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  • 1. Polycom Video Media Center VMC 1000 Turn communications into content

2. History Repeating Itself 1990 2000 Email MP3 Wireless IM Video Stealth Entrants to the Enterprise Network 2007 and Beyond 3.

  • Merging the separate worlds of video conferencing and video streaming
  • Affordably creating high-quality video communications
  • Managing, tracking, and securing video content throughout the enterprise
  • Delivering video content in real-time and on demand to various target audiences

Enterprise Video Challenges 4. Polycom Video Media CenterTM

  • Integrates Videoconferencing with Video Content Management
  • Single centralized repository for video content
  • Centralized storage and tracking of video across users, content, and subject
  • Streamlines the video content lifecycle from creation to delivery

Leverage Protect Manage 5. Video Content Life Cycle: Creation to Delivery Protect Leverage Manage Live Streaming & Video on Demand Create Publish & AccessCapture Polycom RSS 2000 Polycom endpoints 6. Create and Capture

  • Benefits
  • Leverage existing video infrastructure in content creation
  • Streamline and simplify creation process
  • Integration with RSS 2000 automates steps for information capture

Polycom RSS 2000 Polycom VMC 1000

  • Record from a video endpoint to create content
  • Captures events live and records via registered RSS 2000s
  • Capture presenters desktop live w/H.239 support

Polycom endpoint Protect Manage Leverage 7. Secure

  • Flexible access to content
    • Secure with authentication or available to all
  • Content organizational structure secured by access control
  • Automatic removal of content after expiration
  • Private code authentication or LDAP/local authentication
  • Benefits
  • Avoid outdated content circulation
  • Access enables compliance and security

Leverage Manage Protect 8. Access & Search

  • Targeted programs queued on portal or accessed through a different website via published URL
  • Role-based access control to programs and content
    • Super administrator, broadcasters and users
    • Authenticated via LDAP or local user database
  • Search on key words, results based on accessibility of content
  • Benefits
  • Improve time management by finding content quickly
  • Ensure security of content through access control

Leverage Protect Manage 9. Publish

  • Users can easily publish and manage their own video content
  • Publish to video portal or via URL to other websites
  • Package the program
    • Associate related documents, synchronize slides
  • Post-event editing
    • Trim footage, Chaptering, Captioning
  • Benefits
  • Maximize effectiveness of information delivery
  • Empower users to manage and own content

Leverage Protect Manage 10. Report & Monitor

  • Live call status with attendance reports
  • Comprehensive and consolidated reporting with pre-canned reports
    • Program summary report
    • Media viewing report
    • Viewer activity report
    • Program popularity report
    • Resource bin storage support
  • Benefits
  • Track viewership # of attendees, length of viewing duration
  • Verify employee/organizational compliance

Leverage Protect Manage 11. Live Streaming & Video on Demand

  • Real-time streaming of video and rich media
  • Global scalability: 1000 unicast connections with multicast support
  • Live to VOD Transition Management
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Benefits
  • Broadcast to as wide or narrow an audience as required
  • Convey consistent messages
  • Enable constituents mobility and flexibility with VoDsviewable on their terms
  • Reduce time and expense of physically shipping DVDs, training collateral, and more

Protect Manage Leverage 12. Polycom Video Production

  • Easily create video content using existing interfaces
  • Leverage existing video cameras and codecs
  • Enable targeted video communications from creation to receipt

1) Self record usingvideo conferencing endpoint 2)Automatic Archive of RSS 2000recording onto VMC 1000 3) Package and Publish video content 4) Receive VoD or bylive streaming RSS 2000 Video Media Center 13. Scalable Real-time Video Communications

  • Video conferencing for participants requiring interactive sessions
  • Live streaming for participants requiring information only

Video Media Center Polycom RMX 2000 Conference in Progress Web Streaming to Thousands of Non-active Participants Interactive Participants RSS 2000 14. Line of Business Applications C-Level

  • New hire training
  • Employee communications
  • Compliance

HR Communicating organizational strategy Enabling consistent employee communications Sharing knowledge internally

  • Producing product demos, sales tools
  • Product launch
  • Sales force training, global sales events

Marketing & Sales Other LOBs

  • Customer Service: Video self service desks, video user guides
  • Research and Development: Capture and retain intellectual property

15. Vertical Market Applications

  • Archived lectures
  • Distance learning

Higher Ed

  • Grand Rounds
  • Record live interaction between physician and patient
  • HIPAA compliance

Health Care

  • Archive town hall, public meetings
  • Deliver internal government communications


  • Archive research meetings for FDA compliance
  • Geographically dispersed research teams

Pharma 16. Extend your video communications with the Polycom Video Media Center

  • Streamlines the video content lifecycle from creation to delivery
  • Single platform for all video in the enterprise
    • Compliance, Corp Communication, Customer Service, Sales, Training, and more
  • Leverages video conferencing infrastructure
    • Cost-effectively streamlines content creation process
    • Faster ROI for video conferencing system investments
  • Scalable real-time communications
    • Combine streaming and video conferencing to achieve mass scale

17. Real-time & On-Demand Streamingof video & rich media to up to 1,000 concurrent users Capturevideoconferences, meetings, training sessions, corporate communications, and moreCatalogand track all video content in the enterprise Searchby category, keyword, availability, and more Accesscontent through customizable web portals Archivecontent for long-term storage compliance Publish , package, and customize content and delivery Reporton viewership, content statistics and more Secureenterprise content and control access from creation to expiration Managethe growth of video content in your enterprise with a single all-in-one solution Protectenterprise video content in a dedicated & secure repositoryLeveragethe value of video communications by directing customized content to specific target audiences Key Benefits Enables users to create enterprise video programs using existing IP and conferencing infrastructures Allows targeting of video content to specific audiences for training, presentations, collaboration, and more Streamlines the video content lifecycle from creation to delivery Leverages and increases value of existing Polycom conferencing investments Key Features Unique Advantages Polycom Video Media Center QUICK REFERENCE SLIDE