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  • Know How & innovation

    OIL & GAS

  • 4 Design and engineering

    5 Modification engineering and supply of equipment

    6 custom made equipment

    7 Skidding and handling systems

    8 Bulk loading and hose hanDling system

    10 Offshore winches and equipment

    11 Subsea

  • THE COMPANY VNEVNE has since 1989 been a provider of products and services within structural, mechanical and hydraulic system design to a range of markets: The offshore and onshore oil industry, The marine industry, General land based industry and to Navy and Airports.

    The unique composition of knowledge makes VNE one of Norway`s most versatile product and engineering companies and our extensive experience make us able to solve the most complex problems for our customers.

    Our Key areas for the Oil and Gas Industry includes:

    Design and Engineering services

    Offshore and Onshore modifi cation engineering

    Consept development and custom made equipment

    Skidding and handling Systems

    Bulk loading and Hose handling solutions

    Offshore and Special winches


  • DESIGN AND ENGINEERINGTime changes quickly and create a demand for

    new products and solutions as well as maintenance and modifications

    on existing installations and equipment.

    VNE can take on assignments ranging from plain engineering and analyzing assignments to full turnkey projects including feasibility studies, concept development, detail design and on to production, installation, training and service.

    Extensive experience within the areas underneath solves the most complex problems.

    Strength Calculations

    Lifetime Calculations

    Hydraulic Systems

    Pneumatic Systems

    Automation Systems

    Production, Layout and Planning Systems

    VNE can provide its customers with a range of calculation and analyzing services :

    Manual calculation

    Structural analysis

    Finite Element Method analysis: linear and non-linear

    Dynamic analysis

    Vibration analysis and natural frequency

    Analyses of material fatigue and fracture mechanics Crane and lifting

    operation calculations

    Contact analyss

    Third party verification

    Pressurized equipment

    All design is done in accordance with the international standards and certified by recognized authorities such as Lloyds, DNV, ABS etc.

    Focus on quality management

    VNE always aim to find the best and most cost effective solution for our customer without compromising on quality. VNE`s Quality Management System is according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

  • New areas for exploration and higher standards for safety increases the demand for modifi cation and upgrading.

    VNE can take on a variety of modifi cation jobs ranging from plain engineering work and on to larger turnkey projects.

    Delivering products and services to a wide range of markets has through the years given VNE extensive and valuable experience in solving different kind of challenges.


    Design and supply of various Steel structures and hydraulic systems

    Mechanical engineering and supply of equipment

    Upgrading and maintenance on existing equipment

    Simplifi cation of work processes through automation

    Delivery of systems and solutions for safer and quicker material handling

    Modification engineering

    and supply of equipment

    We work closely with our customers in order to nd the best solution.

  • custom made equipment

    Our Special Projects range and experience is various and includes a broad range of working steel constructions with drive systems.

    Hydraulic slip way for the back of Havila Troll. Launching and retrieval of lifeboats and.

    other small vessels

    Many existing ways of doing operations can be improved by developing new and innovative equipment.

    Everybody in our company share the needed passion for engineering, creativity and challenges to provide our clients with the best possible equipment in the market.

    VNE deliver one-off and custom-built solutions and products which we believe add economical, technical, environmental and safety value to the markets existing technologies. We take care of the total process from idea and concept development to delivery, start-up and training.

    Through the years we have delivered a range of products that just started

    out as an idea or a problem for a customer and turned out to be complete turnkey products.By working closely with the customer through the entire process from consept to delivery we ensure that they get what they want.

    Developing innovative solutions and new techniques is a continuous process for VNE and is fundamental to everything we do. Extensive experience within Custom Made equipment based on steel structures and various system designs makes us able to solve the most complex challenges.

    By using as much standard components as possible we reduce the cost and make the service and maintenance easier.

    Examples of equipment VNE has delivered:

    Pipe ange welding machine at Frank Mohn.

    Plant for cleaning and upgrading of used drillpipes for Frank Mohn. The plant transports cleanes, sorts, and upgrades used drill pipes.

  • Skidding systems

    VNE can design and deliver various hydraulic skidding systems for transport of heavy loads. Previous experience covers several deliveries to both onshore and offshore installations. We can design both Gripper Jack skidding systems and Claw type skidding systems in order to move heavy loads along beams with high positioning accuracy. VNE skidding systems are designed to adapt different dimensions of flange width and flange thickness on the skidding beams and with capacities for loads up to 500 Tonnes

    Handling systems

    VNE has extensive experience in designing custom made material handling system and different kind of production lines. We plan the entire process in order to make it as efficient as possible and design the handling systems according to the production flow and layout.

    They can typically include:

    various transportation, scanning and sorting, milling, grinding, welding, cleaning, painting etc.

    Skidding and handling systemsVNE has extensive experience in designing custom made material handling system and different kind of production lines.

    Plant for handling and upgrading of used drill pipes.

    Pipehandlingsystem for drillpipe and casing.

    Self propelled transportation unit for risers delivered to CCB.

  • Bulk loading and hose handling systemsEffective loading of fluids and dry bulk materials between supply vessels and fixed or floating production (drilling) units are necessary to maintain continuous operations.

    VNE`s solutions ensures safe and reliable hose handling even during the most harsh and extreme offshore conditions and gives many advantages compared to traditional methods:

    Increased safety for equipment and personnel

    Less time needed for the operation

    Reduced risk of pollution

    Increased lifespan for the hoses

    Reduced need for operating personnel

    Easy access for maintenance VNE bulk loading stations are certified according to prevailing rules and regulations and can be delivered in various types and dimensions.

    Our customers can have standard solutions with small adjustments or tailormade equipment according to their specification. We can deliver the equipment including HPU or it can be connected to a ring line onboard the platform.

    A typical station would be fitted with reels for 4 and 5 soft wall hoses with floating element and for mediums like Diesel, Potable water, Brine, Cement, Bentonite/Barite, mud etc.

  • Bulk loadingstation delivered to Bideford Dolphin.

    Drawing of transportabel hose reel.

    The Bulk Loading stations from VNE are suitable for both newbuildings and upgrading/modifi cation projects. For replacements of existing solutions, our engineers take care of the entire process from survey to installation. We do do all calculating and adjustments to existing structures.

    Hose ReelsIn addition to the bulk loading stations VNE can design and deliver various hose reels and hose handling solutions both for transportable and fi xed installations.

    They can be delivered custom made with a range of drive options, in aluminum or steel, fi xed solutions or transportable and made for a variety of different hoses, mediums and lengths.

    transportabel hose reel.

  • Offshore Winches ANd equipmentAll winches are made according to customers requiements and in compliance with existing rules and regulations.

    VNE has a long end extensive exper ience within Offshore and special winches and has together with their daughter company NDM Norwegian Deck Machinery a large amount skilled designers and project managers who can handle the most complicated inquiries.


    Winches and reels are delivered electric, high pressure hydraulic or pneumatic and with a range of different control options.

    Winches can be delivered with or without spooling device and designed for different loads and a variety of speeds.

    Our equipment can be fi tted with Constant Tension and a Passive and/or Active Heave Compensation System to compensate the relative motion between the vessel, its equipment and fi xed objects such as platforms or the seabed.

    Examples :

    Offshore winch packages for offshore vessels

    Man riding winches

    Spooling winches/solutions

    Storage Winches

    Constant tension winche