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Transcript of Visit SEQ - Counselling Psychology (Doctorate) Web view 2019-11-22 · Visit SEQ -...

Visit SEQ - Counselling Psychology (Doctorate)


Self-evaluation questionnaire (SEQ) for Doctoral programmes

Counselling Psychology

Forensic Psychology

You should complete this questionnaire if you are submitting your accredited provision ahead of a partnership visit.

The questionnaire is split into two sections:

· Section A asks for key information about the award you are submitting for accreditation, including details of who we should contact if we have queries about your application.

· Section B invites you to self-evaluate your programme against each of our eight programme standards.

Preparing your submission

To allow our reviewers to easily navigate your submission and to avoid delays we ask that you submit in the following way:

1) A main folder should be created using your University name, with a sub-folder then created for each of the Programme Standards i.e. Programme Standard 1, 2 and so forth, each of these folders will sit in your main folder.

Please keep file names and folder structures as short as possible as files and structures that are too long may affect the documents being downloaded by our reviewers. The structure should be no more than 3 levels, for example:

University of xx – Programme Standard x – 2.2 Programme Guides – files

We advise that file names be kept at 50 characters with spaces, and label each piece of supporting evidence sequentially in relation to its folder i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.

2) The SEQ must be submitted as a Word Document and should be contained within its own folder named SEQ, which will sit in the main folder. Please note that we only require one SEQ for all Undergraduate Programmes.

3) Please use generic terms for each document within the folder i.e. Staff Student Liaison Committee Minutes

4) Include a proposed timetable within the SEQ folder. Our standard timetables can be found on our website using the download link below. Our timetables provide a guide for education providers planning for a partnership visit, therefore we are keen for you to propose a timetable that best meets your needs.

For further guidance on the submission process please refer to ‘Accreditation through Partnership: Preparing for a partnership visit’ and the ‘Standards for accreditation’ which can be found on our website at

Please Note that your submission will be returned if the structure does not follow these guidelines.

Sending your submission

You should provide your completed submission via our secure online sharing platform – Hightail:

1) Compress all of your Files into one Zip File

2) Copy and paste the following link into your web browser,

3) Add your compressed Zip File to the screen as requested.

4) Add information to the ‘From’ and ‘Message’ boxes and click upload. In the message field, please note your University, programme, point of contact and email address.

If you have any queries in relation to your submission, please contact [email protected]

Section A: about your provision 1. The education provider

Name of awarding institution:

Academic unit(s) in which the provision is based:

Full address (to assist us in relation to future visit planning, where required):

Name of Programme Director(s):

You should tell us the name of the staff member(s) with overall academic responsibility for the provision and its delivery and development.

Franchising arrangements:

Is the provision franchised for delivery by a partner institution? Yes / No

If yes, please state the name of the partner institution.

2. The application

Who should we approach with any queries about this application?

You should tell us the name and role of who we should approach with any queries about your application, and provide us with an email address and telephone number for them.

Senior management sign off:

We require the Head of the academic unit in which the provision is based to sign off this application.

By providing your name, role and date of submission you confirm the accuracy of the information contained within this application, and the provision of the additional evidence.

Name and role:

Date of submission:

3. The programme

If your submission covers more than one programme, please add further rows to this table as required.

Full name of programme

(as it appears on award certificate)

Mode of study (tick all that apply)

Is the award validated?

Trainee numbers (FTE)

Date of first intake

Intake from which accreditation sought



Blended learning

Distance learning




(if the programme is already running)


(if the programme is brand new)

* Note: If your programme has not yet been validated, please indicate the date on which the validation event (or equivalent) is planned to take place.

4. The checklist

The sources of evidence to be supplied alongside this self-evaluation questionnaire are outlined below. This list should be considered alongside our handbook, Accreditation through Partnership: Preparing for a partnership visit.

Programme standard

Required evidence source (or equivalent alternative source if appropriate)



Programme standard 1: Programme Design

Programme specification.

Programme standard 2: Programme Content (learning, research and practice)

Module outlines.

Programme handbook.

Curriculum, research, placement (if appropriate) and/or other handbooks if applicable.

Information on staff/trainee/graduate publications

Programme standard 3: Working ethically and legally

There are no additional evidence requirements for this standard.


Programme standard 4: Selection and admissions

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Please provide a link

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy (if applicable).

Please provide a link

Programme standard 5: Student development and professional membership

There are no additional evidence requirements for this standard.


Programme standard 6: Academic leadership and programme delivery

CVs / brief biographies for all staff listed in item 6.3.

Programme standard 7: Discipline specific resources

There are no additional evidence requirements for this standard.


Programme standard 8: Quality management and governance

An overview of any feedback collected by the programme in relation to quality matters (e.g. internal programme review document).

Copies of minutes of key programme committees for the last year e.g. Board of Studies, Programme Board and its subgroups. Individual trainee information should be redacted.

Copies of the most recent report by your external examiner(s).

Responses to the report by your external examiner(s) detailing any actions taken, if applicable.

(international/franchised provision only) Outline of the arrangements in place to support the collaborative delivery of the programme by external partner(s)

Please note that our reviewers may request clarification or ask for further information in addition to the event that the evidence sources outlined above do not adequately demonstrate fulfillment of the accreditation standards.

Section B: self-evaluation against our standards

In this part of our questionnaire, we ask you to tell us about the context in which your provision is delivered and the rationale for its development. We invite you to self-evaluate your provision against our eight programme standards.

When you complete this part of the questionnaire you must refer to the relevant accreditation standards and the associated process handbook (

Context and rationale

Information required


How does your provision contribute to the strategic aims of your institution?

Please provide a brief outline.

What are the distinctive features of this provision?

Please briefly outline what you feel to be the distinctive features or strengths of this provision, using bullet points. These may relate to staff expertise, the provision, the academic unit in which it is based, or the education provider more generally.

How has the provision changed since the last review undertaken by the Society?

Please briefly outline any significant changes to your programme(s) (e.g. content, assessment, structure) or the resources underpinning delivery (e.g. staffing, discipline-specific resources, quality management).

Programme Standard 1: Programme Design

1.1 Please list below each of the modules of which the accredited award is comprised (note: please add rows as required):

Module code

Module title



Assessment task(s)

Mandatory /optional

Name of module leader


Information required


1.2 Please confirm that the pass mark for each of the above modules is 50% (where quantified ma