Volume 34 Spring , 2014 - PNR 2014.pdf · PDF fileVolume 34 Spring , 2014. Well this...

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Transcript of Volume 34 Spring , 2014 - PNR 2014.pdf · PDF fileVolume 34 Spring , 2014. Well this...

Volume 34 Spring , 2014

Well this should be the Spring issue of the Purple Sage aswe have not put one out yet this year. And I owe you all anapology for not getting this done sooner. I think its Junealready, isnt it?

If you havent been around lately, you dont know thatSharon and I bought a new house after being in the old one forover 36 years. So, the Elbow Valley RR is now a thing of thepast and like Phoenix rising, a new Elbow Valley is in the works.Tearing down my 25 year project has not been fun, but the ideaof a new, bigger double deck RR is oh so exciting. And so Idont forget, I need to say a big thank you to all of my 3rd Div.friends for their help over the years. I would list them all byname but you dont have time to read such a long list. And asyou would expect I cant remember all of it.

Enough about me and now for the good stuff. Here is whatI wrote to the PNR for an annual report.

The 3rd Division has pretty much recuperatedfrom putting on the Regional Convention last Summer.We had a great crew, lots of wonderful participation andmost of all very positive comments from those whoattended. To all who attended, from near and far, wethank you for sharing this great hobby with us!

The train show portion of the convention mademoney due to the free rent associated with theconvention. Numerous folks in the area have asked thatwe put on an annual show and we have a committeelooking into this.

So far this year we have added approximatelyseven new members. Also we now have an officialmembership chair and welcome letters are being drafted.

We are also working on changes to our bylaws toinclude rules for rotating the three offices on a three yearbasis. This does not mean an officer cant run for theirposition again.

We have had a wonderful web master for anumber of years, Bruce McCosh. He has recently passedthe job on Chris Mesa and we are now looking to putourselves on Facebook.

A number of the local members are planning toattend this years Regional in Tacoma as we fully expectyet another great convention.

As for me, I feel taking the reins of the 3rdDivision is a wonderful opportunity, one where we canpull in the members to participate just a little more in

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Tom reported that several vandals descended on theElbow Valley recently, causing much damage to scenery. Theydefended their actions by noting that the management had beenpreparing to do just that, anyway, so they were just helping.Considering management was among the vandals, the railroadpolice decided to let the matter be and left to continuepreparations for relocating to bigger quarters at the new homeoffice.

Sandy's article on the LP appears in the July/August issueof N Scale Railroading. Very nice, although he sold the GreadyMills logging operation to the Klearkut operation. I don't knowwhat else Sandy has in the pipe line, but given the number of Nscalers in the area I'm sure many more fine articles are a coming.

By Tom Waters, Division Supt. By Rick Uhlenkott, Editor


Engineer's Side, Continued from page 1

this hobby of railroading. As I have often said, we dont discriminateagainst scale.

So to expand on the above, Chris Mesa has taken over as Web Masterand also as Membership Chairman. Skip Dautel continues as Secretary andJerry Thomas has taken on the 3Rd. Div. Treasures job. Warren Smith hasoffered to run the Favorite Model Contest during the Spring and Fall Meets.

And speaking of the Fall Meet, we are locked on for September 27that the same place as the past meets.

The monthly business meeting was moved to Idaho Pizza Co. onFairview near Cole Road in Boise in order to get away from noisy videogame machines at the Overland store.

In closing, you can see that some changes have been made lately, socheck the web page often for the latest info.


And as you should already know, if there is anything Ican help you with dont hesitate to contact me (info, on the3rd Div. web page).

Tom Waters

Come and make it part ofyour vacation this year and enjoythe beautiful Redwoods and one ofthe most outstanding coastlines inthe world. There are any numberof places to camp if you wish.The temperatures will be in the

high 60's to low 70's so you can escape the heat ofsouth west Idaho and cool off. Also there are anynumber of places to stay in and around Fortuna andEureka.

We will give you gate passes and parkingpermits to get into this small county fair. By theway, the Humboldt County Fair was the first countyfair in California, dating back to the late 1800's.There are many things to see on the north coast ofCalifornia from the tallest trees in the world toVictorian Villages like Ferndale used in a number ofHollywood movies.

If you could give us a weekend, one or twodays or some evenings during the week please getin touch with me at

2297107 [email protected]

Ron Plies

A total look at the club's module layout

Shively, California down inthe Eel River Canyon in theheart of the redwoods

The EurekaCaliforniaDepot in themid 50's

Eel River ValleyTUWVXXUWYZ


By Tom WatersThis years Spring Meet was

just a little different for me this time.I asked Bruce Oberleitner to takeover running the contest as he hasbeen instrumental in helping me inthe past. As luck would have it,

Brucer was under the weather thatday and couldnt even get out ofbed to call me. Well, MichaelStarkey stepped up and offered totake over. And a big THANKS tohim for doing a great job. As forme, I have fallen on my head ingetting this write up done andgetting ribbons to the winners andI apologize for that.

This time there were 28entries entered by 10 of us. Now Iknow more of you have been busybuilding models so plan onentering the contest this Fall, we want to see your handywork.

Here are the items you all liked the best at the Meet:

Complete Train 1st George Wolfrum, N Scale log train2nd Bryan James, HO scale Orient

Express3rd Don Osborn, O scale Hafner passenger train

Steam Locomotive 1st Terry

Jackson, HO scale MDC Shay

Diesel Locomotive 1st Bryan James, HO scale Athern GP382nd Floyd Warden, (assume G scale) Something

he didnt write down

Passenger Car 1st Michael Starkey, S scale wood passenger car2nd Bryan James, HO scale Santa Fe observation

car3rd Warren

Smith, HOn3 scalebusiness car Alamosa

NonRevenue Car 1st Warren

Smith, HOn3 scale ditcher2nd Bryan

James, HO scale crane andboom car

Caboose No Entries

Spring Meet Contest Results


ADVERTISING RATES FOR ONE YEAR ARE:2 X 3 1 /2" 3 X 3 1 /2" 4 X 3 1 /2"

COMMERCIAL 24.00 36.00 48.00CLUB 20.00 30.00 40.00CLASSIFIED 1 6.00 24.00 32.00INDIVIDUAL PIKE 1 2.00 1 8.00 24.00




Freight Car 1st Rick Uhlenkott, N

scale Trilevel Autorack on UPflat car

2nd Warren Smith,HOn3 scale drop bottom gondola

3rd Bryan James, HOscale gas tank (?)

Traction Locomotive No Entries

OnLine Structure 1st Rick Uhlenkott, N scale Idaho County

Light & Power LPG facility

OffLine Structure 1st Sam Parkins, HO Scale General Store

Vehicle No Entries

Tree No Entries

Other No Entries

Module No Entries

Diorama 1st George

Wolfrum, N Scale Tug Boat2nd Warren

Smith, HO scale OakleafSupply

Color Photo 1st A three way tie:

Carl Sorensen UP on the ColumbiaCarl Sorensen MT14 on the Mt. Hood RRCarl Sorensen POVA (whatever that is)

2nd A two way tie:Carl Sorensen RDC in PayetteCarl Sorensen calendar

Black & White Photo No Entries

Best N ScaleGeorge Wolfrum N Scale log train

Best HO ScaleA five way tie:

Warren Smith, HOn3 business car AlamosaWarren Smith, HO scale Oakleaf SupplyWarren Smith, HOn3 scale ditcherBryan James, HO scale Athern GP38Bryan James, HO scale crane and boom car

Best O ScaleDon Osborn, O scale Hafner passenger train

Best G ScaleFloyd Warden, The something He didnt write down

Best of ShowGeorge Wolfrum

N Scale log train


Uhlenkott NScaleWicks New LoadingDock, phase 1

Ive been informed by the staff in the Boise store that the Nampastore is closing. The last day for the Nampa store will be the27th of June.


By Jerry Thomas

Sometimes whentravelling model railroaders tripupon a gem quite by accident.Maybe this has happened toyou as it did to me when I wasvisiting my father in FortMyers, Florida and foundScale Rails of SouthwestFlorida. Visiting on a regularlyscheduled Tuesday worksession, we were warmlygreeted by Dwight and Jimwho toured us around theirspacious layout building. At the entrance the club has a forkids only Lionel layout. Dwight showed us the NTrak

modules. They have over 50 linear feet of quality, detailed workfinished and several more on the way. The club has their ownpainted trailer with logo to transport to frequent shows.

Jim showed us the huge HO layout. It was multilayeredin Western scenery. In places the layout has three levels with afair amount of HOn3 track mostly working the mines. Club

members were demonstrating a high level of skill in completingtheir tasks. The c