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    Virtual Reality Sample Workshop


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    (2) From the Editor (3) Latest Developments of the Registration Schemes (4-5) Sharing: Virtual Reality Sample Workshop (6) Tips on the Trade Test (2) (7) Speci�c Measures to Enhance the Gas Safety of the Maintenance of LPG Vehicles (8-9) Prize Presentation Ceremony of the Smart Vehicle Mechanic Quiz Competition (10) Safety at Work for In�ation of Tyres of Heavy Mechanical Vehicles (11) Prize Quiz (Issue No. 25) (12) Training Institutes Providing Continuing Professional Development Courses for Vehicle Mechanics

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    Sample Workshop


  • Ah YanFat Keung

    Scheme Tunes Up Auto Trade To step up publicity of the two voluntary registration schemes for vehicle maintenance, the Vehicle

    Maintenance Registration Unit (VMRU) of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has recently collaborated with the Information Services Department (ISD) to produce a short video clip named “Scheme Tunes Up Auto Trade”, approximately �ve minutes in length. Apart from introducing the contents of the registration schemes, the video also features interviews with Mr Chan, owner of a registered vehicle maintenance workshop, and Mr Yu, a registered vehicle mechanic, who shares how the voluntary registration schemes have brought about positive impact on their careers.

    Mr Yu, with more than ten years of experience in the trade, has become a registered mechanic since 2015. In the interview, Mr Yu shares his views on the changes of the vehicle maintenance trade and continuing development. Technology is getting more advanced. In the old days, vehicles were just machines, but today, most of them are equipped with computers which perform a wide range of computer-controlled functions. We must keep up with the times and pursue continuing learning. His opinions are in line with the objectives of the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Mechanics, i.e. to encourage mechanics to pursue continuing education and upgrade their skills and knowledge. According to the VMRU’s records, it is estimated that more than 3 000 applications for renewal of registration from vehicle mechanics are to be processed in 2019. When �ling renewal applications, mechanics are required to submit a record of at least 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) in the recent three years. To avoid delay in the application for renewal of registration due to inadequacy of CPD hours, I hereby appeal to registered mechanics to make early preparation.

    Besides, the VMRU and the Vocational Training Council (VTC) have joined hands to produce a sample workshop with the latest virtual reality (VR) technology, introducing registered workshops to the trade and members of the public, as well as explaining the registration requirements for workshops, requirements on basic facilities and occupational safety and health measures, etc. Illustrating the requirements for registered workshops with the use of new VR technology helps attract young people to join the trade. The production of the VR sample workshop was completed early this year and will be open to the public later.

    The video of interview has been uploaded to the ISD website, Facebook and YouTube. Interested parties may view the video at

    Oh ! I don’t remember...

    What? 20 hours, that’s a lot! How to get it?

    You’re right, let me do it now!

    It seems I’ve heard of this saying of planning well ahead before…

    Ah Yan, do you remember we need to renew our mechanic registration next month?

    Registration Renewal requires submission of a record illustrating completion of 20 hours of CPD.

    Ah Yan, you should learn from me to obtain the 20 hours of CPD in three years, then you won’t need to worry about that now.

    It’s never too late. Go and find out suitable training for yourself, be quick!

    Mr YIP Sui-pong, Ponthey Chief Editor

    Ah YanFat Keung

    2 From the Editor RVMNewsletterRVMNewsletter

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    If you wish to help protect our environment by receiving the electronic version of RVM Newsletters and lea�ets, please send us the completed reply slip by e-mail: or WhatsApp: 9016 3185. We will contact you by means of e-mail or mobile communication as far as possible.

    Reply Slip I/My company would like to receive the RVM Newsletters and other information lea�ets by

    □e-mail / □WhatsApp. Please provide the relevant contact details based on the above selected means of communication:

    E-mail address: _________________________________ WhatsApp:____________________ The electronic version of RVM Newsletters is also available at the EMSD website: _for_vehicle_maintenance/publications_and_circulars/rvm_newsletter/index.html

    Information on the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Mechanics:

    Total number of vehicle mechanics

    Number of registered vehicle mechanics (as at end-March 2019) 10 382

    Information on the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops:

    Total number of vehicle maintenance workshops

    Number of registered workshops (as at end-March 2019)

    Note 1: 2016 Manpower Survey Report (updated on 25 August 2017) by the Vocational Training Council and the Automobile Training Board.

    Note 2: Database of the Registration Unit (updated on 5 July 2018).

    9 333

    2 822

    2 073

    Note 1

    Note 2

    The VMRU will, upon receipt of new applications for registration or applications for renewal of registration submitted by vehicle mechanics or owners of vehicle maintenance workshops, issue reply slips to acknowledge receipt of such applications. If an applicant has not received a reply from the VMRU within 30 days after submitting the form, please contact the VMRU immediately.

    The Steering Group on Approval of Special Applications received a total of three applications which were not submitted before the deadline or processed due to special reasons in the third quarter of 2018 and the �rst quarter of 2019. Consolidating the experience gained from the three cases, the Steering Group would like to remind registered vehicle maintenance workshops and mechanics to take note of the following: • When posting the application form or supplementary documents, please ensure that the mail

    item bears suf�cient postage and a return address has been written to enable smooth delivery. If the postage is insuf�cient, Hong Kong Post will return the mail item to the sender. Mail items with no return address will be disposed of without opening.

    • If there is any change in the information of the vehicle maintenance workshop (such as name of the workshop, registration number of the workshop, address, contact number and business registration certi�cate, etc.) or alteration in the type of workshop being registered, the person-in-charge of the workshop must, within 14 working days from such change, notify the VMRU in writing of the change and submit the relevant documents for processing.

    • Registered vehicle mechanics who wish to change their personal particulars (such as correspondence address or contact number) should notify the VMRU by e-mail or fax of their name, vehicle mechanic registration number as well as new and old personal addresses or contact number, etc.

    3 Latest Developments of the Registration Schemes 25thIssue25thIssue

  • Built by the VMRU at the EMSD Headquarters in 2017, the temporary vehicle maintenance sample workshop showcases the basic facilities to be installed in a registered workshop with real workshop set-up, and presents the key points of the Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops (Practice Guidelines) under the voluntary registration scheme. Visits to the sample workshop saw enthusiastic response and active participation from trade members, and were well-received by the trade.

    However, due to site constraints, the VMRU could not permanently display a physical sample workshop for visits by the trade. In view of this, the VMRU has decided to collaborate with the VTC to build a VR vehicle maintenance sample workshop (hereinafter referred to as “VR sample workshop”) with the most advanced VR technology available, enabling trade members to experience the feeling of being in a workshop as well as gaining a better understanding of the laws in relation to vehicle maintenance workshops and the requirements stipulated in the Practice Guidelines.

    Design of the VR Sample Workshop In order to allow trade members to be fully engaged in the VR sample workshop, visits will be

    held in the form of games. Upon start of the game, visitors can choose to enter Type Two or Type Three workshop to obtain relevant information by selecting different objects or devices in the workshop with the controller so that they can further understand the laws in relation to the workshops or the Practice Guidelines.

    Extending the Areas of Application of the VR Sample Workshop The application of the VR sample workshop can be extended to other areas too. Visitors can try

    to use vehicle lifting platforms to lift and lower a vehicle for discharging engine oil in the VR w