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Travel Risk Management Program for Corporate Clients

Transcript of Vision Assure

  • 1. Vision-Assure Powered by Sabre & e-Travel Advisories

2. Industry Focus on Traveller Security According to a recent survey from the association of corporate travel executives (ACTE), safety and security information is one of the top 3 concerns of the travel industry today.

  • Greater focus on employee security based on world events such as terrorist attacks, catastrophic weather, health outbreaks, and civil unrest
  • The frequency and severity of these occurrences has grown substantially in the past few years, increasing travel risk

3. Industry Focus on Traveller Security

  • The Original Know before you go travelers advisory!
  • Basic elements for duty of care responsibilities
  • Updated versions may be pulled during travel
  • Agency and corporate liability protection
  • Pushed by agent or mid-office system to traveller
  • Includes latest Alerts
  • Includes travel risk assessment by country
  • 30 categories of personalized destination information

4. Industry Focus on Traveller Security

  • e-Travel Alerts
  • Keep travellers aware while they are there
  • Essential elements for duty of care responsibilities
  • Events affecting travel itineraries or traveller safety
  • Use to initiate client tracking and contact procedures
  • Ranked as Disaster, Warning, Caution, or Informational
  • e-Client Alerts pushed to travellers, with 5 ccs
  • Daily Alerts email available to agents and corporate travel
  • English, French and Spanish included
  • Interactive Dashboard available as a standalone product
  • Link from agency or client intranets, desktops etc


  • Web based application for locating and identifying travellers worldwide
  • Flexible search criteria or point and click map to target travellers
  • View results in a summary or detailed view
  • Accessible 24x7 through agency eServices with up-to-date traveller data
  • Detailed air, car, and hotel data for pre-trip and 3 years of post-trip historical data
  • Scheduled reports for larger queries and broader data set
  • Alert agency or corporate travel manager when the number of travellers or executives exceeds flight threshold policy
  • Export data to Excel or PDF

Product Overview 6. Map uses color to highlight the location and number of travellers and countries with counts are shown on the left hand side Key Features 7. Additional search criteria provides many ways to target travellers depending on the specific situation Key Features 8. Drill down from the world map to view more detail for travellers in the U.S. or Canada Mouse hover-over location shows traveller counts Key Features 9. Drill down to summary levelKey Features 10. Or view the full details of the PNR segments Key Features 11. Key Features For active itineraries, view specific PNR details utilizing a link to Virtually There 12. Export detailed data to PDF file or Microsoft ExcelKey Features 13. Email notification to agency when flight thresholds are exceeded at VIP or overall corporate levelKey Features 14.

  • Respond quickly by locating travellers anywhere in the world in seconds
  • Eliminates agency scans by reducing Sabre PNR commands to gather traveller information
  • eServices provides easy and secure online access to critical traveller data 24x7
  • Accurate and complete Sabre reservation data including pre-trip, un-ticketed data not always available in back office and reporting tools
  • 3 years of historical data available for reservations made though Sabre
  • Receive an email report when flight threshold policy is exceeded

Benefits and Differentiators 15.

  • Secured web portal access for corporate users Highest priority and pursuing as a fast follow up to the initial implementation
  • Worldwide alerts notifications on health outbreaks, weather, or other significant events
    • Notifications to your agency
    • SMS text messaging and email notifications to the traveller on the agencys behalf
  • Incorporate other traveller data not currently in the Sabre system
    • Such as other GDS and non GDS reservations
  • Security risk assessment on countries and major cities
  • Email notification of impending passport expiration
  • Expanded data reporting capabilities including trending and peer group benchmarking

Future Product Phases 16. Q & A