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Transcript of VoLTE Performance Assurance - Accedian · PDF file VoLTE Performance Assurance LTE, Small Cell...

  • Solution brief ● V-NID Performance Platform ● LTE, Small Cell Backhaul & VoLTE

    3Q 2014

    VoLTE Performance Assurance LTE, Small Cell Backhaul & VoLTE Performance Assurance Accedian Networks’ V-NID™ Performance Platform helps mobile operators deliver flawless VoLTE QoS over their backhaul networks by using a unique combination of virtualized instrumentation, standards-based+ real-time metrics, powerful reporting and troubleshooting tools.

    Using existing network elements (NEs) as test endpoints, the V-NID platform performs high-precision one-way measurements at layers 2 & 3, from which VoLTE quality scores are derived. Where NEs lack integrated performance monitoring (PM) support, Accedian pluggable performance modules, elements and software agents provide additional test points to eliminate blind spots.

    Active per-flow monitoring uses standards-based Ethernet SOAM, Layer 3 TWAMP and ICMP/UDP Echo protocols to ensure interoperability in multi-vendor networks. Detailed VoLTE Quality of Experience (QoE) KPIs including MOS and R-factor (ITU-T G.107 E- Model) are calculated in real-time, with sub-second granularity.

    With this functionality, operators can assure backhaul networks can deliver reliable service quality before deploying VoLTE in their networks – then verify ongoing performance to proactively maintain best-in-class voice services.

    The V-NID platform is easy to setup and scale, with centralized provisioning, management and reporting unifying network-wide service assurance. Programmable alarm filtering, graphing, reporting and performance analysis tools in the V-NID Analyzer web-app provide proactive end-to-end and per-segment visibility.

    As operators roll out VoLTE, QoS issues can quickly degrade, interrupt or prevent calls and roaming.

    In a world where “5-bars” performance is expected anytime, anywhere, anything less impacts customer loyalty and revenue. Latency, delay variation, availability, and packet loss are just a few key metrics that must meet demanding specs for successful VoLTE services.

    A real-time view of network performance lets operators respond quickly to QoS threats - and offer the best possible VoLTE experience to their customers.

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