

    in your e-mail. Proofreading staff will meet for proof-

    reading on March 13 at 7:30 pm. Ann Turk.

    Monthly Membership Meetings Members last names beginning with the following letters

    please bring a dessert for that month’s meeting. Any ques-

    tions please call Dolly Luskin at 216-261-0967.

    Month Letter Month Letter





    MAY J, K & L NOVEMBER W, X, Y & Z

    JUNE M DECEMBER All Members

    Keep up to date with weekly email blasts from the IACES!

    Do you know that the IACES sends out weekly email blasts with information on upcoming events at the IACES, Padraic Pearse and the greater Irish community? If you would like your email address added to this list, please contact Sarah Dirk at obriendirk@gmail.com or 216-337-9004

    Membership Has Its Privileges Kathy Foster

    YOUR vote counts! Vote on action at the monthly membership meetings. You must sign the attendance sheet to earn credit. Please don’t sign in for anyone but yourself.

    If you attend three meetings between July and May,

    you can vote in the June election for Board members.

    Card carrying members pay the member price for

    Club events.

    Receive our monthly newsletter, The Schanachie,

    delivered to your home.

    New members will receive a Club Pin and a copy of

    our bylaws by attending a membership meeting. There were 81 members signed in at the February meet-


    If you paid your dues, but are not receiving The

    Schanachie, conta