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Vocabulary Week 28. Word 1: Persuade Def: To convince by giving reasons Sent : Remarkably, Lisa persuaded all the students to get up and go to the beach. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Week 1

Vocabulary Week 28Word 1: PersuadeDef: To convince by giving reasonsSent: Remarkably, Lisa persuaded all the students to get up and go to the beach.

Word 2: FlinchDef: A sudden movement backwards caused by fright or painSent: Principal Smith flinched in horror as he saw all the students leaving the school.

Word 3: AstoundDef: So surprising that it is hard to believeSent: The idea that Lisa could convince all the students to leave school was astounding.

Word 4: Rogue Def: A person of low characterSent: Lisa had been a loner and a rogue, but today she was the leader of them all.

Word 5: HorrendousDef: Extremely badSent: Principal Smith realized this was a horrendous blow to her reputation.

Word 6: DejectedDef: Disappointed and sadSent: Principal Smith had never felt so dejected in her whole life.

Word 7: JinxDef: Something that brings bad luckSent: Lisa had been a jinx for Principal Miller. Bad things had happened since the first day she showed up.

Word 8: PandemoniumDef: Wild disorder, chaosSent: Pandemonium reined as teachers tried futilely to keep students from leaving and going to the beach.

Word 9: DisperseDef: To break up and scatterSent: Riots resulted in the parking lot and police were called in to disperse everyone.

Word 10:Notify / NotificationDef: To officially tell someone , alert, warnSent: Principal Smith finally notified everyone on the loudspeaker that anyone leaving to the beach would be severely punished.

Word 11: DocileDef: Calm and easy to controlSent: Judy, who was a docile student and never did anything wrong, sat doing her homework during all of the commotion.

Word 12: NumbDef: Unable to feel part of your bodySent: Suddenly Principal Millers whole body felt numb. It was all too much for her.

Word 13: IntensifyDef: To increase in strength or degreeSent: Teachers trying to control the students just intensified the crazy atmosphere that was getting worse by the minute.

Word 15: ContributeDef: To give energy, time or money to a causeSent: Parents showing up screaming only contributed to the chaos and pandemonium.

Word 19: Fraudulent / FraudDef: Intended to illegally deceive people in order to gain money or powerSent: Lisa had fraudulently written a check out from Principal Smiths checkbook in order to buy Pizza for everyone at the beach.

Word 17:AnnihilateDef: To destroy completelySent: This stunt had annihilated any hope of Lisa getting student of the year.

Word 16: DetrimentalDef: To be harmful to, to cause damage toSent: To say the least, this day had been very detrimental to the learning process.

Word 18: EssenceDef: Overall meaning or most important quality of somethingSent: The school board thought the essence of the whole thing revolved around caring.

19Word 19: DisassembleDef: To take apartSent: The whole high school curriculum was disassembled and rebuilt around the idea of caring. Even Lisa learned to care.

Word 20: GobletDef: Drinking glass with a long stem to hold itSent: The school board toasted their success with goblets full of ice cold Pepsi.