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Presentation created in Presentation, Design and Delivery. January 25, 2011

Transcript of Visual Ethnography

  • 1. VISUALETHNOGRAPHY analyzing human behavior through the lens of a cameraPRESENTATION : DESIGN & DELIVERY | SPRING 2011 | JOSH RITENOUR

2. Visual anthropology logically proceeds from thebelief that culture is manifested through visiblesymbols embedded in gestures,ceremonies, rituals, and artifacts situated inconstructed and natural environments. 3. VISUALEXPLORATIONPRESENTATION : DESIGN & DELIVERY | SPRING 2011 | JOSH RITENOUR 4. Culture is conceived of as manifesting itself inscripts with plots involving actors and actresseswith lines, costumes, props, and settings.The cultural self is the sum of the scenarios inwhich one participates. 5. VISUALEXPLORATION 6. Ethnographers employ photographs in the field toinduce responses in an interview. The primaryfunction of photographs taken in the field is as anaide-de-memoire, to help reconstitute events in themind of the ethnographer. 7. VISUALEXPLORATION 8. On a formal level, photographs taken byanthropologists are indistinguishable from thesnapshots or artistically intended images taken bytourists-that is, there is no discernibleanthropological photographic style 9. VISUALEXPLORATION 10. If one can see culture, then researchers should beable to employ audiovisual technologies to recordit as data amenable to analysis and presentation. 11. VISUALEXPLORATION 12. In order to use photographs either as data oras data generators we need to have somenotion of how viewers treat and understandphotographic images, whether those viewersare informants or researchers.