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  • 1. Vocabulary Tell me and I forget Teach me and I remember Involve me and I learn Benjamin Franklin
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    • 2008/2009
  • 3. Introduction
    • English is an international language which is spoken in most parts of the world. It is used as a means of communication in business, commerce, education or technology. In this globalization era, the role of English is getting more important. That is why many people are interested in learning and acquiring it. Moreover, some countries like Indonesia used English as a compulsory and required subject in school. It is started to be taught from the fourth grade of elementary school and continued to junior high school, senior high school, even until university.
  • 4.
    • Four language skills need to be mastered:
      • Listening.
      • Speaking.
      • Writing.
      • Reading.
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    • Beside those skills, there are also some language components need to be mastered such as :
      • Pronunciation.
      • Spelling.
      • Grammar.
      • Vocabulary.
      • All of those components and skills must be learned intensively to improve someone ability in speaking English especially vocabulary.
  • 6. The Definition of Vocabulary
    • There are some definitions about vocabulary appeared.
    • According to Hornby (2005:1707), gives definition that vocabulary is as a collection or list of words with brief explanations of their meanings.
    • According to Keraf in Wisma (2008:9) defines that vocabulary is a list of words which is means for distributing communication with other people.
  • 7. The Importance of Vocabulary
    • In Learning English, vocabulary has important roles such as:
      • By knowing and memorizing a lot of vocabulary, we can easily and fluently to communicate with others.
      • We will be able to express more ideas, so we can communicate the ideas more effectively.
      • Influences the communicative competence.
      • We will be easier to read and comprehend what we have read.
      • To avoid the breaking down of the communicative interaction or express our idea.
  • 8. What makes vocabulary easy or difficult?
    • Learning and mastering vocabulary is a must. Without knowing them, we can not communicate, read, comprehend, and write something.
    • When we have known and learned the vocabulary, the vocabulary will be easy. For example: The Tsunami paralyzed Tokyo on Friday morning. If we have learned and known the meaning of paralyzed, the sentences easy to understand.
    • But when we never heard, seen and learned the vocabulary the vocabulary will be difficult.
    • According to above example, if we never heard about word paralyzed, it will difficult to understand.
  • 9. I am sad because do not know the meaning of boneka in English. The vocabulary is difficult.
  • 10. I am Happy. Because I have known the meaning of boneka . Yes. The vocabulary is easy for me.
  • 11. What aspect of a vocabulary item should be the teacher consider?
    • In teaching vocabulary, the teacher should consider the aspect (The form, the meaning, and the use )of vocabulary. For example:
      • Noun
      • Adjectives
      • Verb
      • Pronoun
      • Adverb
      • Preposition
      • Conjunction
      • Interjection
      • Each aspect should be thought intensively, therefore the student will know well about it.
  • 12.
    • Lets see the example below:
    • The teacher teach about Verb. Verb is word that expresses an activity, or attitude. There are many kinds of verb. Those are : Infinitive, preterit, past participle, regular, irregular, transitive, intransitive, full verb, auxiliary verb and linking verb.
    • For example , Infinitive is verb in form of first verb. It usually used in simple present tense to express habitual action. If we use word of Teach it will change depend on the subject used. For subject He, She, It, the word will be added s/es, but if the subject I, You, They and We do not need to add s/es. It is important to explain to the student the form, the meaning and the use of word, so that they will use in appropriately.
  • 13. Ways to Memorizing Vocabulary
    • There are some ways to memorizing vocabulary:
    • Using humor.
    • Listening music.
    • Do not memorize too many words too quickly.
    • Get up and move.
    • Watching western movie.
    • Flashcards.
    • Competition.
  • 14. Technique of Teaching Vocabulary
    • There are many ways or techniques that can be used by teachers in teaching vocabulary to the students. Some of them are: through games, songs, real things, picture, video and others.
    • Games help students to make and sustain the effort of learning and enjoy in the learning process.
    • By using real things, the students become familiar and easier to memorize the vocabulary that relate with objects of their environment.
    • Songs can provide excellent practice in pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation.
    • By using the pictures and video the student will see the object directly without imagine them only.
  • 15. Conclusion
    • Learning and improving your vocabulary will make you easier to communicate to others especially in English language.
    • Keep Improving Your Vocabulary