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Collaboration with a Fashion student skye pennant

Transcript of Visuelle Lookbook

  • Winter Knits / 04 - 09

    Silhouettes & Shadows / 10 - 15

    Projected Fashion / 16 - 21

    Welcome to Visuelle Autumn/Winter

    2010, the journal and style guide.

    This issue features

    various projects based on fashion

    and visual communication. Visuelle is the result of a

    collaboration between graphic

    designer Craig Scott and fashion

    designer Skye Pennant.

    Visuelle 0302 Visuelle

  • If you go down to the woods today.

    This season celebrates long-line

    lengths with maximum coverage,

    think chunky knits mixed with silky

    fabrics. Help fight off the chill with

    knee high socks or

    knitted leggings, teamed with tweed

    and plaid. Think herritage fabrics and

    mossy shades.

    Helen Turner wears the classic knit-

    ted Aran cardigan and the Wolf

    knitted Scarf available from Topshop

    and Unique respectively.

    The dark nights are approaching,

    bringing with it the dropping

    temperatures and ice cold winds.

    Add some warmth to your

    wardrobe this season with layers of

    oversized knits.


    Photography - Craig Scott

    Styling - Skye Pennant

    Model - Helen Turner

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  • The Devil &God

    rage inside of me.

    Fashion is a shape, a changing

    shape. Fashion can control your

    shape, either by enlargement or

    reduction, or by flattening or moving

    parts into new positions. The word

    silhouette, because it

    implies the outline of form has been

    used to describe the human body.

    This project explores the idea of the

    outline of form with the use of modi-

    fyed garments.

    Different materials change the shape

    of the model with varied transparan-

    cies in turn altering the shadow. Our

    first impression of clothes is what

    they look like in the way of colour

    and pattern, this experiment aims to

    look a bit differently at the appear-

    ance of clothes, exploring their role

    in the conflict with the shape of the

    body, and the conflict of light and



    Photography - Craig Scott

    Model and Styling -

    Skye Pennant

    10 Visuelle

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  • Blank canvas

    for expression.

    A Imagine a world where garments are nothing more than placeholders for the patterns, images or even video that would be projected onto them.

    Perhaps dynamic

    clothing that would update or

    change without any input from the


    This project was based around the

    idea of a garment being a blank

    canvas for expression. To explore this

    we projected images and video onto

    a blank mannequin in a photo studio.

    Adding garments and paper to the

    mannequin in order to distort the

    projected image.


    Photography - Craig Scott

    Styling - Skye Pennant.

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