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Transcript of VIRTUAL REALITY - s3. specializing in creating virtual reality and augmented reality experiences


for events & conferences




ngaging your audience has never been easier thanks to the unforgettable

experiences that virtual and augmented reality offer.

In this guide, youll learn just how easy weve made bringing virtual and augmented

reality experiences to the masses. No matter the size or industry, theres a

solution available for everyone to start leveraging the many benefits of these

immersive experiences.

From pop-up arcade experiences, group and social events, or even completely

custom-made virtual reality experiences, we offer a full suite of solutions for your

next event or presentation.

Who are we? We are Notiontheory, an award-winning creative product studio

specializing in creating virtual reality and augmented reality experiences and

bringing them to the masses. Our team is proud to partner with some of the

worlds most innovative companies - like those listed at the top - to deliver

immersive and engaging experiences to the masses.


We couldnt have had a better creative partner. They delivered in an incredibly short time frame and everybody was thrilled with the results.

Niki - Creative Director at Edison Electric Institute

VR Experiences

Are Perfect For





Real Estate




hen you opt to use virtual reality at your next

event youll be a crowd pleaser, but theres more

to virtual reality than just that. Virtual reality can be

leveraged to quickly iterate on concepts and ideas and

then tested in an engaging and immersive environment.

This can, in many cases, save you money over traditional

research and development methods by having a

controllable, repeatable environment that can quickly

allow for change and testing of ideas. Read the case study

on the following page to learn how one company we

worked with did exactly that to test the future of the

energy grid quickly, safely, and for a lot less than their

traditional methods, in order to get buy in from their

respective committees.


Whats In It For You

Virtual Experiences Save Real Resources


The Edison Electric Instute (EEI) is the associaon that represents all U.S. investor-owned electric

companies - companies that provide power to over 220 million Americans. They have a big responsibility,

and looking forward, EEI is pushing for buy in for smart cies - cies that opmally use the grid to save

energy, provide valuable services to the people of the city, and more. While smart cies are the next great

froner for the American city, selling the idea can be both cumbersome and expensive using tradional

markeng and pitch techniques. Developing a physical prototype, transporng it to various events and

venues to showcase, and training a staff to present it, are all very real expenses. Cue the virtual Smart City


We rapidly made a virtual smart city for EEI that included a lot of the automated and energy-saving devices

that EEI wanted to showcase. From smart street lighng that only acvates based on walkway acvity,

smart traffic based on the condions of the road, showing how the grid works to familiarize and educate,

and a whole lot more, we made an experience that would help EEI reach their goals. This saved EEI me,

money, and the logiscs of having to transport, setup, and train people to present a tradional exhibit -

and also allowed for rapid updates and addions of content based on their needs and feedback provided

by aendees.

We made sure that EEI got a friconless experience and they were impressed by our work. The virtual

smart city experience helped EEI get further buy-in for invesng in smart city technologies, and saved

them a lot in research and development too. We were glad to help, and we can do the same for you.


he Virtual Reality pop-up arcade is a great entry level

installation to drive traffic to your exhibit booth, selling

attendees on the experiences youre offering where you can

then up sell your product or services.

Easy to set up and fun for attendees, the pop-up VR arcade

experience is a great way to entertain at your next venue

with minimal setup time and cost, while being a high-impact

experience that will increase engagement and retainment of


Your participants will have access to a wide variety of virtual

experiences with something there for everyone to enjoy. Get

access to all of the pulse-pounding virtual reality experiences

that will have attendees getting back in line for more!


O P T I O N 1 - $ $ $

Did you know...


According to research done by Airpush Partners, in connection with Nielsen, Virtual Reality is up to 18 times more effective than traditional advertising.


group experiences provide a high level of engagement for a crowd, creating an incredibly social or

competitive environment depending on the desired VR experiences. Have people compete

head-to-head or team up to tackle a common objective.

These are fun events for any workplace looking to have some friendly competition, or engage in group-building in

a dynamic and engaging way that doesnt require trust falls. There are a multitude of different scenarios to explore

and youll be amazed at just how naturally everyone adapts to the action - and even more impressed with how into

it everyone gets.

Whether theyre duking it out head-to-head or working together, your participants will all enjoy the immersive

experiences theyre dropped into. Best of all, we ensure that the only thing anyone needs to worry about is getting

the high score.


O P T I O N 2 - $ $ $

Did you know...

By 2020, the global consumer VR market is slated to grow to 200 million users according to Tractica VR, a market research and consulting firm focused on technology.



youre looking to make a lasting impression for years to

come, our team is available to create a custom-tailored VR

experience and exhibit for your company. We have a highly-skilled

and experienced development team that knows how to navigate the

intricacies of virtual reality and leverage the medium for maximum


Weve worked on a wide berth of projects from those needing to

show off near-future technologies, full-body rhythm games, give

virtual tours of places both real and imagined, and a whole lot more.

We can work with you and your team to create a custom

immersive and engaging experience that will leave your audience

in a state of awe.

This is the ultimate experience and weve made it as easy as

possible for you to get into the action! Dont be put off by the tech -

well do the heavy lifting. So lets talk and together we can immerse,

engage, and entertain!


O P T I O N 3 - $ $ $

Did you know...


The total value of both virtual and augmented reality are forecast to by $120 billion by 2020 according to Digicapital VR, a VR market analysis firm.



Kristian Bouw - CEO

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